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2017/09/18 17:31:35

I'd not say that working with @redheadwayfarer was extraordinary, but i'd rather say that getting to know her was definitely something extraordinary.I am so glad for having to take pictures for her. She made every change, every mood and every angle so easy..This is as natural and candid I have ever gotten with someone I in front of the camera.Really looking forward for the weekend Saloni!!! Xx#Repost @redheadwayfarer (@get_repost)・・・There's so much I want to say to you, but there's a weird lump in my throat that transfers to the nerves in my fingers that hesitate to write. What are we scared of? Are we scared of being judged, or are we scared of disappointing those we love? Maybe we're scared that we'll let down the expectations that we never set in the first place. Maybe, we're scared of loss... sense of loss can be a terrifying thing. Or maybe it's none of the above, maybe we change and evolve with time... and we constantly question our own understanding of this life. I'm shifting, drifting, thoughts scattered, heart shattered, but no one said it would be easy, the harsh sun hits my window and it's no longer breezy. Today won't last forever, and with time I'll find my words... tomorrow I'll be cleaver, today however, bear with me.In conversation with @aartipekette Captured by @pekettepixels #pekettepixels #conversations #words #thoughts #lostwords #foodforthought #wordporn #bethechange #writersblock #feminism #writersofig