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2017/12/19 06:22:48

Prebed #yogurtbowl 😍😍 Customary @grenadeofficial #peanutnutter carbkilla 🥜 💋👌🏻andstrawberry 🍓 ♥️ with 0% greek yogurt 🍦and @myproteinuk strawberry 🍓 flav drops and sprinkle of stevia ♥️ 🌟 with @hartleys.jelly raspberry jelly 🍇 #snack #strawberry #raspberry #yogurt #diet #nutrition #fitness #food #instafood #se16 #personaltrainer #bermondsey #healthyeating #slimmingworld #weightwatchers #fatloss #transformation #calories #flexibledieting #cereal #sugarfree #myfitnesspal #yummy #carbkilla #protein #proteinbar
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2017/12/19 06:08:36

// the sweetest little Yogurt Bowl for lunch today// -coconut yogurt and a little bit of strawberry-flax, hemp, and chia seeds-honey granola -Macadamia nuts-sliced bananas #fitness #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #healthylunch #healthydinner #healthysnacks #cleaneating #greens #protein #nutrition #yoga #granola #gratitude #mindful #balance #yogurtbowl #namaste #food #newportbeach
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2017/12/19 04:03:08

What do you do with leftover raspberry jam? Put it on top of everything ! Felt like I was eating dessert with this @siggisdairy yogurt bowl! Added maple almonds for some crunch! #dailysiggis #realfood
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2017/12/19 03:45:44

My yogurt bowl!📸 Small cup of Greek yogurt top with one tablespoon of chia, buckwheat and hemp seeds, and a couple of almonds. Calcium, carb, protein, fiber, healthy fats and other vitamins and minerals. Good portion size for today. 💻💻 ¡Mi taza de yogúr! 📸Una taza pequeña de yogúr Griego con una cucharada de chia, trigo-sarraceno y semillas de cáñamo y unas cuantas almendras. Calcio, carbohidratos, proteína, fibra, grasas saludables y otras vitamins y minerales. Una buena porción para hoy. 💻💻
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2017/12/19 03:41:33

Antioxidant breakfast bowl 💓 Compártenos tu bowl con nuestra #Superfoodgranola
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2017/12/19 01:33:09

Toddler bowl. Vanilla yogurt, raspberries, hemp seeds.#toddlerlife #toddlerfood #yogurtbowl #hempseeds #whatmytoddlereats
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2017/12/19 01:30:05

#finishingtouch for the #work day with a #fab #yogurtbowl and #goodcoffee @yoghurtbarn !
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2017/12/02 02:56:40

breakfast of the day— vanilla yogurt, granola, chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips
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2017/12/19 01:06:51

@bakeryonmain gluten-free cranberry almond maple granola over @dannon vanilla yogurt! 🥄😋•From the @lovewithfood December box! ❤️•#glutenfree #granola #vanilla #yogurt #delicious #breakfast #yogurtbowl #cranberry #almond #maple #yummy #monday #morning #dannon #bakeryonmain #lovewithfood #simple #fun
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2017/12/19 00:49:16

FINALLY HOME and my heart is so happy - AND my @vitalproteins goodies (on my story) came so it’s like an early Christmas for me 🙋🏼‍♀️. .Since I was traveling all weekend, I wanted to make an easy breakfast that I could sit down and enjoy. I want to start eating more slowly and actually appreciate what I’m putting into my body so that’s exactly what I did this morning - this bowl has plain @nancysyogurt whole milk yogurt (with a serving of @vitalproteins collagen peptides and 1/4 tsp spirulina powder mixed in) + a handful of unsweetened granola + unsweetened coconut chips + banana chunks + blueberries + strawberries + blackberries + a spoonful of Field Day Organics plain PB - I added some cornflower petals (@daisybeet style) on top 🤤 PS this bfast is added sugar free. .I hope you babes have the best Monday. If you’re still taking exams or working, YOU GOT THIS. If you have the day off, take some time to yourself and practice some self care. I’m doing a face mask then going to be journaling for a bit 😌#eatsbyames
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2017/12/19 00:20:28

Two luscious granola and açaí yogurt breakfast bowls made in five minutes 😍 One of my favorite tips for having a filling breakfast each morning is to make it the night before. An hour before bed, I prepare breakfast by separating each ingredient into a bowl, so that they don’t get soggy. Really doesn’t get easier than that! Healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated, just doable 😂This pretty number is a classic - crunchy granola on one side, @siggisdairy yogurt on the other (absolutely love their açaí flavor for this mix 😍), some homemade chia-berry jam, and loads of fruit. Takes all of five minutes to put into a bowl and come morning you’re left with this beauty. Not too shabby am-I-right 😉 Enjoy friends and happy Monday! #siggisdaily #partner******#goop #huffposttaste #feedfeed #beautifulcuisines #todayfood #eeeeeats #realfood #sanfrancisco #foodphotographer #foodphotography #wholefoods #foodstyling #onthetable #thatsdarling #f52foods #foodwinewomen #healthyish #tastemade #qapital #buzzfeedhealth @foodandwine @thekitchn #yogurtbowl #granola #iamwellandgood #realfood #eattheworld #yogurt #eatfamous
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2017/12/18 23:52:40

HAPPY MONDAY 🌞 Starting off the week with a #yogurtbowl this morning! @wallabyyogurt topped with fresh mangos & blueberries, @traderjoes creamy almond butter, @navitasorganics cacao nibs & @wholefoods goji berries. 🍓🥥🥄 @nespresso on the side ☕️
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2017/12/18 23:39:55

Good morning babes and Happy Monday! Who else is ready to track a week of fresh new goals and get to seriously crushing some challenges? Also, ONE WEEK until Christmas! How is that even possible? 😅 I woke up this morning, got ready, and it’s now time for some breakfast. I am fueling up with: plain 2% Greek yogurt (Fage) topped with puffed wheat, frozen raspberries, chia pudding (chia seeds + water), coconut chips, and cinnamon! 👅💦✨ Today is the first day to a week of finals. I have today and tomorrow as normal days, and then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are all final days. For the most part, I feel pretty okay. There is still some anxiety that rests around it all, but that’s pretty normal, I’d say. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Other than that, I am feeling ready to continue on with my new requirements, training plan, and challenge-setting to really beat out my ED and it’s disordered thoughts. I keep on reminding myself that the only way I’ll see change is if I make the decision TO change. It is up to me and me ONLY to keep on doing what I know is right. No overtraining. No restriction. I must eat all my meals and snacks. I am NOT “I healthy”. I do not need to “deserve” my food. Food is my fuel so I can gain back my strength in the gym, get my period back, heal my liver, and grow a strong relationship with my training and fuel. This week is going to be tough with the stress of finals and all, but that’s makes it SO much more important that I prioritize fueling my body and mind and keep on beating out each and every disordered thought as they come along. 💪🏻 I cannot let the stress around School reflect itself in restriction or compensation for what I should be eating. Just because I have a hard time or a rough day does NOT mean I can choose to not eat what I am supposed to. It will completely derail my progress and will give anorexia so much more power than it deserves. I have come too far to only have come this far. There is no way I can look back now. ❌ I have no choice but to do this. I CAN do this! 🙅🏻 As for today, I’m off to school and then the gym for my HIIT sprints + back + bis training session! I am SO pumped to continue to grow with my performance and get after my
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2017/12/18 23:22:55

There may be snow in the forecast but I’m thinking warm thoughts over here 🤗 insert: papaya kefir bowl ☀️ topped with chia seeds, walnuts and cashew butter to keep me full and satisfied 🤤I’ve been loving goat kefir because it tastes soooo good and helps keep me ~*regular*~🙏🏻 And papaya is awesome because it’s packed with enzymes and immune boosting vitamins 👊🏻 I think supplements are awesome if you have deficiencies, but most of the time you can get what you need from food! And how cool is that?? Happy Monday ya’ll!! ☀️ ☀️
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2017/12/18 23:19:26

Good morning ☀️ ...Yogurt bowl [ @kitehillfoods vanilla yogurt + banana + cinnamon + @navitasorganics cacao nibs + raw almonds ]...#yogurtbowl #almondmilk #yogurt #kitehill #cacaonibs #breakfast #dayoff #dairyfree #ヨーグルトボウル #ヨーグルト #アーモンドミルク #カカオニブ #朝ごはん #朝食 #乳製品不使用
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2017/12/18 23:15:34

Monday Morning Eats😋 #foodporn #healthyeating #chia #yogurtbowl #yummy
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2017/12/18 22:47:19

Yogurt bowls all day, everyday. This bowl is filled with protein, but even if it wasn’t I would still eat it because it tastes amazing. I love yogurt bowls because I never get tired of them with all the different combinations you can mix. This one has heated up frozen blueberries, @paleopassionfoods maple cinnamon granola, @artisanaorganics coconut butter (CRACK), organic white chia seeds, @vitalproteins collagen peptides, cinnamonnnn, and my new fav @kitehillfoods unsweetened plain Greek yogurt which is a dream 🍦💭 Doctors appointment then some yoga are on the schedule for me today. Ready for Monday 👊 #yogurtbowl #izeatshergreens #sorryforallthebreakfastfood