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2017/11/24 03:18:40

Follow @yogapractice - your daily yoga inspiration 😍Video @djilieta
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2017/11/24 03:16:40

¿Te gusta y disfrutas practicar YOGA todos los días? 📢📢📢 Esta PROMOCIÓN es para ti !!! Paquetes de clases ilimitadas para ti, amigos, estudiantes, familiares y empresas que están disfrutando de este bello camino de conectar con su MENTE, CUERPO y CORAZÓN cada día.Súmate a esta bella familia y practica YOGA todos los días!Namasté 🕉#yosoysoham #clasesilimitadas #yogaenaguascalientes #sohamys
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2017/11/24 03:16:56

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2017/11/24 03:16:32

How does Human Mind work?Nowadays, I hear many spiritual guru's talking about meditation, no mind state, no thoughts, thoughtless state etc..... Mind creates thoughts and in turn creates emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, stress etc… So, is the mind source of your problems today? Is that the reason many people look for external chemicals in the form of alcohol, drugs etc… on daily basis to put off their mind temporarily? OR trying to learn to meditate to be thought less?Mind is not your problem. It has taken millions of years to evolve to the human mind what we are. Such an evolved mind is definitely not creating any problem to you.The problem is that many people haven’t learned the technique of how to handle the mind. That’s it!If you learn the technique to switch on, direct and switch off your mind whenever you needed, without using external chemical stimuli (ex: Alcohol, drugs etc..), then you have full control over your mind. If your mind is in your control, your joy is in your hand. Your joy is not dependent on any other external factors.Simple example to show how human mind works:Try this exercise:Keep calm and sit in a comfortable pose. Ready? Continue reading…. Scenario: You are in a beautiful small green natural park which is well maintained. There is a big and greenish mango tree. Hundreds of mango fruits hanging from the tree. You are sitting in the park and enjoying such a nature. There is one BIG Monkey sitting on a tree branch and gazing at you.Exercise: You are going to sit clam and quite with closed eyes. Just think about above said scenario BUT never think about that BIG Monkey for next 1 minute!!! Now tell me, how many times did "BIG Monkey" come in your thought?
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2017/11/24 03:14:12

Happy Thanksgiving! Stay grateful! We are for all of you! 🦃❤️
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2017/11/24 03:03:47

Aren’t we all loved? So loved, and will always worthy of love. Be you, unapologetically you. Flawed. Imperfect. All that is more than enough. Speak value, worth, and love to yourself and those around you.
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2017/11/24 03:15:19

"You'll never be brave, If you don't get hurt.You'll never learn If you don't make mistakes.You'll never be successful, If you don't encounter failure." 4th day of #DropBackFearlessly challenge.Today one of my weakness, my #core 😥. Of course, I have many others, but this part of my body is 😱😱.For work our core the queen of the asanas is #navasana and I have an special love-hate relationship with it 🤣🤣.Everyday, I try to practice it and other core exercices that my yoga teacher showed us, but it still resists me!! . I will have to be more patient with myself and accept where I am 🙏Have a nice day!!😊✨🌺Hosts: @mintyogini ❤️@sakshiguptayoga ❤️ @samratpasham ❤️ @shiziks ❤️Sponsors: @myindianbazaar @indianjournals @onzie @will2wow_jewelry @paavaniayurveda @yogandhaoils @rraveit #yoga #yogachallenge #DropBackFearlessly #yogapractic #core #navasana #iloveyoga #yogaaddict #yogini #yogaevolution #yogaaloscuarenta #yogaat40 #changeoflife #wishitdreamitdoit
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2017/11/24 03:15:15

Mood: Relaxed with a bit of yogaMood by @otekah_ Stay fit and healthy friends 🙏
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2017/11/24 03:08:36

A rough start to my week triggered a Nutella binge but thanks to my daughter who intuitively knew her momma needed the big jar when the text came in to pick some up, friends/co-workers who know me well enough to let me lose my $#!+, but then let me vent & process in my own time, family who help see me through financial troubles, discussions reminding me that sugar depletes my magnesium levels and contributes to body inflammation (pain!), and a yoga practice to help me change my perspective, my heart is once again filled with gratitude. I'm thankful for people in my life...old and new, near and far...who help me stay focused and encouraged as I step out in this new chapter in life. I'm thankful for my struggles (real and perceived) as they provide room for personal growth and a more compassionate way of being. I'm thankful for nature because well...isn't today the perfect autumn day?! Just take a look around! I'm thankful for yoga all it sees me through and to, the greatest impact being to teach me to sit still and listen.I've always been "spiritual"... I've always had a strong faith in God. What I lacked was the ability (errr....willingness) to surrender completely and to truly hear that still small voice. That voice of truth. I thought I had it all figured out, and when I realized I didn't, fear and anxiety set, beating me down to the point I had no other option to ask for total brokenness...to be put back together in accordance to Divine Will. That's when I learned what's expected of me. To change my stories and use them to help encourage and inspire others. Now, I really don't like putting myself out there, making myself vulnerable and susceptible to judgment and ridicule, so I'm also thankful for the openness and courage that Spirit also fills me with. My Thanksgiving Thoughts, right there. What are yours??
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2017/11/24 03:10:14

So excited for my new class starting this week -26 th November at the Aztec Studio in Torquay. Delicious Yin yoga and full body relaxation every Sunday evening 7.30-8.30pm 🙌 I am so excited to share this beautiful practice! Classes are open to ALL abilities and will be the perfect way to calm and stretch the body and the mind 💙Are you coming?? Message me to book your spot!
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2017/11/24 03:12:54

Yoga é como a música, o ritmo do corpo, a melodia da mente e a harmonia da alma, criando a sinfonia de vida.B. K. S . LyengarVamos dançar?! 🙏😊 Boa tarde🤗Look @trilhaverao 💚#alinennfisioo #vempromeumundo #trilhaverao
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2017/11/24 03:11:28

I N V E R T Y O U R S E L F Shake things up a bit, turn your world upside down...
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2017/11/24 03:10:35

How, in this moment, can you find gratitude? Gratitude for the twists + turns that have led you to now? Gratitude for those you love, and even for those who have done you wrong? We all have something to be thankful for, and today, we can't help but spread all those mushy gratitude vibes. 💛 Thanksgiving is such a beautiful reminder to take a step back and appreciate everything we have; our own unique path and all the people and moments who have made our lives a celebration. 🦃🦃🦃 #happythanksgiving #balatribe!