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2018/02/18 10:20:24

Muscle Cleans. 🔴A movement where Bodybuilding meets Oly Lifting. ⚫️Went into tonight’s session with the mindset to “practice”.🔴 Practicing and Training are two different concepts. ⚫️While “Practicing” your goal is to get better at a movement, develop more skill. 🔴While “Training” your goal is to push the limits, get bigger, stronger, and faster.A good program has both components.
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2018/02/18 10:21:51

“Begin to think of yourself as a Divine limitless being rather than a person who doesn’t have choice when it comes to your thoughts. Think of yourself as an observer, contemplating and selecting thoughts that you choose from that never-ending stream of thoughts on your inner screen, 24/7/365. I’m encouraging you to initiate a habit of choosing thoughts and ideas that support feeling good and powerful, and that elevate you to a higher level of consciousness where your self-concept welcomes your higher self.” ~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.....#capture #photography #photooftheday #picoftheday #writer #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #inspiration #motivation #quotes #happy #smile #gratitude #love #life #travel #discover #gopro #vscocam #mensfashion #me #black #beard #blackandwhite #throwback #work #style #fashion #like4like #likeforlike
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2018/02/18 10:21:45

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2018/02/18 10:21:16

TOXINA TERAPÊUTICA ..A toxina botulínica tem função terapêutica/funcional associada à outros tratamentos odontológicos. ..Pode ser grande aliada ao tratamento conservador para BRUXISMO, aliviando o desconforto do paciente e minimizando as consequências do apertamento dentário. ..Pode ser conjugada ao tratamento ortodôntico e à gengivoplastia ao amenizar o SORRISO GENGIVAL! ..Pode colaborar no tratamento de disfunção têmporomandibular (DTM). ..📌 Lembrando que a toxina botulínica não é um tratamento, porque tem efeito temporário e não trata a causa do problema. Porém é grande aliada ao proporcionar conforto para o paciente. Então, aplique a toxina, mas não deixe de lado o correto diagnóstico e o tratamento adequado para você! ..Agende sua avaliação! (11) 4508-5959 ☎️ou 📱98082-5575.
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2018/01/23 04:18:39

We Monday like this. 🔮💞 Wishing you a more than amazing, amazingly beautiful day. 🌙💖✨ #sparkleandgypsy
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2018/02/18 10:21:38

Trabajar para una de mis marcas favoritas no tiene precio. ❤ #CocaCola #CocaColaAlDesnudo #SILOQUERÉSGANÁTELO #stayhumble #beintelligent #gofurther #blessed #work #resiliente
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2015/04/24 11:40:33

Tarde de Bioética!!
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2018/02/18 10:21:14

No matter how hopeless it seems. How many people doubt you. How much you doubt yourself. How much you hate your circumstances. How much you hate your life._________________________Don't. F*cking. Quit._________________________I'm always here, even just for a quick message or to say hi. Even if we haven't met before - be brave and say hi to me. I would love to meet you._________________________SHARE or TAG A FRIEND in this post who may want or need a helping hand in life. I'm offering you mine - M 🤝🌟🙏
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2018/02/18 10:19:40

Loading in for the show tonight! Come by and hang! 8-12 at the Hyatt!
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2018/02/18 10:20:44

Proud of my baby!🏎🤭