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2018/03/18 14:30:36

Got to help this lovely lady customize a piece for her septum piercing tonight.She went with prong set turquoise ends and we anodized the piece a light yellow gold color. This really fits her face soooooo well and was an absolute blast to make happen!! ✨⚡️✨ #septum #septumpiercing #turquoise #prongset #clawball #anodized #piercing #baltimore #ftc #fidelitytattooco #piercerbabes #womenownedbusiness
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2018/03/18 14:14:18

Flavor of the week is.... Prickly Pear Lemonade. My amazing customer @mother_of_catz took this gorgeous picture and I had to use it! You know what the deal 15% off Sun-Sun #pricklypear #flavoroftheweek #lemonade #theknot #theknotweddings #Lolliesbyleah #lollipops #womenownedbusiness #pinkwedding #weddingfavors
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2018/03/18 14:13:02

|| Print Stories ||Los Angeles March 19-23rd ...#takingphotosinthesun #printstories #londonfashion #printsonprints
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2018/03/18 14:00:06

It’s going to be a rainy day... come sit on the patio with us, warm up with a Vanilla Latte and watch the rain! 🌧 #vanillalatte #rainyday
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2018/03/18 12:40:03

Seek to understand first by assessing your needs then educating you to bridge the gap between your needs, your understanding and the life insurance industry is what @ruffinconsultingservices is all about!_________________________________Most people feel like they don’t know what to expect during the life insurance appointment or how to identify rather they are working with the best life insurance agent. With @ruffinconsultingservices you are working with the best and you don’t need the perfect situation to schedule an appointment. No shame, no guilt, no feeling of embarrassment; only ethical, confidential, patience and detailed explanations is what you can expect to enjoy. Also through a plethora of hands on appointments, a NEED has been identified for our TARGET MARKET. That need is identifying a way to help YOU better prepare for your life insurance appointment with confidence. Most people will procrastinate due to overthinking the process, not knowing what to expect or doubting their ability be worth life Insurance right now._________________________________The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide is designed to educate and empower women across the globe to protect their most valuable asset...LIFE with life insurance protection. Gurl is spelled with a “u” because this experience is designed for the woman in YOU! Check out @gurlgetyourlife to gain more insight to this LIFE CHANGING MOVEMENT‼️At the end of this guide you will be more informed of the benefits of life insurance and prepared to meet with Ebony Ruffin of Ruffin Consulting Services for your confidential life insurance consultation.And this is not your average guide, trust me I’ve gotten great feedback already. The guide will not be too much information to overwhelm you or bore you BUT the guide WILL BE just enough pertinent information to wake you up when it comes to the topic of life insurance...you WILL want to GET YOUR LIFE._________________________________
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2018/03/18 12:19:17

Culture III @chasfashweek
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2018/03/18 11:34:19

Bae ❤️
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2018/03/18 11:58:37

I absolutely LOVE seeing your photos of my desserts that get shared with me from your event! Seriously, it's one thing to get done with a project and say to yourself, "yeah! I made that and it's awesome!" BUT when I get to see you enjoying, sharing, and loving it too... well, it's that feeling x💯! Thank you, @sparklyseasquirt for letting me share, and @drb.photography for photo cred.
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2018/03/18 11:49:52

Long Linaje in Toffee. Also available in black. 100% linen. Paired with our Black Long Sleeve Thistle. #sistersoftheblackmoon #sotbm #linen #supportsmallbusiness #womenownedbusiness
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2018/03/18 11:36:38

The Melissa necklace. Gold, hand made in CA @agapanthajewelry See this and more locally made gold and silver jewelry in the #fashiontruck #womenownedbusiness #womemsupportingwomen #goldjewelry #accessories #mobileboutique #boutiqueshopping #napavalley #winecountrystyle #napastyle #necklace #popupshop #personalstylist #ownlibbysimone