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2017/12/18 12:24:03

Super yummy #whole30 dinner. Burger stacks: layer the romaine, top with the beef patty, top with my herb aioli, and shoestring onions served with faux cheesy oven fires inspired by @katespaleoplates and some #dairyfree broccoli 'cheddar soup,' which ill have to save. I got too full with the burgers. Watch my IG stories to see how I made every single item on this plate.#whole30recipes #whole30approved #paleo #paleodiet #paleorecipes #grainfree #glutenfree #jerf #eatrealfood #allergenfree #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #lupus #autoimmunedisease #lupuswarrior
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2017/12/18 12:23:21

This turned out nicely!!!!
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2017/12/18 12:21:45

today’s brunch provisions compliments of @onefold_denver nothing better than their potatoes fried in duck fat! ...#mypantsdontfitness #balance #onefold #sundays #brunch #potatoes #eggs #sausage #healthyfood #whole30 #lifestyle #love #food
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2017/12/18 12:18:46

#Repost @caloriechat (@get_repost)・・・Snack edition!•Raise your hand if you've ever reached for a bag of pretzels, read the nutrition info, saw that it was low cal and low fat, and assumed it was a pretty aight/healthy snack? MEEEE.🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️•Turns out, pretzels really aren't all they're cracked up to be.😭 Yeah, they might be low cal and low fat, but they're also low in protein and fiber, aka the two things that will keep you feeling full longer.🤔•Not only that, they provide very little nutritional benefit and can often be high in sodium (sometimes ~15% of your daily sodium intake!). 😫 👍•Don't worry, having pretzels from time to time really isn't anything to worry about. It's when you start depending on them as an every day snack is when things get dicey. If you're really craving pretzels, make sure to pair it with something that has protein and fiber, such as fresh fruit, peanut butter, or my favorite, hummus. Or sub out the pretzels for sliced bell peppers, roasted edamame, or nuts/seeds!🥑🌰🥜•Anyways, the more you know, the better your habits can be!•NEED EXERCISE PLANS AND GUIDES?•🏋🏻@GymflowChat ⛹🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️@GymflowChat 🥊🎾@GymflowChat ⛹🏻‍♀️:::::📸: @fit_pham SEE ALL HER POSTS! 💪🏻❤️[#pretzels . #pretzel . #gettinglean . #weightgain . #weightlosshelp . #weightlossgoals . #foodspiration . #healthysnacks . #nutrition . #weightloss . #hummus . #macros . #fooddiary . #whole30 . #lowcarb . #fitnessjourney . #myfitnesspal . #bbgcommunity . #healthyliving . #fitnessjourney . #weightlosshelp . #iifym . #losingweight . #flexibledieting . #portioncontrol . #caloriechat]
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2017/12/18 12:15:46

Last meal at school until after the holidays was definitely not a bad one — red snapper, seared turnips, and sautéed spinach for my roommates graduation dinner. Would eat this every night if i could. 😛
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2017/12/18 12:15:04

Happy Sunday! I’m finally sitting down after cooking for hours in preparation for starting @whole30 tomorrow. I would’ve moved faster but I had to grocery shop and I officially have a cold 🤧..I am not looking at this as another diet to lose weight. I am doing this in order to reset my body and see if the foods I am eating have any reflection on why my back pain has not gone away after doing PT and acupuncture, yet my MRI’s and X-rays are clear. I have done everything externally, but I haven’t changed anything internally and it’s time to face my fear and take on this challenge. ..More foods to prep during the week but I have a great start of the week right here AND I’m finally using some wedding of our wedding gifts! ..P.S. this was my first time cutting a pomegranate!!
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2017/12/18 11:33:45

Confession: I did NOT like tonight’s dinner It was cucumber-avocado soup ..It tasted plain to me. And it was cold, and I’m cold so .. that wasn’t fun —As far as I’m aware the other ladies liked it, It just wasn’t for me—Why do I share this?! I don’t love everything that is healthy,But I have been wiling to try new things through these last 21 days and I can confidently say, I liked more than I didn’t, by a big margin And now I have more recipes to have on a regular basis that are delicious and good for me —Don’t be afraid to try new things,You won’t like everything,But somethings might surprise you!
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2017/12/17 02:42:23

Cozy Saturday 🤶☕ 🎄Photo by @oishiimoments
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2017/12/18 12:13:29

Last day to order in time for Christmas delivery of #KellerCrafted Meaty Christmas Gifts 🎄Use #Promo code TREAT to get $5 off any order over $25! 🥓🎅🏼
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2017/12/18 11:58:19

We don't portion our food into tiny sections, we eat Christmas cookies 🎅 we eat the dough too! We like to enjoy life. We want to live a life of moderation through the holidays and not stress about gaining weight but also not feel badly for baking cookies with our kids and eating some too. That is why we do nutritional rebalancing. That is why we have more energy than we have ever had before 👐 and why we don't stress about weighing ourselves every day. We're so darn thankful that we get to fuel our body with what it needs every single day! Which is why we don't have to worry about eating a cookie or two or three... We're excited that every day we also get to share this with our friends and loved ones!!! ❤ Seriously, why are you waiting to feel what your body is designed to feel like!?
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2017/12/18 12:05:50

Successful and delicious dinner/meal prep. Spaghetti squash, Italian sausage, vodka garlic sauce, Italian seasonings with parmesan, mixed together with an egg and baked. Dipped back into my #whole30 tricks with this one. All the noms...#vsgeats #vsgcommunity #bariatricsleeve #bariatriceats #healthyfood #lowcarb #tinytummycrew
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2017/12/18 12:04:08

Can we come raid your fridge @rachlmansfield!? 😍 🙌🏽 fridge game is on point 🙌🏽 last week before Christmas—what are you prepping for the week? anything good happening in the kitchen? 💚#grhealthyliving #fridgegoals
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2017/12/18 12:11:15

Whew, Just finished deliveries for week 8!! We are so blessed to finish this year out so strong. This week we sold 300 meals which is the highest yet! God has blessed this business and blessed us with so many amazing customers! We have lots of exciting things happening over the next two weeks and can’t wait to share with everyone! But to the real reason of this post.....Here’s our meals that everyone will be enjoying this week. 🤗The pastured lamb, chicken, bacon, and bones for broth are from @willowcityfarm (Springfield). The beef is from Kapper Farm (Niantic). And of course we use organic/local produce as much as possible! We have the colorful Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad with Dill Ranch (made with @primalkitchenmayo) or Strawberry Vinaigrette. Next is the Ground Lamb Gyro Bowl + Tzatziki (also made with @primalkitchenmayo). AND hello to the Cinnamon Spice Beef Sliders + Chipotle Mayo + Sweet Potato Mash (Sliders inspired by @paleomg) Then it’s the Chimichurri Beef Meatballs + Sauteed Bacon Brussel Sprouts (Paleo marinara from @unclestevesny and chimichurri is a @drtandacook recipe). And finally, the Cauliflower Truffle Bacon Soup (also inspired by @paleomg). 💜💜Just an FYI we are taking 2 weeks off for the holidays, our next menu will post Dec. 31st for January 7th delivery!
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2017/12/18 12:09:04

I have ALWAYS wanted to be present for my daughter from the minute I found out I was pregnant. Life, career, responsibilities and bills didn't allow for that and so I convinced myself that I was ok with that because "everyone worked outside the home". You know what? I wasn't ok with it and I'm not ok with it now. I want to spend every minute with my precious child I can. It's going so fast, some don't get enough time and above all she's mine and I should be with her more then anyone else. I am so grateful that my home business allows me to do what I truly want and be where I feel I should be. I don't think you can ever spend too much time with your kids. We are blessed! #freedom #timeflys
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2017/12/18 12:08:27

Sorry to interrupt your regular Sunday night activities with this fudgy paleo brownie stack! I always have trouble with paleo desserts but this @other_foods brownie mix is the bomb!! Just add eggs, oil, and vanilla and that’s it!
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2017/12/18 12:07:23

Dinner 🍴 Thank you to everyone who reached out to me about the fire 🔥, as of right now it’s at 45% containment but our town is still on alert 🚨. Tonight we had Zesty Chicken Bites (recipe from @lexiscleankitchen) with Marinara, Broccoli & Baked Potato with Tessemaes Creamy Ranch. .....#whole30 #whole30challenge #paleo #cleaneating #cleaneats #cleanpaleo #eatingclean #whatieat #healthy #food #foodie #healthyfood #lifestylechange #lifestyle #weightloss #lifeafterwhole30 #whole30homies #paleodiet #jerf #justeatrealfood #fooddiary #foodisfuel #herwholelife #whole30withhailee #iamwhole30