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2018/02/26 10:39:02

It’s almost ready ❤️ Stay tuned!
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2018/02/26 10:13:58

Need to catch a few winks? Slip on a #seatdreamzzz 😉. photo via @kuma_thehuskybear
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2018/02/26 10:28:01

Just call me Mrs. Indiana Jones. 😉
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2018/02/26 10:26:16

Second weekend in a row in NYC and can’t say I hate it 💕 #nycblossoms #sundayfunday
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2018/02/26 10:09:17

had a great afternoon at the farmers’ market ✨🌿
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2018/02/26 10:09:31

The best self-care you can practice is your skincare! I don’t know about you all, but I wear sunscreen every single morning. My face does not leave the house without a hydrating serum and sunscreen! I used to NEVER wear sunscreen and when my boyfriend found out, he LECTURED me on the important of sunscreen. Even though he’s three years older than me, he said that I’m going to look 10 years older than him if I don’t start a proper skincare routine.❤️What is everyone’s must-haves in their skincare regime?!👇🏼Leave your comments down below!#demibangPhotographer: @thelaurenstyle— #stylewithastory #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #darlingweekend #thehappynow #pursuepretty #wandeleurspark #ABMlifeissweet #flashesofdelight #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #livecolorfully #liveauthentic #theeverygirl #communityovercompetition #prettylittlethings #ethicallymade #communityovercompetition #risingtidesociety #azblogger #arizonablogger
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2018/02/26 10:00:16

A single flower stands out from the crowd. She reaches toward the golden sun...smiling wide. She wonders why others do not see her beauty, but I did, and I captured it for eternity 💜
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2018/02/26 09:51:19

February marks the one year anniversary of Lit & Liquor—a huge milestone since we never knew what might happen with our little podcast! We’ve become considerably more educated in matters of literature and liquor, but don’t worry... we still like a cheap beer just as much as the next person. Check out our anniversary episode, “A Year in the Life of Professional Alcoholics” where we recap some highlights of the past year, or if you’re new, start at the beginning with our debut episode, “Boobs and Big Packages”. Regardless of where you begin, we’re so glad to have you along for our strange and hopefully amusing journey here. ---#litandliquor #literature #liquor #drinking #readinganddrinking #drinksandbooks #booksandrinks #podcasts #literaturepodcasts #newepisode #anniversary #oneyear #oneyearstrong #readinganddrinking #cocktails #mocktails #highlghts #eatingoutside #flashesofdelight #wandeleurspark #livecolorfully #food #foodie
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2018/02/26 09:47:36

spent the day behind the camera for @houseofwdesigns and @bloomedroots ! so in love with my new plant babies 🌵🌱 #plantaddict #succulents #cacti
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2018/02/26 09:41:29

Sunday evening shadows
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2018/02/26 09:29:15

50 things my parents taught me about lasting love 1. don’t think in terms of forever. think of this moment, right now, and let forever take care of itself. 2. grow up together, constantly. you won’t be the same person in five, ten, twenty years. challenge each other to keep growing, and remember that the other is still growing, too.3. expect to invest a great deal of time and energy into your relationship. lasting relationships do not just happen, they are created and fashioned. 4. respect the other person’s relationship apart from you. If they are important to the one you care about, they should be important to you, too. 5. never idealize others. they will never live up to your expectations. you are in love with another human. new blog post up- link in bio!
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2018/02/26 09:27:30

What it is that makes someone’s home to inviting to us? As you create this ambiance think about what greets you when you first walk in the door. I want an inviting atmosphere in my home for my guests, but I also want it for myself. I’m sharing four tips that give me all the cozy feels and I hope they’ll help you add warmth and an air of joyful hospitality throughout your home. {link in bio}⠀⠀#happyhome #happyheart
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2018/02/26 09:10:03

We are already missing the beach & counting down the weeks & days till we see the sea again! 🌴. I'd love some travel inspiration! Where are you traveling to next? ✈️. Follow @DomesticallyBlissful to stay connected & see my Instagram Story with blissful tips & sneak peeks of upcoming recipes, renovations, tutorials, & travel! ✨ . There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Most High. - Psalm 46:4 ❤. #cancun #hyattzivacancun #hyatt
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2018/02/26 09:06:24

Today we hiked to the top of Evergreen Mountain 🏔#accomplishments
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2018/02/26 09:06:06

Travel tip # 1 (when traveling with bf) : Asking random people to take your picture together. HahaHirap tlaga pagdalawa lang kayo. 🤣#AJtravels #Makakatingpaa #nauposaBANGKOKpart2
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2018/02/26 09:00:46

Hiking to the top of a mountain is not a bad way to spend day. And eating my weight in fish tacos. That too. 🌮
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2018/02/26 08:19:08

Friends, we have BIG, BIG NEWS!!! Our Founding Event, Rhea Lana's of Conway begins THIS WEEK! We're moving into the beautiful Conway Expo Center today and pretty soon, here's what it will look like filled with your beautiful items. The big news is that we are able to EXTEND THE DEADLINE for item entry through Tuesday, Feb 27th at midnight. Woo Hoo!!! We're making plans for our biggest and best Spring Event Yet, and we can't wait to see you this week. Tune in to Rhea Lana’s of Conway Facebook page tonight at 10pm for a LIVE VIDEO and we'll walk you through Consignor Check In. Register at this link, download our FREE Rhea Lana's App and use Voice Entry. Keep cleaning out those closets, put batteries in the toys, clean those shoes, wash down the outside toys and keep entering your amazing items.Who's making plans to consign, volunteer and SHOP?!?! #momshelpingmoms #rhealanasofconway #rhealanas