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2018/03/20 01:27:50

Une bébé crème à petit prix ? Celle de @laboratoires_venus elle fait super bien son travail mon je l'adore #bbcreme #creme #cremeteintee #venus #laboratoiresvenus #cremejour #beauty #influencer #instagramer #blogger
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2018/03/20 01:26:50

Syung 6 năm trước :)) Tóc hơi lãng tử, thật ra là hơi giống bát mì nhưng vì mặt nhỏ, cho qua ✔️Đó đến giờ người vẫn gầy nhưng dạo này béo múp đầu rồi 😂 #Venus #HyesungVenus #SHINHWA_TWENTY #신화 #SHINHWA#신화20주년 #ALL_YOUR_2018 #트레일러 #에릭 #이민우 #김동완 #신혜성 #전진 #앤디#ERIC #MINWOO #DONGWAN#HYESUNG #JUNJIN #ANDY
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2018/03/20 01:23:51

Double Allover Ring | Concordia Collection | Exclusive Fine Jewelry | Venus @elenandreou_jewelry www.escluso.com.cy#finejewelry #jewelry #allover #ring #elenandreou_jewelry #elenandreou #jewelrydesigner #concordia #venus #women #fashion #shopping #escluso #esclusojewelry
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2018/03/20 01:22:02

Rp @badasstrology#EarTh #VenuS #BADASSTROLOGY
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2018/03/20 01:17:37

Thank you facebook friends, and everyone for all the birthday messages. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family and friends. #VENUS@twenty#march19th
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2018/03/20 01:09:41

#Astroclima: 19/03Ceres es el asteroide de la abundancia y las cosechas, pero también del poder personal, de nuestra capacidad para crear.Desde hace varios meses se encuentra en Leo, desde donde nos ayuda a descubrir, pulir o retomar nuestros talentos.Ahora que arranca directa y lo hace junto al Nodo Norte, muchas personas están despertando al verdadero llamado de su alma, están agarrando el valor para dar los pasos necesarios y encaminarse en esa dirección.Por su parte Venus y Mercurio tienen su cita periódica hoy, ella es el deseo, las ganas que tenemos de hacer o lograr algo, mientras que él es la mente que está a toda velocidad tratando de descifrar cómo lograr eso que ella quiere y entre ambos ajustan un ángulo de semi-cuadratura a Marte.Esto es bien particular porque Marte en este momento dispone de la energía de Venus y Mercurio que se encuentran en su signo, esos dos andan a la carrera buscando algo y Marte les advierte desde Capricornio - "Así no es. Del afán solo queda el cansancio. Si no se organizan en torno a una estrategia no van a llegar muy lejos". Esta advertencia es para todos y cada uno de nosotros, la energía de Aries nos puede poner muy radicales y muchos están tomando decisiones a la desesperada, calma.Mercurio a partir de hoy se pone muy lento, poco a poco se quedará estacionario (detenido en el mismo punto del espacio), hasta que comience a retrogradar el viernes y nos toque empezar a revisar lo que hicimos, dijimos, pensamos en días pasados.Esa revisión conviene pues nos da chance de reparar o corregir lo que haga falta antes de pasar al plan definitivo. Atentos pues.
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2018/03/20 01:14:13

We watched the Moon rise with Mercury and Venus dissolving into the horizon. Such a rich and attractive view. Swipe left to see the pictures. I am actually looking for suggestions on a practical camera to purchase for photographing our skies! Do share your suggestions here..How do you work with the vibrational energy of the planets? I’m currently creating a new batch of Stellium Sacred Scents under the power of the Aries Stellium and shall add some zest to my current Mercury in Retrograde creation..Just looking at Venus and Mercury beside the moon a little after sunset makes me want to tango with the stars forever. Are you feeling as sassy as me?.@adrianlandonbrooks supreme art....#sacredscents #sacredscent #tarotbytashi #newmoon #astrologicalnewyear #divinefeminine #wisewomantradition #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #iloveastrology #venus #mercury #venusmercuryconjunction #sunset
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2018/03/20 01:11:55

آخرین عکس از #ماه در سال ۹۶.چو شب به راهِ تو ماندم که ماهِ من باشی ... #هوشنگ_ابتهاج...ساعت هفت مامانم تلفن زد و گفت: برو بیرون آسمون رو نگاه کن، هلال ماه رجب رو ببین.‌آیا من نباید عاشق این خانواده باشم که از وقتی بچه بودم هر چیز نجومی میدیدن برام میوردن و هنوز هم با دیدن پدیده های نجومی فوری بهم خبر میدن؟ ...راستی من همون اندازه که از دیدن شفق قطبی شگفت زده شدم، از دیدن ماه هم شگفت زده میشم. کلا شما یه چیزی به من نشون بدید که به آسمون چسبیده باشه، من عاشقش میشم. 😂..تو عکس، پایین سمت راست #سیاره_زهره رو میبینید. #moon and #venus #planet
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2018/03/20 01:09:25

Mars is now in its peak sign of Capricorn until May 16, and then briefly again in August/September when it retrogrades back into boss goat territory. When move-it-forward Mars taps into the industrious potency of Capricorn, we can move mountains through sheer determination and sweat. But we’ll only do so if it makes sense, Cap being an expression of the utmost sort of pragmatism. Oh, and we’ll be especially motivated by money. The shallow form of Mars in Cap is basically the bro dude from your high school who’s now working in sales or finance. But he’s totally crushing it, brah, and maybe you can too. 💪.The other thing about Mars entering Capricorn is that it’s going to heat up the existing dynamic of Saturn and Pluto in Cap. Traditionally, Mars and Saturn were considered “malefic” planets, which were thought to bring misfortune. If the ancients knew about Pluto, they’d probably consider it a malefic too. Modern astrology has changed the way we look at symbols, taking it from this very deterministic view to a more neutral outlook that makes room for free will and a whole spectrum of possibility. Pluto has been exposing the shadow side of our existing hierarchies and the folks in charge since 2008. Saturn is just getting started with its karmic corrections. With Mars in the mix, things could get extra angry (but also courageous) in this equation, especially as it links up with Saturn and Pluto. On a personal level, this could also be an especially potent time to challenge the rigid, calcified structures in your life that are holding you down..For now, enjoy the light, breezy mood of Mercury conjunct Venus, in effect for the next couple of days. Socializing and hanging out feels more “of the moment” than buckling down and getting to work, but if you can’t let the hustle slide, use this energy to network and make connections. Mercury will soon retrograde back over this point, so you might revisit topics that come up for discussion around this time.
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2018/03/20 01:09:00

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2018/03/20 01:05:56

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2018/03/20 01:04:35

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