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2017/12/15 00:10:22

It's been a little like the elves at work in the studio this week with wreaths travelling all over the UK from Scotland to Cornwall 💕🎄thank you for choosing us to decorate your door🚪this year x ❄️#handmadechristmas #flowersbybreige #christmaswreath #christmasiscoming #doorwreath
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2017/12/15 00:08:37

I got so busy with markets, that my nature quotes fell off the map..Who agrees with this? 🌿🌸
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2017/12/14 23:57:30

Money can bring happiness if you are using it to buy flowers (or tickets to see The Last Jedi tonight).🌸I have nerd cred Star Wars Love. I’ve read novels, adore Admiral Thrawn, have happily endured hours of Matt teaching me Legends (the old canon) during long car rides, and so forth..........#igflowers #playingwithpetals #the_gentle_manifesto #petales #fleurist #underthefloralspell #playingwithpetals #thefloralseasons #petalsandprops #livefolk #postitfortheaesthetic #hashtagauthentic #sharedjoy #цветы #winterblues #розовый #livecolorfully #alltheprettyflorals #thebonticalseries #starwars #quietinthewild #flowers #pursuepretty #thatsdarling #tashatudor #market32 #styleonmytable #still_life_gallery #flatlaystyle #selfcare
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2017/12/14 23:55:14

Ranunculus + Peonies + Eucalyptus = Our 2017 Top 3 Most Requested 🌿🖤What were your client's favorites (florals, decor, styles, colors, etc.) this year?!
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2017/12/14 23:52:45

Olafur Eliasson’s Solar surface (chartreuse) added a splashy disco vibe near the middle of the convention center. Known for merging science and beauty, Eliasson and his team have constructed some memorable works. My favorite was his dramatic waterfall at Versailles. This disco-esque piece looked almost out of place amidst the many two dimensional paintings at Art Basel. Shouldn’t this be at Design Miami?... Check out the link in my bio to read my entire review!
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2017/12/14 23:51:23

“You really don’t need to get me anything for Christmas.” Lied every woman everywhere!!! We still have some spaces left for our 2018 Bouquet Subscriptions! Click the link in my profile for more information - Or take a stroll though my feed to see some of our bouquets from this past season 💐✨
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2017/12/14 23:44:18

I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas 💕
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2017/12/14 22:40:02

Mistletoe kisses... 💋Make sure you don’t miss out on them buy grabbing yourself a sprig (or bunch!) Let me know if you want some put aside! £9 a bunch, £2 a sprig Xxx
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2017/12/14 23:39:37

Is a fact that I don't have a single seasonal photo to share 😂 unless you count Ollie sniffing at a mini tree. But that's for another day.So, until I get my act together and find some greenery, here's a load of pansies and voilas from my garden. I've pressed them over a period of two years.I have a plan for all my pressed flowers. I can't wait to show you -when I finally get round to putting the plan into action!---*From My Window*The sky is blotchy blue and white, like splodges of watercolor paint, bleeding and blending together.The lime trees stand still like sentinels across the street; the blue and white sky showing through the mass of branches like intricate stained glass.The ground is damp, and glassy puddles are scattered over the tarmac, reflecting the headlamps of the passing traffic.On the leaf-strewn lawn, the viburnum bush is becoming barer by the day. But some leaves still remain, clinging to the angular branches, among the snow-browned blossoms.The sun shines briefly, and the pale stone of the church seems to smile in the weak golden light.Dappled sunlight comes in though the window; and the shadows of fluttering viburnum leaves dance on the sun-kissed magnolia walls.#describingmyview
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2017/12/14 23:43:26

Citrus tones are cool for Christmas! 🍊🍋
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2017/12/14 23:37:50

More gorgeous wreaths being made at our Christmas workshops! 🎄🎄🎄
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2017/12/14 23:25:05

Big bunch, it's a bit of a funny shape but I am quite into that these days.
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2017/12/14 23:30:29

The best combo cake and flowers! 🍰🌺 Chuffed with my last minute decision to put tuber roses in my arrangements. They have the most heavenly smell and when I went back to clear everything the whole venue smelled delicious! #chuffed #simplepleasures #london #theasylum #littlethings #happy #happiness #flowers #bloom #florist #underthefloralspell #wedding #floral #flowersofinstagram #flowerstagram #lovemyjob #love Photo thanks to @helenabrahamphoto
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2017/12/14 23:16:34

Tall centerpieces pull the eye up to @bridgeportartcenter's beautiful wooden beams and skylights. Photo by @timtabstudios. 7 of 9.
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2017/12/14 23:23:02

Fun fact: I’m a true Seminole. Graduating from Florida State University gave me a love for anything garnet and gold...including flowers! ❤️💛 These mums and alstroemeria are just the perfect blend! What are your favorite college colors?
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2017/12/14 23:16:37

Thursday inspo ~ Floral chandelier created by @ruby_marylennox 📷 @_foodstories_ #sobeautiful ... We have a few faux installations in the pipeline (which we hope to be able hire out) ! 🤞🏻🌿 #watchthisspace