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2017/10/24 03:51:05

The strangest of the Fever Tree albums. Beatles covers, air raid sirens, and weirdness is all represented. This one is crazy.#vinyl #vinylcollection #records #recordcollection #nowspinning #nowplaying #cratediggers #vinylcommunity #turntable #recordplayer #vintage #vinyljunkie #albumart #fevertree #beatlescover
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2017/10/24 03:48:21

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2017/10/24 03:47:36

Alien Movie Soundtrack - 😍#Alien #AlienCovenant #AlienDay #aliens #vinyl #Lp #turntable
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2017/10/24 03:46:06

For you who like to hang Tuesdays and Thursdays at "Chubbie's" Club for Gentlemen, the person in the picture does not need special introduction.For the rest who go to a "different kind of church", let me introduce my dawg, Frank Caporaso aka DJ Obama Spinladen. There are two things Frank likes best in the world; cooking and his DJ gig at Chubbies! And seriously, you haven't lived life if you never tried his signature dish "Hot dog inside boiled egg." It's just finger licking good. So a month ago, Frank's one year anniversary at "Chubbie's" was coming up and incidentally that same Tuesday one his of his remixes titled "Lady don't hurt me no more - than absolutely necessary" made number 205 on the Swedish radio station KRAP FM – 92.3. All that called for celebration big time, so I prepared a nice gift for him. Combining the two things Frank loves most, I gifted him my latest project, the DJ STOVE! Equipped with two turntable micro coil rotary burners and two tone arm style - pull out sprayer faucets, with hot AND cold water, this baby doesn't just stop there. I packed it right to the hilt! It has pitch control for the fan, a temperature x - fader, variable speed for the rotary coil burners and my personal favorite, I threw in a frying pan with built in speaker. Needless to say that Frank was absolutely ecstatic when he first unwrapped it. So a couple of weeks went by after that day where we didn't see each other due to our busy schedules, until I got a call from him from the hospital. Turns out, Frank got himself third degree burns on his left hand and ear, performing a "baby scratch" on the asparagus omlette he was making, while holding the red hot speaker frying pan against his ear at the same time, trying to cue up the next track. To make things worse, trying to soak the burns with cold water, he mistakenly pulled out the hot instead of cold sprayer nozzle set to max temperature, and blasted his ear. I almost forgot, Frank has a new stage name. It's DJ Mono.
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2017/10/24 03:40:45

"Here's the chance to express your libertyNoone but you can know what stepping down can meanDespotic leader kill the bravest traitor on the streetBut keep the faith they say, they'll free us from our painThey sell you a religious escapadeYou join the church and they take your life away"The Distillers | The Distillers | Old Scratch#punk #punkrock #punkrockvinyl #thedistillers #vinyl #vinylcollector #vinylcollection #vinyljunkie #turntable #records #nowspinning #hellcatrecords
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2017/10/24 03:33:55

Kids were playing with Lego, so I seized the opportunity to educate (loudly) the way of the six string maestro Mr Jimi Hendrix! #jimihendrix #gibson #lespaul #blackstar #vinylcollection #vinylcommunity #vinylart #music #blues #guitarist #bestguitarist #listening #turntable #mondayblues #loud #fun #playguitar #jamming #enjoylife #thevinylfactory