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2017/11/21 18:00:05

The cathedral of Vilnius. It is one of the landmarks of the capital city. The bell tower is outside the church and the church has a classicistic style. In front of the church, you can see the statue of Gediminas, the man who is believed to be the founder of Lithuania. It is the first city we have visited together. -Eric 🔹🔹 Vilnius Katedrali, şehrin görülmesi gerekenler listesinde baş sıralarda yer alıyor. Çan kulesi, kilisenin dışında yer alıyor. Kilise klassisizm mimarlığını temsil ediyor. Katedralin önündeyse şehrin kurucusu olduğuna inanılan Gediminas'ın heykeli var. Burası bizim birlikte gördüğümüz ilk şehir 😊 #instagood #travellers #travelaround #lifeistooshorttostayathome #photooftheday #travellingcouple #vscocam #travelbloggers #vilnius #lithuania #litvanya #milliyetrota #keepgoing
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2017/11/21 19:00:16

Hedgehog relaxing at the park :-) Näsinpuisto is one of my favorites parks in Tampere because its beautifull #view. It Has also my girls favorite #playground #tiitiäisensatupuisto
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2017/11/21 18:54:39

A cheeky insight to a house off the street as we walked to the beach in Gallipoli. 🤙🏼
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2017/11/21 18:49:35

BLOGGED! To celebrate the #sumo tournaments going on in #Fukuoka at the moment we have a Beginners Guide to Sumo over on the blog! www.lovejapanmagazine.com (link in bio 👆) 🇯🇵 written by @freedomahn - image shows the 4 current yokozuna
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2017/11/21 18:44:50

I’m going to miss these two little munchkins 😍😍 We are heading away tomorrow, just hubby and I, for a few days without the kids. I was super excited (I am!) but I always get so anxious leaving them behind! It’s actually the first time leaving them both for this long (only four days - what is my problem! 😳) and I know they will be more than fine with my parents - what can go wrong on a diet of sugar and late bedtimes? 🤷‍♀️😜 Seriously though I know deep down they will be great but it doesn’t stop me stressing about it, does anyone else do this or am I the only crazy one? 🤪 #thispossiblywasmyfacethisafternoon #imsureillbefineonceigetacocktailinmyhand #alcoholfixeseverythingright
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2017/11/21 18:48:31

Beautiful girls walking around our BARCELONA & THE SEA tour... 🖤🖤🖤 Enjoy the richness of our fantastic city with us!!!