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2018/01/21 15:49:05

• G E O M E T R I E • Onze zwart wit geometrie kaarten worden veel besteld door jullie! 📨 De kaarten kunnen leuk gebruikt worden als woonkaart in een leuk fotolijstje. Zelf hebben wij de kaarten in de wc staan op een gezellig plankje 👌 Waar zou jij de kaart zetten? **********#zwartwit #zwart #wit #kaarten #label #todolist #poster #notebook #kalender #interieur #interiordesign #amsterdam #tape #washitape
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2018/01/21 15:14:38

Yep, yep, yep 😂📷: @revelatori
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2018/01/21 15:10:14

.🍏 задачи в to-do-list на 21 января 2018 года #rainbowkrua #todolist #followrainbow
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2018/01/21 14:47:40

"Thank you for dealing with my sadness.""Thank you for dealing with my madness."#bestbitches #listofshit #todolist #letsclean
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2018/01/21 14:40:46

Currently doing some renovations in the Main Hall and so today was a free flow day at Government House Sydney. These are the only days that you can take photos in the house although you can photograph the gardens anytime. This is the Drawing Room. The house will be open to the public on Australia Day, so check the NSW Governor’s website for details. #sydneylocal
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2018/01/21 14:34:32

Another entry! This was the setup for last week. Gonna start on my next entry! #girlboss #bulletjournal #journal #todolist #todo
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2018/01/21 14:18:05

Wild Saturday night making meatloaf. A pan for tonight & cupcake tins for lunches. My husband is very happy, it’s what he asked for. Don’t be jealous of my extravagant lifestyle. 😂
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2018/01/21 13:47:32

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2018/01/21 13:37:53

Well prepared is the key to success. Let’s prepare your to-do list today before we kick start a brand new week. Photo credit @kassy_ivy
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2018/01/21 13:27:45

I’m finally putting this big happy planner to good use after receiving it at a planner meet up last summer. It stays in my kitchen for me to brainstorm while I’m in there cooking or eating. The top row is a breakdown of zone cleaning and the rest is just sloppy notes and to-do’s. Didn’t know how badly I needed a planner in the kitchen. I just went on google and found a zone cleaning checklist and wrote some tasks down every day of the week. #zonecleaning #functionalplanning #happyplanner #getyourshittogether #todolist
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2018/01/21 12:12:32

Hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous☀ sunshine ☀ on this long weekend! A reminder that we are closed tomorrow (Monday) but will be open again from 7am on Tuesday to serve you 💙
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2018/01/21 13:20:51

#motivationalquotes💪 #todolist 📝#staypositive 💫🌞⭐🔑