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2018/03/25 04:17:24

Saturday sounds 🎶 On the playlist: @_summer_salt_ #weekend #theprettycities
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2018/03/25 04:50:46

Tonight we lose an hours sleep 😭 but I’m oh so grateful for the change in season 🙏🏽 #celebratingordinarymoments
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2018/03/25 04:51:47

Let your ideas grow wild 🌿@joandjudy •Guten Abend ihr Lieben 🤗Für @flyingspark.kirsa und mich gab es eben gerade eine riesige Portion Kartoffelwürfel aus dem Ofen 😍🤩Ist für mich irgendwie richtiges Comfort-Food 🤗🥔Aber mich machen Kartoffeln eigentlich in jeder Form extrem glücklich 🙊🥔🍟Was ist für euch absolutes Soulfood? 😋
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2018/03/25 04:49:58

Congratulations Meredith @this_chaotic_life your capture has been featured by @MagicofChildhood!Thank you very much for sharing your magical photo with us.___________________________Kindness is Magic! Please join me in congratulating them by visiting their gallery and please continue to share your magical captures by tagging #MagicofChildhood for features..Featured by Faye: @ssoraphotography 🌺_____________________________#moc_this_chaotic_life .....#candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #pixel_kids #our_everyday_moments #theartofchildhood #let_there_be_delight #heaventhrumylens #huffpostgram #subjectlight #lightinspired #simplychildren #liveauthentic #littleandbrave #kidsmood #stunning_shots #darlingmovement #count_itjoy #best_children_photo #momswithcameras #postthepeople #thechildrenoftheworld #ourchildrenphoto #nothingisordinary #dadsofinstagram #childrenphoto #CMglimpse #ig_motherhood #ourcandidlife
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2018/03/25 04:47:20

fun fact: my favorite part about choosing an outfit is the finishing touches- the jewels and the bag. i love earrings that look like art and bags that resemble little baskets. There’s something fun about pulling things together to create an outfit. i’m all about it :)
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2018/03/25 04:47:26

What should be one's comeback post, ye ask? Coffee is the answer, bros! Even though I am not at all your cool crazy-for-coffee person, but that's because I keep it specific for special moments. You know, that divine-ish, magical night thing. That poetically sweet touch.But my point is, WELCOME BACK, SELF! I am excited because I am going to write more, and create more, and share more now Inshaa Allah! Sooo expect some golden blabber. #likewhatevenHere's to starting agaaaaain as randomly abstract.
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2018/03/25 04:38:53

A polka-dot has the form of the sun, which is a symbol of the energy of the whole world and our living life, and also the form of the moon, which is calm. Round, soft, colourful, senseless and unknowing. Polka-dots can't stay alone; like the communicative life of people, two or three polka-dots become movement... Polka-dots are a way to infinity ⭐️✨ - Yayoi Kusama.@AGOtoronto #infinitymirrors #yayoikusama #polkadots #artgalleryofontario #kusamayayoi #kusamayayoiexhibition
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2018/03/25 04:45:32

If @champagnepapi thought it was important enough to remind us, must be important enough to remember 🤘🏼
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2018/03/25 04:45:12

Happiest place 💙
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2018/03/25 04:42:54

Saturday’s at home with him 🖤 Changing it up from sharing others love stories to sharing my own. It’s about darn time right?! Shoutout to @erin.s.hassett for spending her time with us and making us look this good. More to come from our very own in home session 😉#mylovestory #swoon
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2018/03/25 04:37:19

I got up way to early this morning. I’ve worked the majority of my Saturday away (the joys of being self employed) so I’m kinda grumpy and maybe lashed out a bit at the fam. Been piling up records as I spin them making a big mess. I’ve worried all day about the fact that we were unable to participate in today’s marches since there want one close enough, although I’m sending so many good vibes and thanks to the amazing humans that could but then now think, maybe I should have organized our own march. It’s overcast here, but the breeze feels nice, yet the pollen is in full force so now as I try to clean up from the week, I realized I’m doing no good since the pollen just keeps rolling in through the open windows and doors (no wonder 30 minutes after I wiped down the counters they were covered in dust again). I think it’s time to quit for the day. It’s time to stop overanalyzing everything. And it’s time to succumb to the weekend. Why that is so hard to do I’ll never know but dammit I’m going to try! Happy Weekend Folks 🍻
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2018/03/25 04:39:41

Yay weekend! 🎉 Spent Saturday with these babes and their babies. It may be four years since law school but it still feels the same 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ #theeverydayphoto
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2018/03/25 04:40:07

Saying bye is always hard so I’ll just say, see you again Cancún, till next time ✌🏼 🇲🇽 We enjoyed our time here in Cancún and our stay at the @oceanspahotel. #CANCUN #MEXICO
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2017/01/19 00:40:07

A little #shelfie and our Apple Tree cabinet make for a cute and cozy nook ☕️🍪📚 #cosho_etsy
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2017/02/01 19:52:57

A jigsaw puzzle situation 🙃 #cosho_etsy