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2017/12/18 02:35:25

Sunday plans 📚☕️ #cwreads
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2017/12/18 02:36:40

In it to win it 🤘🏼
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2017/12/18 02:32:55

I can see the promiseI can see the futureYou’re the God of seasonsI’m just in the winterIf all I know of harvestIs that it’s worth my patienceThen if You’re not done workingGod I’m not done waitingYou can see my promiseEven in the winterCause You’re the God of greatnessEven in a mangerFor all I know of seasonsIs that You take Your timeYou could have saved us in a secondInstead You sent a child {Seasons by Hillsong Worship} My anthem as of late, and even more so this week as we wait in expectation of Christmas Day. What season are you in? Is there something you are waiting for??
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2017/12/18 02:28:58

Final batch headed to Placerville Art Gallery. Be sure to stop by and see these works in person if you're in the area!
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2017/12/18 02:31:30

All lives end.All hearts are broken.But there is beauty to be found along the way all the same.
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2017/12/18 02:31:28

Uma tradição iniciada ano passado: #lizselfienabolinha || a tradition we iniciated last year: #lizselfienabolinha
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2017/12/18 02:30:37

How a simple gift can make one so grateful? ✨ I'm grateful for that someone knows me and wants to give an unexpected surprise. My grandma is such a role model in generosity 💗So what is this jar exactly? 😍Well, it's ecological, handmade laundry detergent! I have been thinking of buying a new detergent for a few weeks as mine is already running out. I wanted to buy an ecological one this time but haven't had the time to look for one. And without knowing all this, my grandma just hands this jar to me as a surprise! #feelingloved #grandmasrule
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2017/12/18 02:27:02

Winter green 🌲❄️ #nature
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2017/12/18 02:29:10

Keiner steht so schön einfach da wie er. ❤ #thisisleipzig
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2017/12/18 02:30:57

• w h i c h - o n e ?• 🧐“You’d better Push the button and let me know...” 🎧#libertyoflondon #christmasinlondon #tv_neatly #feliceadesso
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2017/12/18 02:24:00

Who loves (well kinda) wrapping presents as much as me?! The pretty bows + paper get me everytime... it's the little things I tell yah 😂... Are spending this Sunday wrapping or finishing your shopping? #shopearringsandstuff #holidays2017
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2017/12/18 02:19:17

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again. ~Joseph Campbell.It’s Self Care Sunday!I’m headed to Seattle to spend time with my son, Ian for Christmas..It’s a Sacred Space kind of day. Time to Sip, Savor & Surrender. Want to join me in my {free} meditation series with the same sentiment?http://bit.ly/SipSavorSurrender{Link in Bio List} 💜
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2017/12/18 02:13:43

A little bit of beautiful #wreathwatch #home