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2017/09/22 11:33:19

Energia da semana (21/09 - 28/09) 🔮🎈 Estamos vivendo um ciclo repetitivo de coisas que não vão da forma como queremos, por uma simples questão: nossa negatividade, nossa certeza de que sonos incapazes de realizar algo em nossa vida. Chega! Basta! Acabou! Até quando você vai dizer para si mesmo que não vai dar certo, que nunca tem resultado e sempre perde no final? Por isso os benefícios não veem.É o momento de sacudir a poeira mesmo, parece clichê dizer isso, mas é hora de agir, levantar da cadeira e se sacrificar, lutar pelo que acredita e ter a certeza de que passo a passo você está conseguindo, não se vence a guerra do dia para a noite, mas é vencendo batalhas diárias, fazendo algo que realmente te faz realizado, completo, feliz, que vem de dentro de você e que você sente prazer de deitar a cabeça no travesseiro no final do dia e diz "Nossa, deu tudo certo hoje! Eu consegui! E amanhã eu vou fazer o meu dia muito melhor!". Chega de lamentar e é hora de fazer escolhas que vão definir e muito o curso da sua vida a partir dessa semana, pode ter certeza disso, e detalhe, você já sabe o que e como deve escolher. Só basta você querer!Só é feliz quem tem coragem de vencer na vida e você não veio aqui para ser perdedor sempre, né?Quer uma consulta particular? Pode me chamar via Whatsapp (83) 98717-5080 e via direct.#tarotreading #marseille #riderwaite #mistic #drusa #citrino #cristais #cristaloterapia #conselhosemanal #foimeioumalapada #eusenti #boraacordar #mensagemsemanal
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2017/09/22 11:27:54

Hello magical souls 💜 today's card is from Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy deck drawn by the lovely Vivien 💜 such a beautiful card with quite a strong message - are your actions aligning with your values? Viv & I are at the I Am Centre today for healings, crystal light bed sessions, massage, kinesiology and readings 💜 we would love to assist you on your journey 💜💜 call or message to book 💜 Much love Vicki xx#iamcentre #epping #tarot #tarotreading #accessbars #healing #crystals #love #angels #spiritguides #angeltherapy #thetahealing #integrity #alignyourvalues #lovelife #livetoyourfullpotential #hditgbtt #whatelseispossible #shiny #countingmyblessings #vicisallaboutwellness
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2017/09/22 11:26:05

It’s time for another moon cycle #tarot draw. Damn my cards are interesting. Want to get my interpretation? Check out my story! Here’s to a prosperous #virgoseason...#tarotcards #tarotdeck #tarotreading #witches #witchcraft #witch #witchesofinstagram #newmoon #mooncycle #pagan #pagansofintagram #blogger #witchblog #texasblogger #texasblog #htx #hou #houston #houstonblogger #houstonblog
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2017/09/22 11:25:15

We love seeing your Astral Goddess Boxes 🦄🔮 it's the best time of the month 👌except of course for the new theme announcement which will be coming very soon 🙌 if you're interested in learning more about our astral box, leave your email through the link in bio, you'll also be notified first when subscription spaces will be opening 📷@themodern.goddess
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2017/09/22 11:23:16

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2017/09/22 11:20:41

You've been praying, manifesting, and daydreaming about the future. Know that the universe is working with you. It's time to put a plan into action and go for it! Connect with your higherself, ask your angels for help, and make it happen. Start with step one, follow it up with step two, and keep pushing forward. Love and light. Namaste!🙏💓💞 #namaste #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #taroreadersofinstagram #crystalhealing #reiki #reikimaster #vibratehigher #highvibrations #gaia #psychic #psychicreading
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2017/09/22 11:18:47

Things are looking up for my love life #tarot #witchesofinstagram #tarotreading
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2017/09/22 10:53:00

friday reading2 hari berturut-turut ketika mengambil kartu selalu keluarlah 2 kartu ini dan sepertinya ada pesan yang harus disampaikan tetapi belum benar2 tersampaikan.sebenarnya pesan apa sih yang mau disampaikan sama judgment dan mending ini?apakah ini pesan untuk diri saya sendiri atau orang lain?terlepas ini pesan untuk siapa mari kita artikan saja.judgment sendiri saya mengartikan sebagai bangkitnya kesadaran sedangkan mending berarti perbaikan.dengan bertemunya kedua kartu ini maka kita diingatkan untuk membangkitkan kesadaran2 akan hal2 yang selama ini mungkin tidak benar adanya entah itu tentang suatu hubungan dalam pekerjaan atau soal asmara.terkadang kita terhubung dengan hal2 tersebut bukan karena memang kita benar2 menginginkannya tetapi lebih kepada kita memaksakan bertahan dalam situasi tersebut karena berbagai alasan.oleh karena itu sadarilah alasanmu kenapa masih berkutat disitu padahal itu tidak memberikan kebahagiaan padamu dan sering kali keadaan itu justru malah menguras energi dan pikiranmu.jika memang demikian adanya beranilah untuk memutus keadaan itu sehingga energimu akan lebih mengalir ke hal2 yang lebih baik.terkadang kita sudah terlalu terbiasa dengan keadaan itu hingga kita tidak menyadari bahwa sesungguhnya keadaan ini tidaklah baik2 saja.yakin masih mau gitu2 aj?you know the answer very well😁#judgment#mending#aware#awareness#oracle#tarot#wisdomoracle#lisahunt#todaymessage#message#messagefromthecard#awake#tarotreading#tarotreader#tarotreaderjogja
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2017/09/22 11:09:41

I did a reading for a friend who is moving away. He asked the deck if he would be happy, how would he attain happiness, and if he would appreciate his happiness if he acquired it.The got the 9 of Cups for if he will be happy. The 6 of Swords for how he will obtain his happiness. The Reverse Hermit for if he would appreciate his happiness. He has had readings using other mediums and has often been told he will be very successful in life but ultimately unhappy. I told him that he should look at the wrongs that the cards provide and not just what they say could be. This reading is pretty special to me because no one has told that something could be different or that he has the power to change what could be. I want to do a breakdown of this reading but not right now. For now I just wanted to share this. #tarot #tarotart #tarotdeck #kitchenwitch #tarotreading #universalgoldentarot #universalgoldentarotdeck #foodandfriends #goodbyes #witchywoman #witchesofinstagram #witchesofcolor
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2017/09/22 11:07:57

Really enjoyable reading with Yan 😊 And I'll conclude this with the Fool. Start an adventure! And I wish you all the good luck in your love life😇❤️ #tarot #tarotreading #tarotreader #lovetarot #love #塔羅 #占卜 #塔羅占卜 #愛情
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2017/09/22 11:01:27

Tarot Reading for 22nd September 2017Signs of increment, promotions or a raise in position are reflected in your cards. The ones looking for a partner may find their soul mate. The people who are already in a relationship may strongly commit to their partners and share a wonderful bond of love and security with each other. You may also feel really happy, proud and full of life today. Take good care of your health. Any illness or injury is in its healing process. You can also involve yourself in healing activities today. #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreadings #dailytarot #dailytarotreading #tarotcardreader #oraclecards #angeloraclecards #motivation #taroteverydamnday #tarotbook
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2017/09/22 10:57:50

I love this magical #quartz point I got from @e360_ a little while back ✨
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2017/09/22 10:57:28

The magician 🌹
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2017/09/22 10:55:29

I always kind of crack up when my day ahead reading looks so... violent. Haha! But honestly, I've been feeling so defeated lately in my day job -- only because it's been tiring. Ha! And the Death card is certainly representing some challenging transitions right now... BUT, I think I'm feeling like the 2 of Wands -- ignoring that "Holy crap!" feeling and just moving ahead. My anxiety is pretty much under control. And though I know I'm drowning in work, I'm staying pretty calm about it. I actually feel like I'm doing my best and that it's good enough for right now. 💕👍🏻
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2017/09/22 10:42:32

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2017/09/22 10:42:01

***Fall Reading Special!*** Need clarity? Treat yourself to a full hour of tarot, and navigate tricky twists with greater ease. From Sept. 22nd thru Oct. 31st, Full Phone Sessions are only $45 (Reg. $60), complete with color photos! Halloween themes are available, including the Everyday Witch Tarot (by Deborah Blake) pictured above. PM or email susan@hearthwisetarot.com to schedule! #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading
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2017/09/22 10:38:28

Friday 22nd September, 2017. Today's FREE LOVE Tarot Card is Page of Cups. A new person or situation may enter our lives. Our sensitivity and intuition could also be heightened.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To understand how this will affect you or for your FREE Three Card Money, Love or General Tarot Reading please go to www.horoscope-ace.com or view on the App at Facebook, Apple and AndroidLINK IN BIO @horoscope.ace