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2017/09/25 15:05:52

Esta semana tenéis estrella en el amor!Ha llegado el momento para las personas solteras de abrirse, las energías están a vuestro lado, la suerte está con vosotros y podríais encontrar vuestra media naranja. Lo más probable es que conozcáis a la persona adecuada dentro de un grupo de amigos o compañeros de trabajo. No será un flechazo... el sentimiento irá creciendo poco a poco.#tarot #tarotcards#oracle #goodvibes #tarotreadingofinstagram #paz #universaltarot #highvibration #tarotmentors #spirituality #espiritualidad #tarotreaders #tarotinstagram #tarotlovers #soul #tarotreading#tarotchallenge #tarotlove #inspiration #cartas #preguntalealascartas #consejo #guia #tarotnuestraguia#tarotmentors#tarotreader#tarotreadersofinstagram#tarocchi#divination#mytarot#intuitive
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2017/09/25 15:00:36

Sunday Self Love practice ❤️ "Self-care is not to be confused with Self-love. To love yourself is not a physical practice. To love yourself is an emotional, energetic and spiritual practice. To love your Self, is to wrap her (or him) in a beautiful glowing blanket of light and then to simultaneously feel that light wrapped around your Self." -An excerpt from my recent blog post in self love... read full post at www.seasideshaman.com/blog (link in my bio)And today I pulled the 'Receiving' card. A reminder to open up and allow yourself to receive all of the love pouring in from around you. A reminder that when you take a moment to love your Self, you are also allowing for the love of the Universe, God, your angels... to come pouring in with it. In that moment you feel the Truth that you are not separate and you are never alone. #selflove #challenge #sacredrebeloraclecards #tarotreadersofinstagram #lovemedicine #chocolatemedicine #shaman #youareneveralone
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2017/09/25 14:57:36

No Weather today, but instead, let’s have a little love from the Vessel Oracle. This Capricorn says that structures can be supportive containers for all sorts of things! I’m working on getting my writing habits back in order after falling off the wagon while I was sick. What kind of container do you need right now? How might you create it for yourself?#Vessel is in stock now at twosidestarot.com 💗
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2017/09/25 14:44:51

09/24/2017 ☉♍︎ ☽♏︎✨XXI the World: After his rebirth the fool understands his purpose and place on the earth. He is fulfilled and has connected all the disjointed parts of himself to become truly whole, and has again reintegrated himself into the world. While this is the end of a cycle, it's also the beginning of a new one that includes all the knowledge and wisdom gained; you can carry what you have learned into your next life when you go.✨What am I prepared to accomplish currently?✨VI of Swords: While this card can be associated with travel or progression, it can also represent a listless state in which you are not perishing nor thriving. Something must give way in order to bring forward enthusiasm again. While this card is associated with the element of air, water dominates this image. The idea here is the water will carry us to better things and return us to our emotions.✨Certain things in my life that were very exciting a few months ago have ceased to be so. It has left me feeling dull and with a tendency to isolate or lash out. Six of Swords is telling me to get out of my head, move on from these feelings and discover something new to tug my heartstrings again. #theworld #sixofswords #thefoolsjourney #cardoftheday #dailytarotcard #dailytarotbird #dtbuniversal #universaltarot #septembertarot #tarotreadersofinstagram
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2017/09/25 14:43:22

🔮♎️💜 Libra season already began, but I don't wanna miss the general overview for the next astrological phase. In the following weeks you, as well as we as a collective, we are able to dive into our subconscious. Autumn is officially here and therefore the darker half of the year, well at the northern hemisphere 🤓. Persephone descend into the underworld and we as human like to make some shadow work 💀☠️.Yes 🙌🏼 love that.And in return you know yourself better and therefore the world. Because you just can rule a country and bring everything to fruition, when you know your own pitfalls. You aren't longer able to project your shit onto others. That's impossible. As Anaïs Nin said "We don't see things as they are. We see theme as we are." Whether you walk away from your own stuff and put the veil of darkness over it or you look into the darkness, see what's there and if it's yours and realize, that the dark nasty shit is in reality the gold coin in your hand.Because the things you suppress is the gold of your being! 💎 I should mention that @lindenherz and I created a challenge to find your Soul Gold and the Goddess within, starts October first 😅 but it's a lucky break that the reading fits so perfectly as a little advertisement 💋💎 however, sometimes you need to wait. To see what seeds survived and what comes to fruition to really see what's useless and not worth to save. You need the mental clarity. You need the sharpness of your mind to cut through the false dreams and desires. Some things, as I said yesterday, are just smoke and fumble away. But at the end you are able to leave the month with good friends and bucket full of new soul treasures. And may be some experience with some nice hangover and some Aspirin 😅Use the following month, to see what's INside of you. To enLIGHTen your shadow and to dive into the darkness, to fully emprace the God/dess you are! Don't let anybody dim your shine and light. You are more than the body you carry around and you taking care off.Do the fucking (shadow) work and celebrate life - it's the perfect month for it.••• more in the comments •••
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2017/09/25 14:31:49

Loving this new H E R B A L O R A C L E from @iamblaireporter, who says: "Close your eyes, bring a situation or question to your mind that you want clarity on and then screenshot! Please tell me what you received + if it resonates below 👇🏻.A note on making this:Doing an oracle with plants has been on my heart for a long time, though I didn't have permission to make this until recently. It was a challenge for me because as one builds unique relationships with all things, plant wisdom is infinite and feels different to everyone. The "distilling" process seemed impossible, but spirit told me to move forward and leave it to personal responsibility. What is on each plant here is a reflection of well-known written knowledge, but also contains my experience as well. This means you may go hang out with cedar and find a COMPLETELY different energy. That is okay. It also may mean that you pull a plant that you have an established relationship with and what I have written is not in alignment with your experience. This is also okay. GO WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE. I want this oracle to serve as an invitation to meeting with a plant ally and see what message it has for you. Also, please know that some plants on this list are toxic. Look it up and do research. Do not go try to find it in the wild and eat it without knowing it. Sit with it, talk to it, get a flower essence, etc. Be responsible in this..You are welcome to repost this, but please tag me in the caption as the creator. It takes me a long time to make these. Thank you so much. 💗🌿".SONG: ALGIR / WARDRUNA...#herbaloracle #plantmedicine #plantspiritmedicine #plantoracle #plantkingdom #wildcrafting #witch #witchyasfuck #herbalism #herbalist #waterwitch #plantwitch #goddessrising #oracledeck #tarot #tarotdeck #tarotreading
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2017/09/25 14:29:10

One of the best things about reading tarot is the positive feedback that I receive. It makes me feel so good knowing that I am reaching people and helping them. 🌛🌕🌜🔮✨ #pagan #witch #tarotreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #divination #diviner #medium #psychic #seer #redheadwitch #witch
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2017/09/25 14:35:28

#septembertarot by @lionharts Sept 24 Where can I be more assertive?VIII STRENGTH * I need to be more assertive in my confidence and courage.#Strength #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram
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2017/09/25 14:33:56

Morning draw ☁ Queen of Pentacles + Two of Swords Oh is there any sadder day than the Monday you go back to work after a couple of weeks of vacation? 😢 Gah. The cards are telling me to take on this day as a strong woman. 😇 Just do it, just jump in, and stay positive. It's my head telling me this will suck but why worry in advance eh? Deck: Lumina Tarot by @innerhue #innerhue #luminatarot #tarot #tarotbyania #oracle #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreader #tarotreading #oraclereading #healing #guidance #soulful #inspiration #intuition #innerpeace #tarotkort #spirituality
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2017/09/25 14:27:55

Questa settimana puoi sentirti intrappolato, bloccato o limitato in qualche modo. ⠀Hai la percezione di essere la vittima e punti il dito verso qualcosa di esterno a te, come se qualcuno o qualcosa ti ha messo in questa situazione. ⠀Hai la tendenza a rifugiarti nell'intelletto che può essere un alleato, ma anche il tuo più grande nemico. ⠀Quindi, questa sopraintellettualizzazione della realtà circostante, può far sì che tu ti ritenga una vittima oppure ti può far rendere conto che hai il potere di cambiare le cose. ⠀Il tuo lavoro è noioso? Trova un'altra soluzione. ⠀La tua relazione è tesa e drammatica? Allora vattene. ⠀C'è sempre una scelta! Potrebbe essere solo più difficile da vedere, ma è lì. ⠀Permetti all'anima di penetrare nella cortina dell'intelletto e di far sì che questa lo abbracci per darti la soluzione migliore che puoi trovare. ⠀Chiedi ai Tarocchi: come posso liberarmi dalle mie limitazioni?
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2017/09/25 14:25:23

#septembertarot by @lionharts Sept 23 What area of my life needs more harmony?V OF SWORDS * I need more harmony in the area of my life that has the most conflict and discord. Which would be my home life. #tarot #5ofswords #tarotreadersofinstagram
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2017/09/25 14:19:59

Daily Draw - Nine of Wands: We have a human tendency to self preserve and protect ourselves from any potential dangers, this is all very natural and after all has ensured we have survived as a species. However fears also need to be faced head on so that we continue to grow and develop and learn about new situations. Being prepared is key to such growth, but you need to be careful that you are not being overly cautious and building barriers 'just in case' the worse should happen. A life without risks isn't much of an existence at all. Perhaps you need to consider why you feel so fearful of the future or suspicious of others, as developing this self awareness will aid you in finding the strength you need to be able to move forward. Let go of any past hurts, don't feed them. Otherwise you are allowing those that hurt you to hurt you over and over again. It's not going to be easy but persistence and perseverance is key. Don't let any old wounds define you. That was then and this is now and you are stronger than you think.
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2017/09/25 14:18:03

Today I drew a card from the Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid. It's a beautiful oracle deck and really speaks to me. Today's card is Storm Fields. An uncomfortable storm is coming, in part due to things that were left unresolved in the past. This energy must be dealt with and released or it will continue to build and cause more disorder. Even if this storm seems destructive it is important to remember what is left behind... Storms bring rain to the ground and help spread seeds to bring new life. So what is this storm clearing away from your life? And what is being planted in its place?www.MysticKoneko.com