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2017/11/19 02:18:04

European Honeymoon: Day 39 of 40On our second to last day we we had planned to go to Milan, drop the car, and then stay the night in Milan to catch our bus to Zurich in the morning. We woke up and we're so beat that the thought of doing all that sounded horrible, and we also loved Lake Garda and the place we were staying in, so we asked if they had availability to stay for one more night and they did. I think the affects of traveling were starting to catch up to us, so we ate breakfast and then went back to bed until almost 2pm hahaha. When we finally got up and going we drove over to the center of town and then went to tour these ancient roman ruins that were there. It was a pretty spectacular site to see, and by this time it was almost sunset, so we walked around the lake and watched the sun go down. On our walk back we stopped for an apertivo at a cafe and then headed back to our hotel where we at another amazing dinner at the restaurant downstairs. We ended up calling it an early night because we had to wake up super early then next day and drop our car in Milan. #eurotrip #honeymoon #tripofalifetime
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2017/11/19 02:16:23

Roman ruins. Citadel, Amman. #shotoniphone