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2017/11/22 22:44:42

Stereo-Tube on its way! #stereotype #rock #band
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2017/11/22 21:17:48

Break down stereotypes yasss 🤯
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2017/11/22 19:47:20

Here's an excerpt from the latest update on the book I'm editing - Made Possible, a collection of essays on success by high achieving people with learning disabilities. Yes, you read that right. This book's inspired by my sister, who has the learning disability fragile x syndrome, and by a range of successful people in different areas from campaigning to the arts. Usually, learning disabled people are defined by what they can't do - not by what they can. This anthology involves trailblazers talking about their talents in a bid to shift stereotypes. It includes people defining their own success - whether that's winning a national award for their achievement, or becoming more independent and making their own choices (like my sister). The book's being published thanks to some amazing supporters (hello and thanks to Made Possible's supporters on Instagram 👋🏻) who are crowdfunding the project with the publisher Unbound. And it's not too late to get your name in the book as a supporter - just pre-order a copy! 📚 Link in bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️and look at "Updates" (of course!) for the latest #book #writing #madepossible #publishing #journalist #inclusion #awareness #attitude #learningdisabilities #disability #rights #equality #humanrights #fragilex #fragilexsyndrome #sibling #family #campaign #stereotype #talent #success #reallifestory #aspiration #diversity
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2017/11/22 18:16:11

Bravo à E.Leclerc France @eleclercifs @eleclerconet !!Quand je vois comme il est compliqué de faire évoluer les mentalités, de faire comprendre à une fillette qu'il n'y a pas de honte à vouloir être Iron man, à un petit garçon que jouer à la poupée n'est pas honteux, Quand on voit comment la domination masculine est intériorisée rendue quasi légitime, Quand on sait à quel point même à l'école les stéréotypes de genre ont la peau dure et les conséquences sur les choix de vie de nos filles et garçons ( cf les supers travaux de Nicole Mosconi sur le sujet), y a pas à dire vous faites fort. Le pire, c'est que vous ne mesurez peut-être même pas à quel point c'est scandaleux ( il suffit de lire les commentaires d'hommes sur le tweet dénonçant ce stéréotype pour mesurer à quel point la route est encore longue😔) #eleclerc #stereotype #lesfillesaupaillettes #lesgarsalabrouette
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2017/11/22 17:13:04

Is this suppose to be an advertisement for a college or a piece of propaganda from somewhere in Asia? #sanfrancisco #bart #train #advertisement #propoganda #stereotype #calstateeastbay #eastbay #oakland #subway
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2017/11/22 11:30:41

#China may not have the best reputation when it comes to how they treat #dogs, but we found one #city in China that completely breaks the #stereotype. In #Lijiang, located in #Yunnan province in the far west, pet dogs can be seen everywhere!! From #cafes to #boutiques, even in #hotels! That right, hotel owners and staff allow their #pet 🐶 to run around the hotel freely! What a fun surprise 🤗 Also, how cute are these #puppies??!...#montrealtravelagency #ig_asia #travelexpert #luxurytravel #travelbug #traveltuesday #traveltheworld #travelgram #instatravel #wanderlust #bucketlist #dogsofinstagram
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2017/11/22 11:29:47

#Truth#Word#SpeakLifeANDTruth #NativeAmerican #White #Black #Jew #Indian #Mexican #Hawaiian #Island #Asian #Korean #Filipino #Italian #European #Pink #Green #MiddleEastern #SouthAmerican #Pink #Rainbow➡ ** in other words, let #Kindness and #Love spread quicker than gossip and hate.⬅ ... And for those who will get defensive, this mindset doesn't mean forgetting or not taking TRUE miscarriages of justice seriously. Rather, it's purposing not to look at others as a #stereotype or #preconceived notion, and instead look to others as human beings who could actually be pretty cool if we took the time to find out instead of judging and being critical.#OnGuard for the battle we fight is #supernatiral. 🤺👊 Wake up, people of #Yahweh. The time is NOW.Happy Thanksgiving and have a good week. #RemnantArise#AbrahamIsaacJacobGenerationsUnite
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2017/11/22 10:57:25

shitty picture and stolen time. #numb #stereotype #music
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2017/11/22 09:30:16

Hello everyone, Eng Peng here and I am in my last trimester of my undergraduate studies in Psychology. I was first introduced to Matchsticks by my friend, the founder of Matchsticks in the year 2015. Though the idea of volunteering has always lingered in my mind, it was difficult to find the right place to volunteer with. After being introduced to Matchsticks, I felt that it was a great opportunity for me to volunteer and at the same time understand more about the mental health field outside of textbooks and case studies. Knowing that our presence and ward activities bring a smile to our special friends' faces gives me a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. From knowing their names to their little quirks and temperament, they have become more like an extended family to me. Contrary to the stigma associated with mental health, not everyone with mental illness is 'scary' and violent. They are just like you and me, people who need love, kindness, patience, and understanding. You will be surprised, we can learn more from them than they can from us. We can receive more love from them, than they receive from us. Though it might be hard to interact and befriend our special friends at first, trust me that as time goes by, you will be rewarded by their love and warm welcome, bringing a pleasant start to your Saturday morning. Come join us and spread the love, spread the awareness about mental health and fight against the mental health stigma.Ignite your passion, spark a difference.________________________Meet Eng Peng, our regular volunteer and ward leader of 66A! Through volunteering, she is able to better understand the things that she is learning in school. More importantly, her positive experience challenged the views of society towards mental illness and even warmed up to friends that she can look forward to spend time with every week! We hope that our volunteers continue to have previous takeaways from volunteering! Do check out our Facebook page and website in the bio to know more about us! 😊
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2017/11/22 09:11:33

Got this ride a couple of months ago but had to wait for the Luda to my Ciara to come through town to model with it for me. Next one will be a Subaru. #truelove #stereotype #riiiiiiiideit #marrymeCiara #newcar
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2017/11/22 09:05:50

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2017/11/22 08:38:30

It's the pursuit of the #AmericanDream, the accomplishment and extraordinary success at The Game, playing by all The Rules and still finding yourself excluded by the one thing that is consequential to your DNA but detrimental to your aspiration. 💋💨I'm 48 years old and all my #private education, certificates, degrees and upper-middle class upbringing didn't prevent me from having five children with seven different daddies, being homeless or ending up on welfare. I went from being the only Black girl in AP classes or summer #science camp to lowest common denominator, my existence possible proof of nature versus nurture.  In contrast, Tiffany grew up in the environment my parents fought so fiercely to rise above. While the kids on my block attended private schools thirty miles from our predominantly Black neighborhood in L.A., Tiffany went to the same public school everyone in her predominantly Black neighborhood went to that was within walking distance. My classrooms never exceeded 20 #students and my textbooks were brand new every semester. I remember the #shock I felt the first time I was handed a textbook and someone else's name was written inside; the insult of a used textbook was an affront to my dignity, disrespect of my #education and evidence of how well formed my sense of entitlement was by sixth grade. Talking to Tiffany and some other incredible #Amazon employees about our educational experiences, I expected to hear similar tales. I asked who was used to being the only Black kid and Tiffany laughed saying, "We were all Black. I didn't have that [experience] until business school."My mind shot back to the day before when Tiffany mentioned being the first person in her family to go college, "an #Ivyleague school at that." This bad  chick not only went to Yale but Columbia for undergrad, her story as valid a #stereotype as mine, possibly even more so because she proves #nurture vs #nature, self-determination over circumstance, responsibility and discipline is the narrative this #young woman chooses and while we are seemingly opposite ends of the very narrow #spectrum called "What Black Women Are", we met because our goals are the same.
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2017/11/22 08:21:57

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2017/11/22 08:13:15

One of my prints in the Cocktails@5 exhibition. WHAT BOYS DO series, inspired by my father's love of aircraft and flying. Use of stereotype (metal advertising block) with archival ink photocopy. #dailyinspiration #stereotype #advertising #vintagebook #photocopy #archivalink #printmakersofinstagram