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2018/01/17 04:16:52

Working my way through the last remnants of the incredible @portofmokha Al-Jabal Peaberry from @slatecoffee today as I’m trying to deplete my reserves.My coffee stash is getting a little out of hand as I just got 5 more bags of coffee at my house yesterday between mail and what I brought back from Colorado.Must keep brewing.#drinkcoffeewithben
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2018/01/17 04:17:22

#Roasting #organic #specialtycoffee for your benefit and enjoyment.
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2018/01/17 04:16:06

Nothing like a visit to my old neighborhood coffee shop, sipping on specialty coffee on this dreary, winter Sacramento day. #cappuccino #coffee #coffeeculture #specialtycoffee #qualitycoffee #coffeelove #coffeeart #hipster #downtownsac #midtownsac #sacramento @insightcoffee
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2018/01/17 04:15:19

A paixão de um café, produzido por nossos cooperados na Região de Pinhal, para você!Cafés Gran Reserva Coopinhal - apenas o melhor para você!#cafe #coffee #granreserva #coopinhal #granreservacoopinhal #cafegourmet #cafesuperior #cafedequalidade #specialtycoffee #regiaodepinhal #cafedesaopaulo #cafesdobrasil #braziliancooffee #coffeebean
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2018/01/17 04:07:56

Great photo of @dishesandspoons by @hannahvturnbull ! Highly recommend you go visit this place if you’re local to Didsbury (or if you’re not 🤷🏼‍♂️) for some great homemade cakes and coffee!
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2018/01/17 04:13:23

We've got 2 delicious new coffees coming to you guys! Can you guess which country they are from?
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2018/01/17 04:14:44

#Repost @cafecatrinmx (@get_repost)・・・✨Pura buena vibra✨Chocolate caliente, de cacao orgánico, puro, y panqué vegano de zanahoria, jengibre y amaranto.•#aquihillo #specialtycoffee #cacaomexicano #plantbased #vegancake #consumelocal #vegan #consumehmo #coffeelovers #coffeeshopvibes
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2018/01/17 03:05:15

Listos para probar café? Sabías que hay más de 100 descripciones de sabores?!! ☕️ Esta rueda fue creada como lenguaje común que podemos utilizar para la descripción del café. #JiKaoCafe Vengan a probar los sabores Jinoteganos! @jikaocafe
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2018/01/17 04:13:31

"If I have a rough hill to climb give me one rugged old oak stick to lean on rather than a hundred reeds that grow in perpetual green by the river bank. If I have difficulty to face and burdens to bear and tempests to weather, give me my friend - he may be very rough, quite a curious specimen of humanity, but he loves me, and he sticks." - G. Campbell MorganA man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:24#heritagecoffeeroasters #smallbatchcoffee #brewthegood #specialtycoffee
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2018/01/17 04:11:48

Matcha match ... Who els is healthy this year 🤣🤣🤣
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2018/01/17 04:11:45

Roasting beans golden all day today! Cupping at 10am as well, come try them and take some home🌰☕️
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2018/01/17 04:03:51

Thinking about this hot cup of single origin coffee (brewed in a steampunk) on this icy day ~ I paired it with a coffee macaron. The coffee was from Panama (Finca Santa Teresa) and had wonderful fruity notes to it. I usually drink my coffee with a splash of milk and sweetener, but I wouldn’t change a thing about this cup; it was perfect on its own. ☕️
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2018/01/17 04:09:53

Every day sons and daughters are trading in fresh air and mountain views for urban slums and US$220 minimum wage if that. Growing an exchange-traded global commodity is risky, and the urban glamor of movie theaters and shopping malls is enticing for rural youth. However, working long hours for little pay, commuting for more hours, and residing in dangerous informal slums of megacities unable to provide public services for exploding populations is likely to make their lives harder than before. The only way to make farming an economically viable vocation for young people is education in farm management and by adding value to the product. We are working on this, but it's going to take more support than we have to give to make a real change.
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2018/01/17 04:05:52

Instagram. Invent smell-o-vision please and thanks.
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2018/01/17 04:07:39

Choose your favorite #morningstarcoffee ☕ blends & have them delivered straight to your door with #freeshipping when you order 5 or more bags! To order, click on the link ⬆️ in bio!#morningstarcoffee #organiccoffee #specialtycoffee #locallyroasted #coffee #coffeebreak #coffeemug #coffeelove #coffeelife #coffeetime #coffeeaddict #minneapolis #mncoffee #mplscoffee #favoritecoffee
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2018/01/17 04:07:06

Meet Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Managing Director of @colonnacoffee ……he’s the guy who will be providing us with the beans that will go into your Long Blacks/Americanos/Espressos. It’s kinda hard to know where to start with this guy’s CV, suffice to say it’s one of the most impressive across the British coffee industry. As a three time UK Barista Champion, founder and co-owner of the outstanding Colonna and Smalls in Bath, qualified Q grader, co-author of Water for Coffee and author of The Coffee Dictionary not to mention the man responsible for getting specialty coffee into pods (and doing a dam fine job of it too)…..at the end of it all, Max is ultimately just a really nice guy who is genuinely interested in other people’s goals and ambitions. He’s always been extremely generous with his time when meeting with us and we’re very much looking forward to working together on our coffee programme at Rosslyn 👊....#rosslyncoffee #rosslyn #londoncafe #londoncoffee #londoncoffeeshops #specialtycoffee #colonnacoffee
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2018/01/17 04:00:09

Makáme na tom, abychom pro Vás otevřeli co nejdříve a co nejlépe! 🚀💪🏻💥#cokafe #coffeeshoplife #coffee #specialtycoffee