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2018/01/18 10:52:45

camille🥂. ‘6teen cardi b stan ⚔️🍒⛓🍷comment your name lbl for a tbh & rate. #openrp #dancemomsrp
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2018/01/18 10:52:43

ur loss babe.
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2018/01/18 10:45:44

you got me now:))
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2018/01/18 10:41:27

Is today nationally Hurt someone’s heart today ?
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2018/01/18 10:24:59

oh hiii
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2018/01/18 10:20:37

gemma.—————————————————————“sometimes in life, you find a special friend. someone who changesyour life just by being apart of it.someone who makes you laugh until you can’t stop. someone whomakes you believe there is really good in the world. someone who convinces you there really is an unlocked doorjust waiting for you to open it. this is forever friendship. when you’re down the world seems so dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you upand makes the word feel bright again. your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times. if you turn and walkaway, your forever friend follows you. if you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. yourforever friend holds your and and tells you everything will be okay. and if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete. you have a forever friend, and forever hasno end.”——————————————————————————————- hey bubble gum girl☺️💝 i was gonna use that audio but then i decided not to lol😂 i just had so much thoughts about what to write about but now i forgot what to say😔 okay wait..i took 39 years to write that gay quote..u better read it. i bet u didn’t..go read it rn. this is gonna be so short bc ihy so much. i wrote u 20 of these for u and i just got my first one. i just got this ad..”momma Judy lost 300 pounds, call now to be like her” call emma what r u waiting for😂 shut up about my finger..it’s perfectly normal. it’s just a little crooked💪🏽😍 both of them.. hah. i’m watching shameless. it’s such a good show go watch it rn. cmmnts
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2018/01/18 10:12:26

:🍒🖤~Half of my heart is in heaven..~:
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2018/01/18 10:03:46

Sadie Sink~Sadue Sunk according to @finnxwclfhcrd ~millies my best friend even though she disabled.. ;(~14~Birthday: April 16th, 2003.~#00~Single~Crushing? Nope.~Annoying~Your local red head~I need friends mkay? mkay. bye.-----(tags)#japan #hokkaido #tokyocameraclub #カメラ部 #photo #写真 #日本 #tokyo #harajuku #shibuya #shibsuyacrossing #travel #japanph #marimekko #mood #travelismylife #ainuvillage #sidefamesingapore #ママ #ママコーデ #ママファッション #今日のコーデ #今日の服 #ファッション
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2018/01/18 09:49:51

You should watch your man You should watch your mouth
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2018/01/18 09:33:13

— haiden marie mathews <3 6teen. boy kisser. nobody’s gal. kayden’s best fran. needs friends. comment your name letter by letter for a dm, tbh, rate, etc.
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2018/01/18 09:12:46

Happy one month baby💘 its sometimes a little hard to think that we've been together for a month now and it's literally been the most amazing month of my life and I wouldn't want to spend it with any other boy but you:) you never fail to make me smile:)) you're just amazing,cute,sweet,funny,weird etc.ik we hardly even but tbh i feel like we're closer but ya idek! ya sure we've had our ups and downs but were always there for each other💞I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. ik this was short but oh well! I love you so damn much noah freakin schnapp!😻💘--#japan #hokkaido #tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #photo #写真 #日本 #tokyo #harajuku #shibuya #shibuyacrossing #travel #japanph #marimekko #mood #travelismylife #ainuvillage #sidefamesingapore #ママ #ママコーデ #ママファッション #今日のコーデ #今日の服 #ファッション #カジュアル #シンプル #プチプラ #冬 #スナップ #スナップミー