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2018/03/20 22:11:59

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2018/03/20 22:00:11

[comment your name lbl for a r8]lydia mcbroom. just a 15 year old who loves her boyfriend tyler. 💕
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2018/03/20 20:58:41

baby baby baby baby BABY BABY OMG Its our four months knowing each other?!?!? THATS FUCKING CRAZY. Feels just like yesterday i met your cute ahh! I dont know what to begin with, tooo much going through my mind. I just want to start off saying that i want to spend all my life with you. I wanna wake up each morning you by my side and i wanna go to sleep each night with you beside me. I want us to live life together. You make me so happy i cant really put it in words how happy you make me. Finn, baby, six more months till a year!!! Cant wait for wayy more years. Yes yes yes we do have our lame arguments blah blah and i could make seem like i really dont care, but i care a whole ass lot. Im always gonna love you. I love you so much. No one will ever take your place. Their is nobody in this entireee universe that is better than you. I wanna be with you and you only. I’ll choose you over anybody, if that means me loosing friends then thats cool, i dont need them. I only need you and only you. You’re the only reason why i still wake up in the morning. You bring me soo much joy and happiness. You’re fucking smile means the absolute world. Its so precious, You’re so precious. You light up this whole god damn world. You smiling, laughing, & smirking makes me feel like im doing a good job as being a good girlfriend. i know i know i could be a annoying girlfriend and im sorry. Lemme tell you i get really jealous when you hangout or post about other girls jdkdjfj i just dont say anything because it isn’t a big deal lmaoo. Sometimes i feel you’re gonna leave me for someone way better but you say you’re not, the fact you’ll want to stay with me is djsjjdks. Because im a weird, awkward, annoying person oof. I dont know what you see in me but im glad you chose to be with me. You’re so fucking amazing and no matter times you deny it. ITS TRUE, you’re really amazing, goofy, overprotective, sweet, freaky ;), funny, lit, cute, hot, smart, and so much more things that i cant think of this moment. But a few of those things i described of you is all truee. AND THAT YOU’RE ALL MINE TOO?!!? God fucking blessed me with you. You are a gift to this world. Like did you come from Heaven kfks
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2018/03/20 15:06:25

Na Na Na Na Naaaa- 💀
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2018/03/20 13:39:58

only read the comments if you're hazel.
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2018/03/20 12:35:13

Drizzy-6'0 founder of October's Very Own.
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2018/03/20 10:49:14

(comment your name ibl for a yo mama joke.) Hey guys it's ETIN again, 19, complicated and heartbroken, loves food more than himself, loves his friends, pups AND kittens, iced coffee (and regular coffee wtf), and would love to be your friend 2. Slide in my dms!!!!--#japan #hokkaido #tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #photo #写真 #日本 #tokyo #harajuku #shibuya #shibuyacrossing #travel #japanph #marimekko #mood #travelismylife #ainuvillage #sidefamesingapore #ママ #ママコーデ #ママファッション #今日のコーデ #今日の服 #ファッション #カジュアル #シンプル #プチプラ #冬 #スナップ #スナップミー