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2018/01/21 05:44:37

Day 129: Thank you again @leia5678s for the amazing art work for my birthday. If you like this her husband makes this kind of art and his business card is on here if you want one of your own. The first video reminded me a lot of what @martynfordofficial and @eddiehallwsm posted recently that was so funny and how it’s great to have friend in the gym that make it fun. @vlad_christopher definitely messes around more then he works out. He down a pound and I’m up about two haha good luck beating me this year buddy. First time working out after work but honestly I’m glad I did kinda got me out of my comfort zone and it was a great workout. Also had a good talk again with @mattwold_ifbbpro it’s really great to have a pro like him around cause he really enjoys helping everyone around him. One of the hardest things about this sport is everything that goes on in my head there are so many things to think about and sometimes I get down on myself because of set backs or not being where I want to be but it’s pros like matt who are always there to keep your head on straight. For the most part I don’t have much of an issue with it but it good to hear it from him cause he has been in this sport longer then myself and knows more about what to expect as the months go leading up to a show. #GainZ #bodybuilding #fitness #back #deadpool #nerd #worldgymfamily #worldgymmishawaka #worldgym #work #hard #isymfs #killit #growing #focus #positivity #consistency #motivation #selfmotivation #saturdaylift #stronger #underarmour
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2018/01/21 05:36:00

Vivi e lascia vivere..intanto mostrati per quello che sei! 🤙 #selfieoutfit #selfmotivation #saturday #life #enjoy #gostraightforyourway #modazara
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2018/01/21 05:31:16

Go ahead and try it, you will be surprised
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2018/01/21 05:30:33

So 2017 was a really hard year for me. I gained a bunch of weight and just wasn’t really in a good mindset. I️ tried working at out regular gyms but i just didn’t like it. I realized pole was what really made me happy so i decided to join back at @altitudepolefitness in December. I still wasn’t really going to class but come January i have been going more and more. At the beginning of the month I couldn’t even climb anymore. At times i would leave feeling really discouraged because i knew how good i used to be. Well today out of nowhere i got my handspring back! I’m feeling over the moon about it because it’s like i can see the light at the end of the tunnel back to my old self if I just keep working hard! #polefitness #selfmotivation #poledancenation #altitudepolefitnessfrisco
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2018/01/21 05:30:31

#ihosiana©18 #inspiration #motivation #saturdaymotivation #inspiration #lifequotes #life #quote #wisdom #selfmotivation When you finally find a reason to be happy, take it. Do not think of outcomes, live for the moment... Sometimes life's about taking the next step unsure of where lies the mash and like they say, of what point is tip toeing through life only to arrive safely at death. There will be quick sand, but life goes on...
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2018/01/21 05:30:08

At every point in ones life, there should be a future in view. As for me that mirror image is a future in view because I'm the future.(Picture extracted from THE VOLUMINOUS ATTIRE- a fashion editorial on www.darafashion.com)#believeinyourself #selfmotivation #motivationalquotes #inspirationanquotes #agbada #yoruba #angel #darafashion
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2018/01/21 05:29:30

The lady you seeing in this picture doesn't have a perfect life but she has been able to create a perfect way of being happy in the midst of her troubles and move past them. She has been able to guide her inner peace from being poisoned by her challenges by dusting them off like they never occurred and kept looking on the brighter side of life instead of being discouraged by them. Remember there is good in bad and there is bad in good so either way always be prepared and ready for life isn't bed of roses. love yourself more, treat yourself well and care for yourself always for one will expect you. #Godsgrace #Godsmercy #self #selflove #selfie #selfcrush #selfinspiration #selfmotivation #selfesteem #teamnatural #naturalbabe #naturalhair #twistout #updo #winter #loveyourself #blackwoman #blackisbeautiful #teamscorpio #scorpioqueen
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2018/01/21 05:26:55

This has helped me in so many ways. Like a race horse staying focused on what's in front of it, put your blinders on and ignore what's distracting you from your goal or from being happier. What people think of you, thoughts of failure. Put your blinders on and ignore them. Then get shit done.#Cred: Jimmy Iovine, The Defiant Ones
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2018/01/21 05:21:00

As I spend time with myself today I love inspiring others, I love uplifting others and moving them closer to where they are headed as I utilize my gifts. Then when I am with myself and I am spending time alone, I forget that I have dreams for myself. I know with each and every step I move closer to them internally. What about externally? I feel there’s nothing to see and that’s when I resort back to the way I feel. The space that I have created for myself to just fully love and be with myself. I reached a milestone in my life and now it’s time to really set things accordingly to obtain and pursue my passion fully, starting with myself. Pushing and motivating myself towards what I seek. The time is now. #2018 here I am 🙏 #accomplishyourdreams #selfmotivation #selfinspiration #selflove #selfie 😁
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2018/01/21 05:12:00

_Don’t judge me....my Tree 🎄 is still up and all my Holiday decor 🤷🏼‍♀️👀😆_And I am over here organizing all the cabinets, cleaning out the fridge and getting ready for major grocery and food prep this weekend. 🍽🍎🥦🥒🥝🍠🥔🥕_Totally putting off the inevitable...”holiday put away” 🤦🏼‍♀️. #WhereIsRich #IUsuallyLetHimDoThis #HurrayHome #IHateThisPart_We were away for 4 days last weekend so said screw it, we will wait for next weekend. Omg it’s still Christmas in my house. 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄_#KitchenIsClean
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2018/01/21 05:16:53

Just calm right down, take a deep breath, and allow it all to flow as it does. Selfie 🤳 •••••••#saturday #selfie #potd #instamood #naturalmakeup #selfmotivation
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2018/01/21 05:14:48

What drives you to take care of yourself?Would love to hear your comments❤
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2018/01/21 05:09:54

Once in a while in the mist of all the hustle focus on that one person who is important. YOU. A little treat goes a long way😉
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2018/01/21 05:10:18

Hey Love,---Take a look at your life and the things that hold you back. Now let those things go. You can be free. You can have more. Live freely, live fully.Love,Notes.Be sure to check out my latest podcast episode... Link in bio 😘-#lovenotes #selfmotivation #goals #formulaforsuccess #graphics #design #lettering #bulletjournal #journaling #affirmations #motivation #determination #girswhodesign #webdeveloper #womenintech #womenintechnology #codegirl #codegirlcode #mondaymotivation #womeninengineering #codinglife #codergirl #codegirlcode
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2018/01/21 05:07:27

For my family and my city. #avondale