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2018/01/21 19:04:56

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty AMAZING.😇☝🌇- Dr.Seuss#almostsunset #photograph #savourthemoment
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2018/01/21 17:43:52

Prepare your jacket for this Sunday. And Citiport Tom Yum will support your last weekend because the best soup for windy day..The Peak | Citiport ready for you. Open 10am - 12am At Mercure City Center Jalan Lengkong Besar no.8 Bandung.#thepeakcitiport #jointhevoyage #savourthemoment #infobdg #kulinerbdg #duniakulinerbdg #explorebandung #allaboutbandung
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2018/01/21 17:30:56

How many times do you actually do this? We all lead busy lives and its often just the weekend that we let ourselves relax. How about in the week why not let yourself pause at certain parts of the day. Something that I have made myself do is to allow myself my lunch without any interruptions. Its very easy if you work in corporate to just sit at your desk and eat on the go. Not only that while you are sat at your desk people will constantly interrupt you. By giving yourself that space in the day you allow your brain to switch off and to enjoy your food. Look at all the beauty around you. Its very easy to live life 100 miles per hour and not notice mother nature. Make time to meet with friends constantly saying you are busy means you miss out on spending time with loved ones. When you take time to enjoy the moment life takes on new meaning.
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2018/01/21 16:14:14

my little princess😍😘#savourthemoment
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2018/01/21 11:10:55

I've taken some time away from Instagram trying to figure out how I'd like to approach it all in the new year. Still not sure, but keen to share on a day when we're reminded that we're all marching towards a new dawn 👏 #mosaic #poetic #unapologetic #reader #writer #philosopher #peace #power #protest #womensmarch #makinghistory #movement #momentum #sheiswe #solidarity #united #weareone #humanrace #standtogether #silencenomore #savourthemoment #takeyourtime #instagramtiles #trysomethingnew #morethanyouknow #morethanyouthink #writersofinstagram #valentinesletters
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2018/01/21 07:24:16

Who would you share a Maroush feast with?
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2018/01/21 07:22:46

Do you know someone who has never been to Maroush? Is it about time you introduced them?
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2018/01/21 07:18:41

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly made croissants 🥐
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2018/01/21 04:44:45

At the souk a couple of days ago, I ran into an older gentleman from Belgium who immediately began raving about these delicious peas. He was so delighted about the fact that they were so fresh and likely picked that morning. We stood in the bustling souk for some time chatting about traveling and life in Morocco. He had such a zest for life and told me about how he has a bicycle here he rides around from town to town (not an easy feat, I tell you!). It was such a beautiful moment in time, to pause in the midst of a chaotic souk and connect and share with another being. Needless to say, he inspired me to get a kilo of these tasty little guys, and I sit here, enjoying them fresh from the pod, savouring the moment. #peasinapod
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2018/01/21 02:11:31

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2018/01/21 01:39:01

Tomorrow is not promised and today is running out fast. Isliye : khaate rho #saturday #pune #birthdaydinner #dimlight #savourthemoment
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2018/01/20 22:16:45

Afternoon tea was so lovely with my wonderful family 💜 #afternoontea #cakes #pinkysup #poshlife #dobbies #saturday #perfect #family #savourthemoment
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2018/01/20 21:47:32

Just the perfect accompaniment to coffee- Rococo Scorched Hazelnuts- a surprise gift from someone who knows only too well my appreciation of good chocolate #rococochocolates #goodchocolate #coffeetime #thoughtfulgift #indulgence #savourthemoment #artisanchocolate
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2018/01/20 20:45:48

Tiny toes or tiny fingers? 👣👐🏻I can’t decide which melts my heart the most... ❤️ I always love to capture these little details in my at home newborn sessions
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2018/01/20 15:49:59

Tasting with Bob Duncan, distiller of @duncansgin 12 onwards today #savourthemoment
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2018/01/20 08:31:57

Remember to hug those dear to you.😁💕This week has been a literal spin of a week. I took this picture in the #newforest it was such a beautiful day I pulled over to pause, take a moment to appreciate it and admire these ponies. 10 minutes later and I was involved in a RTA. A van went into the side of my 🚗 I spun 180 and ended up with a very smashed up car which is now off to be scrapped 😭. Miraculously I am pretty much ok, slightly sore neck but it could have been terrible. So I encourage you to take time to pause, reflect and be with your loved ones this #weekend. #weekendvibes #familytime #holdthemclose #pausephoto #savourthemoment #newforestpony #newforestponies #hamspshire #keepsafe #weekendmood #hugyourkids #hug