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2018/03/23 12:30:13

Who doesn’t remember Sumona Chakravarti chillaaaoooing ‘Sharma ji....’ on Kapil Sharma’a show!!! We wonder whether the team will ever get back together to make us laugh again!!! Our cameras clicked the actress attending a puja held at Bappi Lahiri’s residence ❤️❤️FOLLOW 👉 @voomplaINQUIRIES 👉 @ppbakshi.#voompla #bollywood #sumonachakravarti #bollywoodstyle #bollywoodfashion #bollywoodactress #mumbaidaily #mumbaidiaries #mumbaiscenes #mumbai #bengalis #bengaligirl #thekapilsharmashow #drmashoorgulati #sareeswag #sareenotsorry #sareeblouse #yellowsaree #sareeissexy #delhidiaries #delhiscenes #delhidaily #desigirl #indianactress #bollywoodactresses #bollywoodstylefile
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2018/03/23 12:19:23

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2018/03/23 11:51:24

Which blouse panels match better- A, B, C or D ?Next time you buy a blouse or a top look for how well the prints or lines match before u buy it. That itself will tell u a lot about the quality of the garment or how “designer” it actually is!! #blouse #sareeblouse #designer #muchukalis #matchtheprint #quality #finish #style #sareeblousedesigns #lovemywork
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2018/03/23 11:12:08

As with all instances in which I deal with harassment, I have archived my post from yesterday.I know the manner in which I choose to respond wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea... and there is a good reason for that. *I* am not everyone’s cup of tea.During the interview yesterday, I was asked if social media has changed me, and I answered no.You see, whether I’m typing on a screen or talking to people... I am opinionated, stubborn and absolutely hate being told what to do (If my husband reads this he will likely leap onto a table and yell ‘YESSSSSSSSSSS’).This is my personality and I accept what it costs me. I try and temper parts of it for people whom I love, because my intention is never to hurt. And if my brashness or pain in the assedness causes grief to a loved one, or even someone whom I work with, then that’s something I deal with then and there.And then I move on.The purpose of me writing yesterday’s post, and all the posts before that dealt with online harassment, isn’t a warning. This is not some sort of social media head on a stake, where I warn people what they can or cannot say to me.It is an expression of my personality. And there will always be people who like, or don’t like, my personality.I don’t believe in telling you who you should follow or unfollow, because that goes back to the fact that I don’t like being told what to do. I am here because I want to share my Sarees, my Stories and some snippets of my life. Not to grow followers, not to get free stuff, not to be an influencer. You might THINK that, and that’s ok, because you are of course entitled to your opinion.My aim isn’t to please everyone, or be a paragon of virtue, or to set a standard of good behaviour. I would not know good behaviour, even if it bit me in the ass.But I know how to be me. And that’s always going to be a roller coaster experience because I’m an unapologetic, Saree-wearing, flawed, red wine and whisky drinking, creative, deliriously happy and sad at times, writerly, me. You are more than welcome to stay for the ride ❤️#sareeoftheday : Vintage Cranberry Arani Silk paired with a #sareeblouse made from Cotton Ikat material by @sakthi_boutique
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2018/03/23 10:41:46

Pursue your dream no matter how crazy it might seem because one day you’ll achieve more than what you expected. 👩🏽‍🏫👩🏽‍⚕️👸🏽