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2017/11/18 12:47:41

Our messy art preschool class had a blast blowing paint splatters with a straw!
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2017/11/18 11:42:58

Weekend watercolor play... Gorilla and I finally added watercolors to the leaf rubbings we did earlier this fall. The last piece shows how Ladybug and I also just enjoyed the process of adding colorful strokes to the paper. 💛
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2017/11/18 11:40:51

“I was the brave one” is about people who’ve given up on you, even when you’ve refused to give up on them. Consequently, it’s also about walking away, and how that’s the bravest thing you can do........#sacramentoartists #sacramento #processart #vergecenterforthearts #artistsoninstagram
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2017/11/18 11:02:10

🎨POP! STICKER COLLAGE.I have one last super simple project to end our Roy Lichtenstein week! If you weren’t already aware, children love stickers and tape 😍. If it’s sticky they’re sold. This project is inspired by Lichtenstein’s Pop! painting from Monday’s post and would make a great invitation to create..✂️What You’ll Need•Neon and black construction paper or cardstock•Scissors•Glue•Neon circle stickers (I got mine at Office Depot)•Pencil•P and O letter stencils (optional).🖍What You’ll Do.Start off by cutting out ✂️ one or more explosion shapes💥 from your paper and glue them onto your background paper (use complimentary colors!) I went super simple with the Kinderstudio kids and just glued one explosion shape💥 onto my background paper but I think layering several of them on your page would look so great..Using your black construction paper, trace or free hand ✍🏻the word Pop! and then cut out the individual letters. Glue your letters onto your background paper..Now it’s sticker time! Cover your black letters in those bright neon circle stickers (they will really pop!, too). Or, put those stickers anywhere your heart desires, including your hair 💁🏽and body, which was the preferred approach of my Kinderstudio class. 😉.Weekly Artist: Roy Lichtenstein
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2017/11/18 09:29:49

For layer 2 of the Family Canvas Challenge I wrapped the supplies up for an element of suspense. Who doesn't love unwrapping a gift? If you're doing the challenge, have you tried wrapping the supplies yet? #artpantrychallenge
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2017/11/18 08:52:11

Inside scoop into our temple resident's process! Stop by @williamhavugallery gallery to see new work from @naomischeck and come by Georgia Art Space tonight to see a new installation by @katiemcaron
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2017/11/18 08:40:44

"I don’t want to have to choose colors. But I want to paint with as many colors as possible, indifferently. This probably goes back to 1977 — as I was saying a little while back — when to me everybody seemed to be doing monochromes, when everybody was choosing the color that would become his trademark: blue for Yves Klein, black for Soulages, white for Ryman, etc. I told myself I didn’t feel like choosing, and I didn’t have to choose.".....#BernardFrize #oneshot #continuous #oneline #conceptual #processart #minimal #artistassistant #stanleytucci #monk #thelovelybones #prizzishonor #bignight #winchell #thedevilwearsprada #thehungergames #beautyandthebeast #processoriented #multicolored #stripes #limitedpalette #controlled #longline #colorfield #tongueandgroove @simonleegallery
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2017/11/18 08:16:23

I shame ⚔️👄. Take those little thoughts and burn them. We exist in more versatile ways than we’re defined. Check yourself, all people need love, forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. You and I know nothing. We falter at the beliefs of the oppressors. Gut belief, heart beliefs will heal our indiscretions. #growlove #loveher #lovethem #belove #forgiveness #forgiveme #shame #shameful #heal #denverart #denverartist #contemporaryart #processart #processartist #2for4
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2017/11/17 11:15:14

Join me at Hootenanny Art House this winter! I offer morning and after school classes for ages 15 months to 7 years. In my classes the child is free to create, explore materials, and make her own decisions in a nurturing environment. @hootenannyarthouse sign up here: www.hootenannyarthouse.com/art #processart #openendedart #reggioinspired #artteacher #afterschool #parkslope #brooklynkids #hootenannyarthouse #thisgreatforest