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2018/02/21 07:45:05

Handsome baby Corban sporting two of our bibs! @qtpienb16
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2018/02/21 07:44:33

When Life Can Fit In The Palm of Your Hand 🤚 You Have a Whole New Perspective 😍 What We Have is Precious 🎉 Spend More Time Loving ❤️ Less Time Fretting (i know easier said than done) 🏥 #Positivity #TheSecret #DreamIt #SeeIt #LiveIt #LawsofAttraction #Preemie #Hat #Footprints #500 #Grams #23weeks #Life #Precious #Medicine #SavingBabies #Intubate #WomenInMedicine #DreamTeam #NICU #Nurses #OBGYN #Pediatrics #Neonatology
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2018/02/21 07:41:34

Just Vera hanging out, being a baby! Can you believe that her due date is still a month away?? What an amazing little girl we have 💗 #VeraDirk #preemie
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2018/02/21 07:29:08

One of Miracle Mumma's First US babes, Lily, is ONE! Here's a little NICU to now which shows just how far she's come (can you believe the milestone cards are the same size in both photos!) Happy Birthday Lily, your smile is infectious and I love watching you grow 🎀🎉🎈Shop premmie milestone cards at www.miraclemumma.com.au📸 @adventures.in.lily_land #miraclemumma
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2018/02/21 07:26:49

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2018/02/21 07:22:58

Because little brother has a big sister 🐙🐙
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2018/02/21 07:24:36

I dare you!! Next time you're feeling stressed out and anxious, imagine sprinkling kindness all around you and see if it doesn't help just a little. Next time that jerk cuts you off on the freeway, smile your biggest smile and just shower him with kindness. Next time somebody gives you the stink eye (perhaps your adorable preemie kid?), smile your toothy grin and imagine a confetti party of happiness. Can't hurt, can it? ⠀⠀#kindnessconfetti #theworldneedsmorekindness #makesomebodysday #smile #kindness #preemie #nicu
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2018/02/21 07:18:56

"Get my sister outta there!" #FreeNyssa
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2018/02/21 07:17:27

This weather has been good for my soul 🙏🏼 took Tad on his first walk today! He loved it. And his numbers were excellent the entire time. By the time we got home he had fallen asleep. Reaghan walked with us and said her leg muscles are already stronger ❤️
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2018/02/21 07:15:28

From Jordan Baker: As you all may know, my family and I have chosen to support the March of Dimes. We will be participating in the walk in April. Most of you know the fight and struggle we have gone through with out last baby, Lukas. He was born at 26 weeks with sever growth restriction. We pleaded and begged for your prayers during our 88 day journey to bring Lukas home. He had achieved markers and milestones one after another!! Today Lukas is a happy, thriving and an advancing baby boy. You can follow his story with the hashtag #tinybutmightylukas. The stress and cost of a preemie is devastating to a family. I can't even imagine how others endure these challenges with out a huge support system. Preemie care an be well over $1million, such as Lukas. We were very blessed with outside assistance. But there are babies with bigger hurdles than what Lukas encountered and they don't have the resources. We want to support those families. We are asking for your support. Instead of just a donation, I am selling these great t shirts!!! I have medium, large and extra large. They are on sale for $25.00 (t-20 shipping-5) all proceeds will be donated to MOD we accept paypal and Zelle bank transfers. If you are just wanting to send a donation MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO MARCH OF DIMES. Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions. PM me for PayPal /Zelle info. #marchofdimes2018 #marchifdimes #preemie #tinybutmightylukas
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2018/02/21 07:15:22

#whenibecameamother When I became a mother it wasn’t what I expected it to be, not straightaway anyway. You visualise giving birth and being handed over your baby. Then going home all smiles with your precious bundle. Awaiting visits from family and friends with gifts. For me my first Son Reuben decided to show up at 31 weeks and 3 days gestation. I say decided as there were no warning signs and all tests showed no reason for him to be born Early. I was in labour for about 4 days, which was exhausting, I knew I was in the safest place so I wasn’t scared but I knew I wasn’t going to have the straight forward birth I had imagined. As soon as Reuben was born he was whisked on to a special space aged table whilst they assessed him and gave him oxygen and covered him in other wires. I was shown him quickly and hubby was able to take a photo then he was whisked off to NICU. Then he was gone. It felt strange I was given time to freshen up and then a nurse came to help me hand express to fill syringes up with colostrum for him. When I should have been having skin to skin and nursing my baby I was awkwardly trying to squeeze milk out of my boobs with a nurse. I was then wheel-chaired up to see him. He was so tiny all skin and bones with lots of wires. I was able to hold him the next day and thankfully he was all okay and just needed to do some growing. He was in hospital for 33 days, so still shouldn’t yet have been born when he came out of hospital. I think he made me a mother the second I got that positive pregnancy test but I didn’t feel like a mother until we were home and it was just us, a family. I’m sharing this post to enter a competition being held by @dontbuyherflowers asking what made you a mother? Check out their page for awesome gifts for Mother’s Day. And share your story for a chance to win one. You can find my full birth story and NICU journey on my blog, link in bio#motherhood #mumlife #birth #baby #mum #mummy #love #parenthood #preemie #premmie #newborn #firstborn #tinybaby
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2018/02/21 07:05:32

4 weeks and 4 months! My perfect little boys have come on amazingly! 💙💙 xxxxx #identicaltwins #mummysboys #bros #perfection #myworld #theo #jax #preemie #bornat32weeks #love
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2018/02/21 07:02:51

It may be my birthday but more importantly it’s this guys three month birthday 😍💗 I’ve wanted a baby my last few birthdays SO bad so actually having him this year is so surreal & amazing! He’s just always smiling and coo-ing & it’s the sweetest thing. He’s getting chunky and getting baby rolls everywhere! All his newborn clothes are getting super tight 😂 he’s finally starting to sleep longer which is obviously amazing 🤣👏🏻 it’s been the best three months having him around 💕#preemie #threemonths #threekids #cutebaby #happybaby
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2018/02/21 07:01:09

And now for the boy’s turns! How cute is @all.about.eli in our “Easter 2018” onesie! Not your bubs first Easter? Then this design is perfect and comes in a range of colours! 🐰🐰