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2018/01/10 07:35:18

New Blog up. Choices,Choices.Link in bio •🌞
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2017/12/29 12:59:36

• D A R • E S • S A L A M • 🍍🍌🍉|Counting down my top 7 trips of 2017 💫|-Cue cheesy 80's melody- 'I bless the rains down in Africaaa' 🎵-and ridiculous flute solo-Oh Africa, you have my heart! As a child I longed to live in Africa and a year of layovers hasn't been insatiable enough! Whether it's watching the Tanzanian sunset at Coco Beach while drinking coconuts and befriending locals, or playing dress up at one of the colorful markets. Street food is straight up worth the wait to get your hands on Dar's famous fried chicken. In Ghana, there's fresh fruit stands on every corner, with avocados and mangos the size of the continent! And ladies selling shea butter and coconut oil by the gallon. I've peacefully and aimlessly strolled around Luanda's seaside collecting seashells that once proved as local currency. Also, adored seeing roads lined with blooming jacaranda trees that paint Harare purple. And been in awe of horse safaris in the middle of the bush in Zimbabwe, witnessing Jurassic Park like creatures roaming around their natural habitat. But nothing compares to the beautiful souls and vibrant smiles of the welcoming locals, who always have a joke and funny tale at hand! If you haven't experienced momma Africa's goodness yet, well 🎵'hurry boy, it's waiting there for you...'
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2017/12/23 07:43:56

Galapagos HawkUntil the arrival of humans, the Galapagos hawk enjoyed the status of top predator on the islands: they had no natural predators until humans introduced cats, dogs and other animals. This endemic hawk feeds on rats, mice, reptiles and smaller birds. They are tough, swift and strong, and capable of taking out a medium-sized iguana if they are hungry enough.#galapagos #ecuador #hawk #birds #beach #landscape #vacation#sea #ocean #animalplanet #animallover #animallovers #reef #zoo #animallovers #animalsofinstagram #animals #animal #wildlife #cute #colorful #lifeofadventure #postcardfromaroundtheworld #wanderluster #travelblog #awesomeglobe #travelblogging #travelbloggervibes #instatravel #familytravel #travelinspiration