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2018/02/21 04:08:43

_Each day is anything you would like it to be.
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2018/02/21 04:08:03

Rest In Peace baby girl. Lexi was almost 15 years old. She got incredibly sweet in her old age. I wish i could find photos of her as a puppy. I took her EVERYWHERE. Wakeboard competitions, on the boat, to the store, everywhere. I will cherish those trips forever. This was the first shot I shared when I got my new camera. Sweet sweet girl. I miss you.
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2018/02/21 04:08:55

In Frame: Erin Netzer ○Distractions○Distractions come in different forms: They can break you, or save you. Sometimes both at the same time. Holding you away from what you need to do but at the same time they may free you from something that's crushing you inside. No matter what they are doing to you, they are for some reason what your mind wants to hold onto most. Like a bad habit, you don't know why they are so strong, but their grip can be unbreakable. Knowing which ones are good and bad can make a world of difference in where they take you. Down further, or help you climb out of a bottomless hole. Find distractions that bring you happiness, release the ones that weigh you down as you try to climb.#portrait #portraitgames #portraitmode #eyes #portraitmood
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2018/02/21 04:08:38

we can watch yugioh all up on the vhs