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2018/02/20 02:35:12

This year one of my goals is to try and eat less meat so I am always on the lookout for a good vegan restaurant. Came to @awairestaurant on a recommendation from a friend and it was outstanding. @awairestaurant is a plant based restaurant that sources all their ingredients from their own garden or from local farms. They don't have a menu as they only do a tasting menu and serve whatever is in season. They also have a pay what you can policy. You pay whatever you feel like based on your overall dining experience. You can always ask the servers for a suggestion based on the number of courses you ordered if you are unsure.Everything here was creatively presented and the flavors of everything was delightful. Well worth a visit!
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2018/02/20 02:34:20

Had so much fun this weekend with hoomanmom and her friends 💖💖 #skiing ❄️⛷————————————————Check out my cool friends @staffynalabanana bestie@staffy_amina @arnoldstaffzenegger @staff.igor.geous @simba_kiara_staffy @sheldonlovestaff
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2018/02/20 02:32:33

LV Love💗
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2018/02/20 02:24:50

Live simply☺✔Dream big😉✔Be grateful😁✔Give love💓✔Laugh lots😂✔.Make every day the best you can for yourself😊
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2018/02/20 02:35:15