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2017/07/23 01:32:18

Today is my Girlfriend's Moms Birthday 🎉 Help me Wish her a Day Full of Tuna & Pizza And whatever Humanz like -- @erinseilhan @officially_shelby
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2017/07/23 01:42:27

Our puppy though 😩 @conanhiggon. How is he already 5 months 🖤👫🐶..#love #family #petsagram #dog #dogsofinstagram #doglife #puppy #puppylove #labrador #blacklabrador #labsofinstagram #selfie #Caesar
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2017/07/23 01:41:23

Hey girl😉, flea season is among us. Have you called #1800PetMeds? #1800PetMedsPet
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2017/07/23 01:37:06

Anyone else procrastinate both the process of PACKING & UNPACKING???!!!! Got back super late this past Sunday and between teaching, training, coaching, prepping for classes, meetings, and simply trying to catch up on sleep and recovering from the Coach Seminar weekend I was at in New Orleans....... the suitcase and backpack stayed unpacked ALL WEEK!!!!!! Every day it stared me in the face when I walked into the bedroom to finally get some Z's each night!!!! My poor hubby ..... lol (he'd have his bag unpacked that very night he would get home!) So it's finally unpacked and SASSY PANTS of course had to get comfortable !!!! Cuz that's what she does!!!!! Bags unpacked!!Today's goal (after training) is to review all of my notes from the seminars and workshops and start to implement 2 things right away to help others better reach their health and wellness goals!!! Does your cat LOVE bags, suitcases, shoes????????
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2017/07/23 01:41:18

Bird refusing to take a picture 🐾
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2017/07/23 01:41:10

Spot the cat 🐱
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2017/07/23 01:41:14

Trying anything to occupy this dog while I clean my parents' garage