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2017/10/24 11:02:08

Sun rises from the east, breaking the dawn and illuminating the land with the new light of the day. Everyday is a new day, shine bright our future like the sun. Let us not be weary, uphold our faith and soar like an eagle above the horizon. ....#forgeyourownpath #wonderfulplaces #lifeofadventure #instagood #discoverglobe #wildernessculture #visualoflife #liveoutdoors #modernoutdoors #beautifuldestinations #watchthisinstagood #roamtheplanet #runwayvacation #exploremore #passionpassport #livefolk #liveauthentic #earthpix #discoverearth #theglobewanderer #broga #morningmotivation #morning #light #hope #throwback #soarlikeaneagle
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2017/10/24 11:01:56

Sunset in Mykonos
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2017/10/24 10:59:49

After a nearly missed bus 🚌 a 9 hour drive 😵 and now a hostel where we showed up to sleep at 3am and someone was in our bed 👌it's been a long day ✅ But the hardships of travel are worth it because we are in PARIS baby!!
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2017/10/24 11:01:15

A hole in the wall on the path of my favorite spot on earth. It couldn't be more perfect. * @tilly266 solely responsible for discovery of this hole *
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2017/10/24 10:57:51

I know you'll hate your faces in this pic but I look so happy here! I miss you fam! #mujoer
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2017/10/24 11:01:36

This was taken during our trek on the island when we saw a clear opening. 50 shades of blue. Just wow! No kidding how blue the waters are. 🏝-I would take the opportunity to share that before we were on this island, our daytour included swimming with the whale shark. Honestly, I was ecstactic as I love whale sharks and it's my first ever encounter with them. My first thought was just filled with nothing but excitement.-However, after I see what really went on the scene, I must say I wasn't proud of what I did. When I thought about it a little deeper and read up more about whale sharks, I realise there are impacts to these lovely animals.-Whale sharks are being fed by fishermen and this attract them to come to Oslob every day. Although there are strict rules and regulations not to touch the whale sharks, there are so many visitors coming in to see them, boat after boat, and I am sure not 100% of the time people listen. (Who doesn't want a good shot with the whale shark?!) In addition, with the many boats in the area, whale sharks can bump into them and get cuts and scarring.-Migration patterns of whale sharks has also been altered and because they are not following their natural movements it could change their breeding habits and reproduction. -Like many, I was the same excited traveller wanting to see more and do more, but perhaps some awareness beforehand can help protect the whale sharks.
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2017/10/24 11:01:01

@megan.leto.marx with some major #bucketlist goals on our 10 Day Philippines trip! #onelifeadventures #exploremore
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2017/10/24 11:01:23

are we over these yet? y/n
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2017/10/24 11:01:13

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2017/10/24 11:01:15

Who would you camp here with? Tag them!
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2017/10/23 17:30:06

The Seokgatap Pagoda, or Sakyamuni Buddha Pagoda, is one of two famous features of the Bulguksa Temple and is a Korean National Treasure No. 21 ^^...One view states, the Seokgatap Pagoda represents the yang characteristics of being male, bright, hot, of energy moving upward and outward and of the spiritual aspirations of humankind. (Credit: ancient.eu & korea.net)...#RoseToursKorea #불국사 #bulguksatemple #석가탑 #seokgatap #pagoda #RTKTravelList #경주 #southkorea🇰🇷 #igtravel #ig_korea #Gyeongju #dametraveler
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2017/10/24 11:01:19

Repost from @travel_on_dreams Dreams in technicolor 🍂 ▫The best #photooftheday on Instagram.🗺🌎🛥✈️❤️ Like and follow us 😉▫➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖▫📸 Great Photo by @fatigomes ❤️❤️▫➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #autumn #silence #paceful #visualsofearth #landscapephotography #inspiredtravels #roamtheplanet #beautifuldestinations #discovermore #passionpassport #discoverearth #landscape #landscapes#travel #travelling #traveling #igtravel #ig_travel #travelphotography #photooftheday #photographer #nature #earth #naturelovers #nature_perfection #naturelover #photography #travel_on_dreams ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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2017/10/24 11:00:26

The more I travel the more I see that certain beliefs and outlooks are a result of social conditions rather than nationality or ethnicity. If you put any society in a specific situation you will get the same outcome.
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2017/10/24 11:00:28

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2017/10/24 11:00:39

View from just up from the Canyon Trail at Zion. Beautiful
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2017/10/24 11:00:07

One of my favorite trails in Lone Pine.
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2017/10/24 11:00:31

Two and a half years ago I went on my first backpacking trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Nearly two years to the date I went back, this time to Havasupai, to celebrate big changes and big accomplishments with an inspiring group of women. I wrote all about my decision to quit my corporate job and see a little more of the world in my blog today, check it out!⠀ ⠀📷 - @elisabethontheroad
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2017/10/24 11:00:20

There has never been a more exhilarating experience for me than standing on the stage.