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2017/12/15 11:40:38

💐Bagi pasangan yg sudah lama menikah dan belum juga dapet momongan 😂 udah kemana" dan keluarin uang banyak tp hasil nol, yukk segera buruan konsulkan kehamilan anda dan keluhan lainnya.💞 silahkan hubungi:BBM: DC7A886ETelp/sms/wa:085730874902
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2017/12/15 11:39:59

Tersenyum saat semua rintangan terlewati, walau hasilnya tak sesuai harapan setidak nya kita pernah berjuang, terkadang semua hasil tidaklah sama dengan keinginan, maka dari itu kita jangan lah mudah untuk menyerah, coba dan terus mencoba lagiPANGRANGO aku pasti kembaliLocation : Puncak Pangrango Via CibodasTaken by : @_kaeka_
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2017/12/15 11:36:40

A re-edit from a road trip up to Oregon a few years back. I wish I could live somewhere this greeeeeeen!
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2017/12/15 11:39:52

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. Heraclitus
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2017/12/15 11:35:35

My holiday season routine: eat cookies, drink eggnog, hike, and repeat 🍪🍾🎄🚶// I’m thankful to live somewhere I can do this in mid December and I used a recent pre-sunset hike in the Hollywood Hills (that white blur on the mountain in the distance is the Hollywood sign) to test out my new boots from @rockport. For those just joining, I’ve been rep’in Rockport for awhile now as their comfy shoes are some of my favorite to travel in...and if you want a chance to pick up several pairs of your own, click the link in my bio or grad over to TrevorMorrowTravel.com to enter to win two $500 Rockport shopping sprees (one for you and the second to gift to a friend). // #madeformovers #joyis #sponsored...#openmyworld #goplayoutside #tlpicks #hikevibes #greatnorthcollective #wildernessculture #letsgosomewhere #ourplanetdaily #lonelyplanet #passionpassport #theoutbound #mindthemountains #explorewildly #finditliveit #fantastic_earth #exploremore #travelstoke #wonderful_places #welltravelled #passportexpress #iamatraveler #fantastic_earth #igersLA
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2017/12/15 11:39:01

Winter hideout #cabinlove
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2017/12/15 11:38:36

Orcas ❤️❤️📸📸📸Follow @explorethewilderness for the best nature photos every day!
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2017/12/15 11:37:46

Cats of Instagram 🐈
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2017/12/15 11:37:11

thank you to the hordes who broke this awesome trail so i could catch a summit sunset with minimal effort 😂 also, hiking in a tank top in december =👌