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2017/09/21 19:19:27

🇵🇭 . . . ' . .🌴Tropical ISLANDS Philippines💦➕HIDDEN LAGOON, Coron Palawan is a ten to fifteen minute boat ride from the Kayangan Lake. During high tide, the only way to get there is to trek up and down the improvised “stairs” embedded in the rocks. However, during low tide, a small opening appears just below the stairs allowing easy passage through the Hidden Lagoon. The dark turquoise water in the lagoon is an indication of how deep the water is so wearing a life vest is a must. The amazing thing in this lagoon is not what one can see but what one can feel. The hidden lagoon is a combination of saltwater and freshwater, making the temperature a mixture of warm and cool, something that can rarely be felt in other bodies of water.🐾Moving Photos by jmaYol📷 Photo: @xelleph@motionphotography.ph@phOto2graphy@plotagraphpro_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 🍃#philippines🇵🇭 #photographyisfree #discovermnl #choosephilippines #pilipinasdestination #travelstoriespilipinas #goph #livetoexploreph #visitpilipinas #sinopilipinas #ourlonelyplanet #goprohero5 #flexilphotos #goprophoto #backpackers #backpackerlife #flexil #travelling #photoshoot #plotagraphpro #travelphilippines #comeseeph #plotagraphsocial #plotagraph #itsmorefuninthephilipiines #gotravelph #travelph #the_ph #traversephilippines #hiddenlagoon
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2017/09/21 19:11:18

Friday, Funday, is one sleep away. Happy Thursday Peeps!!...#floriade2017 #samba #canberra #latin #dancer #portrait
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2017/09/21 19:01:11

When you’ve got the entire beach to yourself.. well, except for that pesky drone chasing your shadow! Not a bad place to start your day, I reckon. @visitnsw #newsouthwales #sp
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2017/09/21 18:52:20

BTS magic at my fav spot ✨
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2017/09/21 18:49:18

Favourite spot 💙
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2017/09/21 18:45:15

Wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us
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2017/09/21 18:30:59

Dawn high up in the Muscat mountains. Whilst staying at @anantarajabalakhdar we took a small hike through three traditional Omani towns. The one you see here being the third. Sadly due to natural resources drying up many of the families have had to move out and the villages are mostly occupied by farmers. It was still however fascinating to get glimpse into local life. The house tours really made an impact and left the whole group thinking about our own lives and led us to discuss and reflect on the topics of minimal living and if there really is such a need for us to buy and own so much unnecessary stuff. #experienceoman @experienceoman #oman
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2017/09/21 18:26:15

Rain rain 🌿💦 One good thing about rainy weather is there are never ending waterfalls at every turn (there are seriously tens of thousands of them in New Zealand, many of them un-named). This would have to be one of my favs, Thunder Creek Falls..@wildernessnz #WildernessNZ
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2017/09/21 18:21:06

Scottish wildcat
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2017/09/21 18:12:14

looking down at the salt flats in Badwater Basin from above ☁️👀#deathvalley #discoverearth #stayandwander #findyourpark
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2017/09/21 18:01:59

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2017/09/21 16:39:41

all the waves in me are crashing