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2017/09/25 03:05:41

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2017/09/25 00:08:58

Finally organised 🙌🏼 My shoes have been lying in a pile on the floor since we moved in! This makes me happy 😊 👟 👠 ________________#swuk #slimmingworld #motivation #goals #organised #shoerack #shoes #trainers #wedges #uggs #happy #shoeaddiction #addiction #love #shoesmakemehappy #toomany #shoegoals #life #spareroom #noroom #organisationiskey #organisation #heaven
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2017/09/24 00:41:03

Absolute dream 😍😍😍 #rogervivier #wedding #organisationiskey
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2017/09/23 04:00:22

🍂Fizzup 🇫🇷Hello les gyoza !Le rhume a reprit l'avantage avec cette saison d'automne (vive les rhumes chroniques) mais comme on le lâche rien, mes trainings sont pour moi un médicament très efficace 👌🏻Training fini en décalage : Cardio HIIT bonus de Tata @sissymua - Séance @fizzup_fr avec changement d'objectif - session gainage et je pense encore rajouter des exos full body à l'élastiband 🤔C'est très dur de revenir mais avec deux semaines sans sport je pouvais m'attendre à ça passer de tout à rien puis a de nouveau tout c'est pas évident donc on fait en douceur même s'il va bien falloir qu'il s'y habitue de nouveau assez vite je tiens à retourner à la salle vers novembre 💪🏻Passez une bonne soirée les amour ❤️-----🍂Fizzup 🇺🇸🇬🇧Hello my gyozaThe cold regained the advantage with this autumn season (long live the chronic colds) but as it is released nothing, my trainings are for me a very effective medicine 👌🏻Training finished offset: Cardio HIIT bonus of Tata @sissymua - Session @fizzup_fr with change of objective - session sheathing and I think still add exos full body to the elastiband 🤔It is very hard to come back but with two weeks without sport I could expect it to go from nothing to nothing and then again it is not obvious so we do it smoothly although it will be necessary that it get used to it soon enough I want to go back to the room around November 💪🏻Spend a good evening ❤️ #fitgirl #fitfrenchie #fitbody #fitlife #fitlifestyle #fitjourney #nike #bodyconstruction #fitconstruction #fitchoices #healthy #healthbody #healthylife #teamhibiscus #gainage #organisationiskey #womensbest #womensbestfr #fizzup #sissymua #bas4 #bikiniavecsissy
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2017/09/22 05:04:25

🍂Haut du corps 🇫🇷Hey les gyoza !Bon autant vous le dire la reprise du haut du corps c'était pas Top j'en es maudit tata @sissymua, limite j'avais juste envie de remettre la séance jambe de lundi 😂Oui je n'ai fais la séance haut du corps que aujourd'hui hier beaucoup de boulot pour la fac 🙄 Demain j'assemblerais la vidéo cardio et la vidéo renfo (sûrement cardio le matin après le médecin et renfo le soir) 💪🏻Faire son training avec un rhume c'est pas ce qui a de mieux 😥Passez une bonne soirée les gyoza ❤️💋-----🍂Upper body 🇺🇸🇬🇧Hey the gyoza!Good as much as you say the recovery of the upper body it was not Top I'm cursed tata @sissymua, limit I had just want to postpone the leg session of Monday 😂Yes I did do the upper body sitting today yesterday a lot of work for the fac 🙄Tomorrow I would assemble the video cardio and video renfo (surely cardio in the morning after the doctor and refreshed in the evening) 💪🏻To train with a cold is not what has better 😥Have a good evening gyoza ❤️💋#fitgirl #fitfrenchie #fitbody #fitlife #fitlifestyle #fitjourney #nike #bodyconstruction #fitconstruction #fitchoices #healthy #healthbody #healthylife #teamhibiscus #gainage #organisationiskey #womensbest #womensbestfr #bikiniavecsissy #sissymua #bas4 #haut du corps
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2017/09/22 03:16:01

Delicious home baked treats from lovely Sharon are always welcomed during busy days in the office and studio! #gettingorganised #organisationiskey #lovealist #teabreak #perfectcupoftea #gingerbreadman #homebaked #stillwarm #thesmallthings #lifeofaflorist
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2017/09/21 22:28:07

Half my first day is done and I even made some sales!! So far I won't lie it's quite exhausting running around all the time helping people with their purchases but you do get a high when you make a sale which is very satisfying!! Plus the training I will be given by the store will also be very handy in pharmacy!! Communication is key in both retail and pharmacy and vital to keep your customer happy!! But I am currently treating myself to a rather indulgent @pretamangeruk lunch time treat, peppermint tea time! @bicestervillage #bicestervillage #sales #pretlunch #communication #studentlife #organisationiskey #peppermintteatime
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2017/09/21 19:54:44

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2017/09/21 19:25:11

Cramming in a few hours before work later 💪For any bookings or information, please DM me or email on beckiegracemusic@gmail.com ✌#setlists #music #singer #songs #organisationiskey #gigs #love #passion #bookings
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2017/09/21 06:35:13

Throw back to earlier in the week: Implants all stacked neatly in a row ready for the Breast Augmentation cases for the day! Sizers along the top, and three sets of implants for final selection (3 is for incase you drop one :P) #tbt #pantheaclinics #drrossfarhadieh #experiencematters #breastaugmentation #implantsurgery #breastimplants
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2017/09/21 06:29:18

Spring has sprung. The NSW School holidays are nearly upon us. Now is the perfect time to start your spring clean. Our team of highly trained Cleaners, DeClutterers, Housekeepers and Laundress' will have your whole house and cupboards looking fresh, organized and spick and span. The perfect way to bring you joy. ☺️#springclean #housekeeping #declutter 📷 @lifeinjeneral
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2017/09/21 03:39:58

Organisation is 🔑 I've had so many people message about going to university what to expect and any tips or advice I have for them. I'm not here to say whether you should or shouldn't go to uni as I feel like there's pros and cons of both decisions and it's more about choosing what suits you. However if you are one of the people who have chosen to go, it definitely is one of the best experiences of your life. Yes, it is expensive but aside from that you learn a lot. Not just academically, but you also learn about yourself, how you are as a person, you grow and start to understand more about the wider world. One of the best tips/advice I could give now going into second year, is that organisation is key make sure you stay organised, keep your lecture notes organised (whether that's filing them, making them colourful etc whatever works for you) it will help so much when it comes to writing assignments and preparing for exams. Organise your time, in first year you will have a lot of free time have fun and enjoy yourself but make sure you use your free time wisely. Organise your week, take a look at your timetable and decide and create a plan for your week. What days you'll dedicate to studying/revising/writing assignments, what days you'll dedicate to other activities e.g. if you're doing a voluntary placement etc. and what days you'll dedicate to your free time and doing things you like whether that's playing sports, going out etc. Overall enjoy your time at uni (I mean you are paying for it) but also make sure you stay focussed on what you're actually there to do, which is to study and learn. I know I'm a bit late on this post, as in most places freshers week has already started but even then there's still time till your actual lectures and seminars start so I'm actually not late at all haha 🙊 All the best of luck everyone and remember don't forget to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy. (P.s if anyone has more questions or you're worried about anything starting uni just DM me I'll be happy to have a chat with you) 📚🎓
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2017/09/20 17:37:01

You can put a price on being organised, #organisationiskey
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2017/09/20 14:19:24

Tuesdays meal prep complete!! I work long hard shifts - I'm out of the house 15-16 hours a day and on my feet all day so need to be prepared for all three meals, plus drinks and snacks. Really enjoying prepping again and love my new glass tuppaware - food tastes so much better out of glass than plastic! #organisationiskey