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2018/01/24 00:07:44

Did I ever mention I love seafood? Wiley point (#main) Wellfleet(#massachusetts) Alpine & Sweet Petites (#princeedwardisland) & Blue Point (#virginia) #fresh #offthecoast #oysters
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2018/01/23 22:45:11

24 Hour Sale!!! From jeans, tees, joggers, hats and accessories. FREE SHIPPINGONLY AT off-the coast.com
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2018/01/23 08:46:59

Black Cat Bistro dining did not disappoint. We started off with Cayucos abalone plated with potato, hazelnut, grapefruit vanilla beurre and sea salt, for entrees: Maple Leaf Duck breast with mushroom red wine barley risotto, baby bok Choy, cherry duck jus, and thymes paired with Pinot Noir wine; sage stuffed pork chop with fontina pancetta, celery root purer, Brussels sprout, coffee ancho glaze (the sauce was so good, I would have drank it on its own); as for dessert, we shared the most delicious Dark chocolate pot de creme (a desert worth driving 3 hours for)#tjteam2018adventures#cambria#finedining#10yranniversary#offthecoast
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2018/01/21 17:06:55

Peepz in Cartagena 🔎• @cafedelmarcartagena #journeyuntravelled #journeyuntravelledCartagena #historicport #colombia
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2018/01/20 07:52:13

#offthecoast#So they'll have some not negotiable positions.I respect and admire their point.But i've seen fire and i've seen rain.And those ones are the most likely to fall.Build your limits and rules and you will break them.It happened...so how you feel about that ?What brought you to behave differently from what you always state?You're not alone for the record.Maybe now you know that knowing is power and pain.Some can't handle it.I told you yesterday .And yes i already knew you lied to me.It doesn't matter.It's your problem.But you put a big ironic smile on my face.Peace.
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2018/01/19 23:57:32

You wouldn't believe me if I told you how I got these clicks. :3#traveldiaries #lakshwadeep #indiatravels #travelindia #sunset #offthecoast #TenorG
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2018/01/19 14:31:38

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2018/01/14 23:31:38

Off the Battery of Charleston.
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2018/01/13 09:47:40

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2018/01/13 02:28:44

A full moon while sailing the South Atlantic Ocean.