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2017/10/17 20:32:18

Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages to win the chance of winning two weekend wristbands. Simply share or retweet an update! #conwyfeast #conwy #foodfestival #competition #northwales
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2017/10/17 20:32:16

Dermal fillers can be used to restore shape,volume and definition which has been lost over time. Juvederm was used in this case to treat the nasolabial folds, marionette lines and lips. Results are immediate and continue to improve following treatment. The treatment lasts roughly 9 months and is always individual to your needs and desired outcome 😊❤️💉👄 #facialaesthetics #nonsurgical #dermalfillers #lipaugmentation #juvederm #dentist #northwales #cosmeticdentist #conwy #gwynedd #anglesey #bethebestyou #rhosroaddentalpractice
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2017/10/17 20:24:45

Incredible views of the Electric Mountain as seen from Dolbadarn Castle ⛰🏰
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2017/10/17 20:20:02

Since having this little one, I lost all my pregnancy weight but then piled it back on (and more!) through really bad eating habits. Partly a mixture of not feeling like I had enough time to prep healthy food plus not exercising meant that my weight ballooned quickly, but for a while I chose to do nothing. I had zero motivation to workout, felt really unhealthy from fuelling my body with junk and I couldn’t really see a way out of that mindset. This picture was taken at the height of this. . . Having tried other weight loss programmes, they’d work for a short period of time but I’d find that if I ‘fell of the wagon’, I’d binge eat in an attempt to make myself feel better- using food as a comfort. Part of the problem with these programmes is that they teach really unhealthy habits- eat as much Mullerlight Yoghurts/ pasta as you like but you’ll have to ‘syn’ an avocado or smoothies! Both of those latter things are infinitely more nutritious than all of the fat free yoghurts. I knew that if I was to change the way I was living and get out of a yo-yo dieting pattern then I’d have to explore new avenues of living a healthy lifestyle. . . That was almost four weeks ago now, and I’m onto my last week of my current exercise programme. I’m yet to weigh myself as I made a promise to myself at the beginning of this to only ‘weigh in’ at the start and end of programmes. The reason for this? I lost count of the amount of times I’d step on the scales previously, and I’d be incredibly downhearted if I hadn’t lost anything- even if I’d only weighed myself the night before! This way I’m keeping on track and I can already FEEL that my shape is changing- clothes are looser, my face has lost it’s puffiness and I just have so much more energy! . . If you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your current eating habits , then please give yourself some love and remind yourself how much better you feel when you’re eating right/moving more. DM me if you’re looking for any advice or even just to share some recipes!
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2017/10/17 20:18:18

Fancy a light lunch? Then this Mediterranean Salad with Garlic bread will be just perfect 🍅 #tasty #salad.......#amelies #conwy #northwales #wales #visitwales #visitnorthwales #welshfood #healthyfood #tastyfood #vegetarian #vegetarianfood #instafoods #yummygram
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2017/10/17 20:13:09

FOR SALE - FLINT MOUNTAIN - £375,000 (OFFERS IN EXCESS OF) www.Reades.co.uk/ps06213 #beautifulhome #flintshire #northwales
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2017/10/17 20:02:43

The Jesus people are starting early today. #colwynbay #northwales
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2017/10/17 19:52:23

On the way to Wales. Weather's lovely and the views are awesome. Technically 'working' but there will be plenty pics to add to the upload collection lol. #wales #northwales #daytrip #photoopportunity #photoop #photographerslife #conway
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2017/10/17 19:41:21

Provincial Georgian architecture in Caernarfon including Plaid Cymru offices. Not mad about the yellow doors bit at least they are original.Balconies nice detail.#caernarfon #georgianarchitecture#northwales#traveleditions
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2017/10/17 19:35:49

It is not all castle in Caernarfon. I particularly like this enormous derelict building with its, surely, ironic name. Beautiful sunny day here but buffetted by tail end of Ophelia#caernarfon #caernarfoncastle #northwales#travelditions #nicholasmerchant#