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2017/12/17 10:55:19

This little nook is the Christmas nook in my oldest (2-year-old) daughter’s room. One of the sweetest things for me about being a parent is melding the family traditions of mine and my husband’s childhoods and coming up with new traditions of our own for our girls. My biggest focus as a mom during this Christmas season, is to radiate the unconditional love, patience, peace and grace that follow the example set by our Savior. I hope that I can remember and be a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and I’m doing my best to make these days count, however busy I may be. I refuse to get sucked into the stress and mess of having things perfect for Christmas. I’ve got big dreams of volunteering together as a family and giving to others and serving with my big kids, but until my little babes get old enough for all of that #imdreaming that these small reminders of the special baby’s birth will infuse our girls’ lives with the life and love of Jesus and I hope that others around us know that they are loved and welcome. #youcansitwithus .Day 16 of #myhousethismonth is “I’m dreaming of...” and this is my dream this Christmas- to be Jesus for my babes. #mycultivatedhome
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2017/12/17 08:23:52

This is one of my December makes. I love the shading of Bedouin wool in the flower centres 💕 Today we’ve been putting away an exhausting amount of stuff from last night’s market, and I’ve been putting up garland on the stairs and decorating the dining room. All things I usually have done way before now. Tomorrow will be gift wrapping and baking 💕 How did your Saturday go? #crushonthecolorblush
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2017/12/17 07:41:33

⭐️Just got in these new ceramics by @1loma, absolutely droolworthy and looking stunning next to these prints by @soulcurryart and Tahitian Monoï soap from @tleessoapco ⭐️Montreal makers are the best.
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2017/12/17 07:48:37

☆I'm dreaming of...☆ more days like today. Just settling down with a mulled wine and a delish gluten free mince pie (My first of the year!!) having spent the day pottering around Christmas shopping, dining out and indulging in Christmas crafts and baking with the family. Perfectly content right now! Hope you've all had lovely Saturday's. ............................#myhousethismonth#allthingsmetric#acribofmyown#howyouhome#pocketofmyhome#interiormilk#interiorboom#averyimportantstyle#myinteriormydecor#nestandthrive#myhous#lovetohome#stopandstaredecor#deliciousdarkdecor#spotlightonmyhome#myinteriordreaming#myhomeforhp#styleithappy#myhomevibe#myvintagehome#interiorinspo#instahome#ekbbhome
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2017/12/17 07:07:46

I had to glue on a few of the ornaments that came loose but I got my wreath up! I made it out of all the old ornaments I had picked up and collected over the years. #handmade #homedecor #holidaydecor #happyholiday #vintagestyle
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2017/12/17 06:56:39

Hope you lovelies are having a cozy weekend wherever you are. It’s less than a week until the winter solstice + we are wrapped in darkness way up here in Sweden. The days are magical + slow, just as they should be right now. And I’ve matched my pace to the energy of nature. So, I’m staying tucked in, aware, mindful, and present. ↟↟↟.Wishing you moments of whatever positivity + presence you feel swirling around you. ↟↟↟.More of doing nothing + finding everything in the middle of the dark on my blog today. ↟↟↟.Direct link in profile! ↟↟↟....#everydaymadewell #adventcalendar #folksouls #higherself #intentionalliving #gowildlyandslow #wintermood
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2017/12/17 06:36:32

4 years ago, I left a job I loved a lot to focus on a little family drama. The safest thing to do would have been to take a couple weeks off and TRY and fix things. I would have patched things up, nothing would have lasted. But I resigned, just as I was going for my Senior Vice President promotion. At the time I thought I should take a year off. The problem was fixed easily and within 3 months I had launched amladvisory.com, went self-employed, also launched seasonsincolour.com, and within another 3 months I went back in the City and a six figure salary job(which I wouldn’t have got to even if I had stayed in the previous job another 5 years...). Bottom line, it pays to not play it safe, and you can rip the rewards but you need to stick your neck out there. It’s stressful but worth it. Oh, and just because things went from bad to good, doesn’t mean they can’t go bad again. They can, and they will, and they have, and that’s just life. Work hard and play hard and always be nice but always be prepared for that rainy day. Here’s hoping that 2018 will be a lighter, happier and exciting year for everyone. Wishing everyone health and happiness and whatever it is that excites you. On a personal level, I’d love to be able to become a mom for a second time, with the help of Science and tubes and stuff. 🤭 (now let’s hope husband SEES this post)...#greensofa #greeninteriors #interiormilk #interiorsaddict #showemyourstyled #interiors4you #myhomevibes #myeclectichome #nestandthrive #mystylevibe
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2017/12/17 05:07:03

I’m dreaming of peace at Yuletide for one and all... and a Kay Bojesen teak monkey, pretty please 😛 {day 16 for #myhousethismonth}
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2017/12/17 05:03:55

Booked: 9 tickets to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. ✨ Cleaned: my kitchen. ✨ What a truly remarkable day. ...#kitchen #inmykitchen #eucalyptus #thewhitecompany #wintercandle #nestandthrive #instahome #kitchenstyle #kitchenstyling