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2018/01/23 14:29:38

Tb pic. We can see Milky Way! Credit to @caseybryen #milkyway #milky #love #stargaze #tipofborneo
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2018/01/23 14:24:58

Milkyway and Mt.Rainier, WA
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2018/01/23 14:24:31

When was the last time you checked into a #5billionstarhotel📷 @emmett_sparling
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2018/01/23 14:20:08

📷 by @danieljstein __Reposted from our Facebook group. Join and post in our group to get a feature! Link in bio.__BLEND/TRACKED “Tis’ the Season”This was taken at Spruce Knob, WV, one of my favorite locations where I originally fell in love with astrophotography. Being here even just to observe puts me in the best of best moods. This photo, with the prancing Evergreens in the foreground drifting into the serene Appalachian mountain range makes me so very content. I traveled up the mountain in the bitter cold gusty wind this past weekend. With a very snowy and icey path ahead, I was glad to be driving my Subaru, which made me feel safe the entire joruney. But when I summited, I was greeted with 40 MPH winds and bitter cold temperatures. Having this image on my phone with me got me through a night that could have been a bust on the knob.Very often I get great results at Spruce Knob, even when there are clouds present. Each time is visit I fall more in love with this location, and seeing this photo time and time again brings back so many memories. instagram.com/danieljsteindjsphotovideo.comThis was taken with my Canon 5D Mark IV and 24-70 f/2.8L II, 57mm. Stars were tracked at 2 minutes, ISO 1600, f/2.8Foreground was 8 minutes, ISO 800, f/2.8
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2018/01/23 14:19:31

Heaven sang and cried as you walked out that gate. The world was blessed when you were born. Hell was shaken at the sound of your arrival.--📷: Taken by @rani_joensen ◀ GO AHEAD AND FOLLOW FOR SOME MORE COOL CONTENT!!--#goodevening #nightsky #northernlights #stars #milkyway #galaxy #astrology #snow #auroraborealis #nightscape #landscape #nature #naturelover #natureaddict #naturegram #naturephotography #adventurer #explorer #traveler #wanderer #wanderlust #outdoors #gooutside #exploremore #sightseeing #500px
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2018/01/23 14:13:43

I’m super excited to release the calendar for our 2018 Advanced Milky Way Photography Workshops Canberra. Early Bird Booking Discount!BOOK-NOW and Save 10% (offer valid until 31st of January 2018)-Link on my profile-#milkywayworkshopcanberra —————————-- Feel free to share -
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2018/01/23 14:15:00

I'll never forget this evening, here's the story:....I had been cramming exams. I got off work and to be honest I was ahead of the schedule with my college deadlines. I needed the mountains. @simone.pnw knew I needed to get away. She is the only reason this photo happened. I had been away from the lens for so long. With her urgency I packed up my beautiful lifted black on black F150 (my pride and joy, an ongoing project), grabbed some snacks and all the gear I could and set out "solo" for this exact image. Hiking through the dark alone is always a trip. I can remember my dad teaching me to take the garbage out when I was 6, through the property all the way to the back of the garage, that feeling is indescribable; bravery found years later at 27. I snapped everything possible, met some cool Pepe's @shutter__speed_ and placed myself up on a 1000 foot ledge. Night photography is so surreal, I couldn't see the mountain but I knew she was there. My camera showed me the prowess of mount rainier at 12 am. My camera showed me camp Muir and clear summit attempts from miles away (zoom in for some fun). It was at this moment I decided I had made it. When I bring it all together this story and photo shares the story of the most important aspect of my life. A supportive woman who stands behind me in all of my endeavors. Is the shot perfect? No. But does it bring me back to a pivotal moment in my life? Yes. I'll get back to studying for my Calc 2 exam. Cuz that's what I gotta do. Cheers peeps. If you read this post let me know by throwing out your favorite emoji. Side note: I almost got eaten by 4 elk on my down from this shot lmao 😂😂😂
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2018/01/23 14:12:10

.. 💀