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2018/02/20 00:46:41

غدااي الحمدلله#تحدي_أشواق_فبراير
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2018/02/20 00:47:00

How about a bit of healthy salmon from the bbq? the fish would be cooked on a grill previously laid in watered wooden board on the grill. it was very delicious😉🐟📸
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2018/02/20 00:43:18

Just wandring in history !
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2018/02/20 00:43:03

✖️THE FIRST MONTH OF CARNIVORE DIET(CHAPTER FOUR)✖️ New important and unusual scientific information has characterized the approach to this regime.There was a gradual but rapid escalation towards the elimination of all that is not animal, and it was faster than expected.The start was the elimination of cereals and within only two weeks remained only green vegetables, fruit from time to time and dried fruit.In the third week only dried fruit remained to be in line with the carnivore, almonds and peanuts.At that time when the carbo were practically zeroed my psychophysical form was not the best, and it was also the period when I was losing all the liquids, I lost 4/5 kg.In fact, the period just after I started experimenting with days 100% meat I experienced problems similar to keto-flu with nausea and fatigue, it was part of the game, the system was converting, the energy mechanism was changing and the electrolyte imbalance due to the lack of retention was real.After the holiday in Amsterdam (in which I made the last glycemic load insane) from January 1 i officially started the carnivore diet without allowed treats.There, the physical form seemed to stabilize itself in an average, better or worse than in the past with the difference of the lost kgs.The difficulties in not eating carbo are mainly psychological (we will dedicate a post to it) because once the metabolic conversion is completed your body uses an energy system which is much better than the continuous peak and hyperinsulin glycemic collapse from exogenous glucose.Within 2/3 weeks from the official start i noticed noticeable improvements ... the super powers were finally coming .. Next post: MY BENEFITS AND MY FOOD DECISIONS FOR THE FUTURE!#food #foodie #meat #meal #diet #nutrtition #vegan #carnivore #meatheals #eat #truth #false #info #disinformation #carnivorediet #newsfromthefuture #newsfromthespace #tryandthenspeak #shutup #chapterfour #filippolugo @shawnbaker1967 @tednaiman @meatcurator @meatstock @grillmastersclubvip
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2018/02/20 00:42:59

Here we have two fruit kabobs and some baked beans. I also had a cliff bar and water (of course).•Four strawberriesOne bananaCanned beans•#nutrition #fruit #breakfast #yum #beans #healthy #healthyfood #food #fruitkabob #kabobs #meal
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2018/01/29 04:49:35

siêu ngon.#meal