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2018/02/18 09:22:39

🇧🇷🇬🇧Boa noite tripulação! Hoje retomamos as histórias após o período de carnaval né kkk. E retomamos a história com essa empresa de voos charter que operou por pouco tempo. A Transair International. A Transair tinha sede em Antigua e Barbuda no Caribe, uma de suas aeronaves a única operada no Brasil, era um DC-10 ex-VARIG com matrícula brasileira (PP-OOO). Foi fundada em 1997 com a missão de realizar voos fretados para o nordeste e Caribe. Em 1998 a empresa foi proibida de voar no país após seu DC-10 apresentar problemas técnicos recorrentes. A empresa então enviou sua aeronave para o oriente médio onde lá realizava voos turísticos na temporada de peregrinação a Meca em cooperação com a Tunisair. Em 1999 a empresa chegou a anunciar o arrendamento de um Boeing 737 e um 727-200. Porém as aeronaves não foram entregues e a empresa teve que interromper as todas as atividades em 2000. 🇬🇧Good night crew! Today we resume the stories after the carnival period né kkk. And we go back to the story with this charter company that operated for a short time. Transair International. Transair was based in Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean, one of its only aircraft operated in Brazil, was a former DC-10 ex-VARIG with Brazilian registration (PP-OOO). It was founded in 1997 with the mission of carrying charter flights to the Northeast and Caribbean. In 1998 the company was banned from flying in the country after its DC-10 presented recurring technical problems. The company then dispatched its aircraft to the Middle East where it was carrying out tourist flights during the pilgrimage season to Mecca in cooperation with Tunisair. In 1999 the company even announced the lease of a Boeing 737 and a 727-200. However, the aircraft were not delivered and the company had to interrupt all activities in 2000📷 Foto de Vito Cedrini ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖✈️Frota operada: 1 DC-10#mcdonelldouglas #dc10 #transair #brasil #aviacaobrasil #instagramaviation #flight #aircrew #airlines #crew #pilotlife #pilot #piloto #aviation #avgeek #aviationgeek #aviacao #aviationlovers #instapilot #whyifly #crewlife #aviator #airport #avporn #aviationnews
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2018/02/18 04:41:40

Să încercăm ceva nou #mcdonelldouglas
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2018/02/17 21:08:43

Here it is! My favourite cargo aircraft✈😍Info: MD-11F @worldofspotting @leospotter @flugzeug_plane_01 @frankfurtairport @lufthansa @lufthansacargoag @lhtechnik @gopropilots_ @pilotgopro @pilotstories @instagramaviation @mcdonell_douglas_ #plane #planespotting #planeporn #planelover #air #aircraft #aircraftlover #pilot #picoftheday #photograph #photooftheday #megashot #Boeing #airbus #mcdonelldouglas #md11 #fra #fraport #great #Awesome #photo #frankfurtairport #frankfurt #Boeing #airbus
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2017/11/21 03:44:57

Same planes as before but in a different angle. If you look close enough, you'll see a Singapore Airlines Cargo 747-4F #klm #myklmmoment #mcdonelldouglas
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2018/02/17 16:56:04

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2018/02/17 11:51:05

One little victory! 🏆✌️For a long time, these airplanes were the only @fedex MD-11F that I didn't have any photo at all. Just 2 short of the total of 57 active airplanes. Planespotting for each registration and airplane is something common on this hobby, but for domestic carriers, not foreign airlines that only flies 4x a week to a single destination in the whole South America!.But, in a rather curious and lucky way, this week both N584FE and N592FE flew to VCP!Mission: Accomplished!! All 57 currently active FedEx's MD-11F at VCP!! 🏆😄..Reaching this goal wouldn't be possible without the support of my beloved wife @arq.giselerocha . Also, I'm thankful to the friends for the inspiration and partnership. @renatoserrafonseca @bfandrade @stephankp @broomstickflier @rodrigocozzato @adrianobarreto_ @alexandre_spotting ..Thanks @flightradar24 for the incredible product you offer! You made this goal reasonably achievable. Thanks @canonbr @canonusa for dependable and exceptional camera and lens equipment that never failed. And thanks to @fedex for keeping this incredible trijet flying and making a beautiful sound on every takeoff!.Next goal? Who knows, maybe going to the desert to shoot the stored and scrapped ones?.🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬 (Why 58? I have photos of N527FE, currently stored).#avgeek #aviationphotography #reachedgoals #perserverance #yestofedex #MD11 #mcdonelldouglas #aviation #spotteraviação #planespotting