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2018/02/24 21:34:07

Omg Dadar to virar local ...it’s a task🤣...#mumbai #local #mumbaimerijaan #lovemumbai #people #
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2018/02/24 20:27:44

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2018/02/24 13:23:50

"Up until a couple of years ago, my life was perfect. I had a happy marriage with my childhood sweetheart who became a well known doctor, and together we had two beautiful children. They grew up gracefully and moved abroad. I often told myself, I truly had it all. My wife was a diabetic which would occasionally get out of control but we always managed. Luck ran out one horrific day in 2014—the disease got the best of her and she passed away. Overnight, my life was in shambles. For two years after her departure, I went completely insane. I wouldn’t leave my house. I couldn’t sleep. The emptiness became its own entity, haunting my days and nights. My children started taking turns to come and stay with me. I had just entered my 60s when she left and had never imagined living any of my days without my wife. I was not only overcome by grief, but a part of me was lost forever. After a very long time of isolation, I woke up one day with the essence of a message left in my head. There was a reason I was still alive. There was a reason the universe didn’t take me first. I had to go in for the both is us—how could I honor the legacy of my late wife? As a doctor, she had helped so many people from all walks of life. I decided to continue her work, and today I help underprivileged kids, weekly. Whether it’s providing them with food or sponsoring their school supplies, I find ways to help as many as I can. All of a sudden, I have a reason to live.I still can’t be left alone, and when I talk of her, I can’t help but cry. However, I’ve come a long way from where I was—I’m making jokes again so I know I’m getting closer to being myself. I don’t expect to be whole ever again—without my partner, life is never going to be the same. But the more bonded I am to her, the more I know, that it is my duty to continue her work, picking up the pieces from where she left off. In the process, I’m healing too. I am so lucky that through mimicking her deeds, I’m finding a way to live the rest of my days. Even in heaven, she’s looking out for me."
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2018/02/24 11:06:37

It's our birthday!C3 Mumbai has just turned Five and as part of the celebration, members of our community share a single word that C3 Mumbai evokes! "Being a newbie in the city C3M was the only community which embraced me. The community in itself has been an alive miracle pouring out grace and love at every step." #fiveyearsold #loveandlight #c3mumbai #itsourbirthday #miracles #mumbai #lovemumbai #community #spirituality