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2017/12/06 17:08:52

Am I up or am I down? I'm not sure. Born on the darkest night of Scorpio, my odds are ever shifting, but I'm 100% sure good-bad-luck follows me. Crappy things happen, but w/consolatory gifts — like having the worst prognosis, but responding well 2 the meds & maintaining a high level of normalcy for 6 yrs.🕸Right now, I have a small patch of a light non-itchy rash on my neck that looks like hickies. Again, best of the worst: appearing 2 bear signs of passion rather than hauling a mysterious bad reaction. It reminds me of when I was teargassed. It was in a packed tiny club, a grenade or Molotov cocktail was tossed in. Everyone ran out & reacting, but oddly very less affected was another & I. It reminded me of The Omen II, good bad luck. 🕸🕸Then there was that time I was at my friend’s family cabin. After just a tinkle, of course my flush was the fatal one 4 their toilet. I didn’t cause it, yet I killed it. Lucky 2have been there, bad 2have been there 4 that.🕸My college essay of yore was about this 2. The question I chose out of 3 was what my 15 minutes of fame would be. I said notoriety, by default. I’d be that person standing next 2the Leaning Tower of Pisa when it falls & the one blamed. My 15 minutes would be an international media storm, until evidence vindicated me & blew me back 2obscurity. I wrote that was how my life went.🕸I did get into the school, but sent 2their least prestigest program 1st: the worst of their best. Another is my eyesight. It tanked quickly & severely in middle school, but hasn't changed since. It's been decades plus 2. It’s things I can't control & nothing vague. Feast or famine. Cursed or blessed, never in-between. It's the Scorpio life, ruler of death & a world behind the shadows.⚪️🕸#Scorpio #mercuryretrograde #deathpositive #livingatstage4 #writings #15minutesoffame #livedeathwatch #talkdeath #deathdefying #lifeanddeath #8thhouse #scopion #deathnote #weirdosunite #badtiming #wrongplacewrongtime #meanderings #streamofconsciousness #optimism #scorpiolife #astrological #fullorempty #scorpiomoon #funnyhowlifeworks #godfather #moviememes #roughmorning #scorpioproblems