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2017/10/17 20:39:01

#BHTS clip from my interview on the @voiceamericatalkradio yesterday. You can listen to the full interview on Voice America, type “Taylor Moxey, Living Life Without Limits “ #TAYLORMOXEY #LiveYourDreams #GirlsCanDoAnything #Entrepreneur #Author #Philanthropist #Dancer #Baker #DoItALL #Kidchef
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2017/10/17 20:37:21

Total disconnection.... relax.... nothing to do... 🕯📚.#instainspiration# #inspiration# #liveyourdreams# #decoration#
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2017/10/16 21:21:02

We have a powerful potential in our youth and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good end .. Mary McLeod Bethune
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2017/10/17 20:28:57

"FEED ME!" A day of learning, absorbing knowledge, being open to new ideas and finally, teaching KONGA® @jettsbassendean 🙌...
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2017/10/17 20:16:52

Puuuuh. 😤Schön war es nicht, das erste Mal laufen nach langer Zeit. Man man man, was wird schnell unfit. 😶ABER: Das kommt alles wieder und wenn man zurück ist, hat man einen klaren und sortierten Kopf. Es hat sich gelohnt!!
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2017/10/17 20:18:25

#Repost @makesofficial (@get_repost)・・・Salve galera! Estão todos convidados para estarem presentes na abertura da exposição | LIVE YOUR DREAMS |Agora no espaço Matilha Cultural. Apresentando trabalhos INÉDITOS!! Para aqueles que não teve a oportunidade de ver a exposição! Agora é a chance!! -Abertura Dia 24/1019h às 22hrsEntrada: LIVRE -Local @matilhaculturalRua Rego Freitas, 542Centro / SP -Nos toca discos: @xamatattoo -Apoio oficial @rollingstonesbrasil@limitesp@seedproducoes@poscaoficial@starterbr@cemporcentoskate@campeonatosdeskate#matilhacultural #liveyourdreams #expo #makesofficial
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2017/10/17 20:16:17

Say Hello to Style 🔥🔥 #ZAZAIIToronto  #Toronto!
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2017/10/17 20:16:39

As you begin putting greater demands on yourself to GROW, IMPROVE & INCREASE.... everything around you will GROW, IMPROVE & INCREASE! ⤴️ A phrase I heard from Jim Rohn THAT can drastically change your life ➡️ "Learn to work harder on YOURSELF than you do on your JOB. If you work hard on your JOB, you'll make a LIVING. If you work hard on YOURSELF, you can make a FORTUNE." 🎯 How do you START❓ A simple dose every day (= read a book for 20 min, watch a podcast, pray, journal your time with God, etc)! The secret of your future is hidden in your daily ROUTINE! 📆 #peptalk #liveyourdreams #success #routine