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2018/02/23 11:35:56

I’m not sure what’s harder - having the longest flu in history make its way through our house these past few weeks, or catching up from it all afterwards. 😂 I’ll tell ya friends, I’ve never looked forward to a weekend more! #almostthere #weekendvibes ...#bedroomdecor #farmhousebedroom #bedding #myhomesensecanada #mypotterybarn #thatsdarling#myhousebeautiful #homedecor #farmhouse#farmhousestyle #fixerupper#countrylivingmag #instahome#homeliving#livebeautifully #livecreatively #ABMathome#BHGhome #pursuepretty #livethelittlethings #yeg#cdnblogsquad
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2018/02/23 11:35:35

tried @purgatorypizza’s “clean south buffalo boy” the other day and i’m regretting not ordering an unlimited supply. this right here is pizza with @clean_south buffalo wings, cherry tomatoes, red onions, buffalo sauce and @followyourheart cheese. 😍
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2018/02/23 11:33:42

@patthebassist staying true to his Instagram name as Pat, the bassist.
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2018/02/23 11:35:02

while I photograph.
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2018/02/23 11:34:50

One thing is for sure, when I arrive home from this trip, I will be purchasing a lot more plants for inside my home. 🌵
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2018/02/23 11:34:47

As we always say, weekends are best spent with the people who matter to you the most. Make sure you spend time with them at @cristobalcasacocina. (Photo by @iamjeyah)
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2018/02/23 11:34:30

This sweet little strawberry has started screaming when she doesn’t get what she wants... really loud... and she doesn’t care if it’s in the privacy of our own home or in a super, super busy restaurant in Costa Rica 🤦🏻‍♀️🍓 Really hoping this behaviour stops and this isn’t a foreshadow of her teenage years!
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2018/02/23 11:34:26

when it's almost the weekend -- & not that I don't love my nanny-kids, but I'm not babysitting at all this weekend & am actually going to have time to work on some projects that I've been wanting to wrap up for Kay & Co! it feels a little weird to say, "I have the weekend off & I'm super excited to work all weekend...?" but I guess that's side-hustle life for you & I’m pretty into it. happy Thursday, pals! 💕
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2018/02/23 11:31:56

It snowed off and on today, so here’s a picture of baby Elijah in his snow bear suit. #sweetelijahjude
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2018/02/23 11:33:32

This amazing little love was so happy for the sunshine and swings yesterday 💕 We still managed to have a fun day with the snow today, but I absolutely loved this photo from yesterday ☺️
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2018/02/23 11:23:10

Favorite color ⬛️
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2018/02/23 11:33:40

Planning our next adventure😄 #springbreak #dreamintoreality
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2018/02/23 11:33:06

i’m gonna be honest for a second: i prefer beans + grains over fake meat. however, @b.e_veganation’s fried chicken is HEAVENLY. the breading reminded me of popeyes. 🍗💕
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2018/02/23 11:32:56

I have a lot to say.I wont. I have a tendency to say too much.-the overthinker
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2018/02/23 11:30:34

Usually she’s such a good model but today nothing could stop her from her neighbourhood watch duties🙈 Hope everyone has an amazing T H U R S D A Y ✨