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2017/11/24 12:31:24

Mr. Brandon Coleman working his magic on the keys with Kamasi Washington last night at T5 (shot for @weallwantsomeone). #KamasiWashington #BrandonColeman #abauerphoto
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2017/11/24 12:22:54

#mundodemusicos Cuida tu forma de tocar, es importante🎸🎸🎸
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2017/11/24 11:48:12

Estamos listas, con frío y todo para una deliciosa noche de música acústica en vivo #facebooklive pueden vernos y escucharnos en el canal de @vivirquintana www.facebook.com/vivirquintana
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2017/11/24 11:16:34

Tbt The Edge putting everyone in a trance @rogerscentre Toronto #livemusic #u2
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2017/11/24 09:14:34

Top night @rescuerooms watching a brilliant performance from @theslowreadersclub #livemusic #livemusicphoto #gigs #gigstagram #venue #musicvenue #music #instagrammer #readers @hill0566
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2017/11/24 08:14:55

The Latin community know how to party! What a vibe! One thousand people dancing in the streets of Melbourne 🎉💃🏼
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2017/11/24 08:08:06

@locomotivclub Bologna, 22-11-2017Photo by lovely @ennegienne 🌹
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2017/11/24 07:53:05

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.- Robert Kennedy=========================================================Ft J O E Y B A D A $ $ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ TOUR 2017======================================================== Sometimes I feel like all I’m doing is failing, and then something magical happens; the mistake presents a dope opportunity or a different way of achieving your creation. It comes like a whole new idea, it even feels better than the original idea.... MAGIC!The amount of times I’ve thought I didn’t get the shot I wanted and then I find shots I didn’t even think I managed to capture captured in a way I couldn’t have even imagined if I tried...is plenty!!! Frustration is real y’all, the magic makes me keep going and pushing until the ultimate goal! Then set a new one.It’s extremely difficult to catch a good clear shot of someone in mid air in minimal light👀✨ It’s what I want from images so I have to make it work. Lol! I’m dedicated to the ART, and soon this concept will be closer to the desired outcome. It is more than a good shot an Instagram post and mad likes. This is the bearing of a soul through visuals. A visual gallery which connect the artist and the world!🙏🏿Keep going for the best, cos you’ll soon be the greatest, and those you admire will soon be the ones you inspire. #dreambig **************************************************************************#nomadphotographer #visualstoryteller #sanaaabstraktphotography #internationalphotographer #peoplesphotographer