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2018/03/22 05:17:03

Vanavond ging ik samen met Rosa live voor Personal Body Plan en daarvoor slaagde ik nog even snel voor Personal Body College. 5 Jaar geleden was ik zo verstrikt in angst en paniek dat ik bijna de bank van pappa en mamma niet meer verliet. Nu heb ik de tofste baan van de wereld en ben ik me toch een potje happy met hoe het met me gaat en waar ik naar toe op weg ben. Tuurlijk; meer dan eens ben ik onzeker. Ook ben ik nog wel eens bang en heel heel af en toe heb ik nog een paniek aanvallen. Maar niets drukt me meer met mijn neus op de feiten dan de vergelijking met die 5 jaar geleden. #lovemylife #lovemyjob #changinglife #personalbodyplan #lifechanger #fearless #happy
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2018/03/22 05:12:23

Ok ladies, here it is 👉👉 your chance to take CHARGE of your life and start living happier and healthier 💁🏻‍♀️.Enrollment for my April Fit Club has officially begun to help you out with that!!.These monthly groups have changed my life- I got sucked in over two years ago at 9 weeks postpartum with baby ✌️ and I haven’t stopped 🤪.When you get results like these {and let me tell you, the changes not seen in a picture are even more incredible!}, why would you want to stop?!.Yes, life happens, and it’s happened to me a LOT, but knowing I have the capability and tools I need to improve from wherever I am, well that’s priceless to me🤩.Are you ready tooooooo.⬆️GAIN a community of support that makes you strive to be better ⬇️LOSE weight (some of my challengers have lost 20+ lbs!!)⬆️GAIN confidence in your body ⬇️LOSE that "I can't" attitude ⬆️GAIN energy⬇️LOSE the sense that you're alone ⬆️GAIN the knowledge to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.⁉️⁉️⁉️.Then quit putting it off and take the leap now! Feel like you have time or money issues? Then let’s chat- chances are it’s a matter of priorities and mindset!🔆.https://fitfanyo.wufoo.com/forms/z2u0pm11fi56sw/ to get things started 😘.🎉First 3 new ladies to fully commit get an extra special gift from me for the beginning of spring!! 🎁
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2018/03/22 05:03:07

Just over here diffusing Highest Potential and gettin sh*t done!
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2018/03/22 05:02:36

He's so good to her. Leilani really is so lucky she has Brycen. She loves him so much too. When we get up and Brycen is still here..She waves and smiles then gives Brycen a hug and even calls him bro sometimes. I love Brycen so much too! I'm grateful for his presence and the lessons he teaches me. He has a huge role in my life and I just really am feeling grateful today for him. I forget how lucky I am to get to be a part of his life sometimes and life gets busy but I'm glad I got to reflect on that. #sons #lifechanger #bigbrother #awesomesiblings
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2018/03/22 04:57:43

The most amazing body balm I have ever used😍 @briannanelson23 #gracebodybalm#c+j#likegold#lifechanger
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2018/03/22 04:56:09

Ich liebe dieses Bild 😍😍😍 mal ein mystisches 😋😏Wir waren heute mit Fahrrad unterwegs ..im Wald... voller Schlamm. Und Eis.. uuund Schnee. War lustig 😂Nelly war im eiswasser baden und ist mir ins Rad gerannt 😅 ich hatte da schon ganz schön Schiss und hab sie ganz doll abgesucht. Und das nur weil der husky sie erschreckt hat. Armes Mädchen 😥Aber ihr geht's gut keine Sorge.Nächste Tour ist in Planung . Diesmal soll es nach freiberg gehen 😍😍😍 meine gefühlte 2. Heimat 😍😍 ich war seit den Sommer nicht mehr da... es wird Zeit. #Winter #schnee #hiking#collie_shoutout #collie_shoutouts  #bordercollie  #aussiemix #shooting #borderaussie #bluemerle #blueeyes #braunerfleck #hundemama #junghund #hütehund #aussieworld #campingwithdogs #bordermädchen #bordercollieworld #hikingwithdogs #instadog #trickdog #dreamteam #lifechanger
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2018/03/22 04:56:05

Centering Thought: My struggle has ended. I am in harmony with myself.✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨If you’ve wanted to start a meditation practice but don’t know how or think you have the time, you should check out Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation series. This series will gently guide you into a practice with a message for each day, guided meditation, and journal questions. It’s not too late too sign up for “Shedding The Weight” which explores the transformation into “lightness and fulfillment” as we shed the “emotional, mental and spiritual burdens” of life.Meditating has been scientifically proven to relieve anxiety, pain and sleeplessness among many other health benefits. 💗.....#21daymeditationchallenge #oprah #deepakchopra #meditationtime #mindbodyspirit #makingeverymomentmatter #brainhealth #hearthealth #happinessishere #empowered #anxietyhelp #depressionrecovery #gratefulheart #supportsystem #lifechanger #selfcarematters #emotionalhealth #healingjourney #immuneboost #chronicpain #chronicpainfighter #healthylife #integrativehealth #integrativehealthcoach #iin #nutritionschool #lymedisease #lymewarrior
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2018/03/22 04:55:30

My truth:I have been a nursing assistant for 8 years. When I did this full time, you can ask my old boss and co- workers, I was one of the 1st people out of the door when my shift was over. Whether the relief was here or not. Car was warmed up 10 minutes before the end of my shift, 3:00 came I was out the door. And I didn't care what they said I was gone! It was God's grace that kept me from getting fired. My previous co-workers will also tell you i strongly dislike the profession. Today I came in for several reasons:1. I the goals my family and I have set in place for 2018 requires me to bust my butt and do what's necessary to move us up.2. The plans for 2018 and 2019 requires to make sacrifices to fund what is needed for my family and my business.3. This job I am allowed to make money moves while caring for the elderly.What money sacrifices are you making in 2018 to prepare you for 2019 and beyond? Is credit is an issue? Make money moves to get that fixed. Is bank account less than you want? Make money moves to fix that. It may be as simple as having a budget? What ever it is, get it in order today. Stop talking about it and do something. #debtfreedom #wealthbuilder #wealthstrategist #finanvialfreedom #lifechanger @finbondbroke is always there to coach you through
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2018/03/22 04:42:16

Just a before and fabulous after of another keratin complex express blowout. Regular and upclose for a full effect! •••#keratincomplexexpressblowout #beforeandafter #smoothhair #healthyhair #frizzfree #youneedthis #lifechanger #akron #ohio #330
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2018/03/22 04:34:43

Just a reminder!!! Remember who you are. Remember why you started! Remember what you're fighting for! You are made for victory! You are capable. You are a fighter! You were made for MORE than whatever temporary temptation that is in front of you! I know instant gratification is tempting, but stay STRONG! Think about the feeling of overcoming, think about how you'll feel when you reach that big goal! Think about who's watching you! Think about the people who are counting on you. Think about your future self, your future kids, grandkids, your health, your freedom! And don't give up!
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2018/03/22 04:11:42

Wanna Know Wednesday:There are numerous variables that must be taken to into account when determining the amount of calories you should consume each day. 🔘What is your goal?📌 Lose Fat (Caloric deficit)📌 Maintain (Caloric balance)📌 Gain Mass (Caloric surplus)〰〰〰🔘Age?〰〰〰🔘Gender?〰〰〰🔘Height?〰〰〰🔘Weight?〰〰〰🔘Activity Level?📌Sedentary📌Light📌Moderate📌HighOnce all of this information is gathered, then your calorie estimations can be made to help reach your goalsLearn More:Ironpridetraining1.trainerize.com(Click link in bio).....#RC1Operator
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2018/03/22 03:57:39

Selagi masih sehat, Selagi masih bisa punya asuransi, Selagi masih mudah dan murah Yuk punya tabungan Proteksi Allianz financial security yang belum punya... siap untuk konsultasi, WA : 081344490000.#tabunganproteksi#financialsecurity #lifechanger
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2018/03/22 03:54:38

Lol! Truth!!! Still resting, hydrating and taking care of me so my body can fight off whatever it's fighting off! This girl's got BIG plans for the weekend! There's a difference between pushing through when you don't feel like it and pushing through when you shouldn't! Today is still a 'shouldn't!' So, I'll just sit back and look forward to my next workout! 🤗 #wonderwoman lol
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2018/03/22 03:36:40

As a busy mom, I understand how hard it can be to routinely work out and eat right with such a jam-packed schedule. However, if you want to teach your children how to lead healthy lives, taking care of YOURSELF is essential. I’m starting a challenge April 9th with a group of moms with hectic schedules who are all looking to get back in shape. The group is going to incorporate fitness and nutrition, plus peer support with everyone on the same journey together. Best part is, no one needs to leave their home to complete the program. If you’re a mom wanting to make a lifestyle change, I strongly encourage you to join us! Message me if you’re interested.......#mixitupmichelle #fatrunner #homegym #homegymlife #lifechanger #nooneleftbehind #realfood
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2018/03/22 03:32:43

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2018/03/22 03:31:24

Messy hair don’t care 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😂.Actually, I do care it’s just that motherhood has forced me to lower my standards. Like a lot 😜...But luckily, it doesn’t matter how I look when I “go to work” since that’s all done from home 🏠, cell phone 📲, laptop 💻, the car 🚘, basically anywhere I have WiFi 🔊. ..Sitting at my desktop here, checking in with my challengers, sharing some things with my team, checking in with new teammates and their new coach training, sharing tips and tricks that I’ve discovered, seeing progress and 🍑 gains with my clients, gosh, sometimes it’s surreal that this is my JOB! Like, I never thought I could make a living, better yet, move my family out of town, start over, raise them in a good city, all because I said yes to coaching. I was on my weight loss journey already. So it was kind of a no brainer- after I got over the initial “what if’s?”...... what if I fail? Oh darling, but what if you put maximum fu**ing effort into it and what if you FFFFFLLLLLYYYY 🦅...#messyhairdontcare💁 #coachlife #lifechanger #basicmom #mypassionismyhustle
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2018/03/22 03:27:33

Gefühl von Grenze darf nicht heissen: hier ist es zu ende. Sondern: hier hast du noch zu wachsen!.Gesehen bei @mr.vistone.Photo credit: @silvergirl619.go4diamondInternationales Netzwerk für sinnerfüllte Lebensweise und ethisches Wirtschaften.#go4diamond#lifechanger#grenze#wachsen#wachstum#ende#red#rot#mlm#spiegel#powerline#team#ziele#goals#branding#unabhängigkeit#independence#international#zusammen#erfolgistfreiwillig#happy#beautiful#love#fairein#erfolg#life#nature#success#createyourownfuture#future