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2017/11/07 19:28:21

I can’t think of any words to describe what it’s like to go to a place like this.
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2017/01/29 02:44:14

flowers in front of the pink triangle on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.#pinktriangle #liberationofAuschwitz #holocaustmemorialday #weremember
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2017/01/28 11:35:48

Almost 5 years ago I traveled to Oswiecim, Poland - a place more infamously remembered in history as Auschwitz. Having learned so much about it throughout high school and college I wasn't sure what to expect. Even decades later this sobering memorial still has so much power. It serves as a reminder that we must never let such dehumanizing atrocities occur again. Yet various groups have suffered from government sponsored persecution and genocide across the globe in years since. Today in the United States, our own President signed an executive order aiming to prevent or restrict an entire religion of people from gaining entry to our country. The White House didn't even mention the murder of millions of Jews during their commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Holocaust began with a rhetoric of hate. It's scary to think we are now living under an Administration built on similar ideas. We can't tolerate this. Never be a bystander. #nashville #holocaustremembranceday #liberationofauschwitz #auschwitz #oświęcim #history #wwii #liberation #freedom #bearwitness #neverforget #neveragain
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2017/01/28 09:02:44

A depiction of the horrors that went on in this camp. #holocaustrememberanceday #liberationofauschwitz
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2017/01/28 06:44:10

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2017/01/28 01:10:19

"Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented." -Elie WeiselRemembering the 72nd Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.
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2017/01/27 23:55:22

Nein, du trägst keine Schuld daran, was deine Eltern, Großeltern, Verwandten und Bekannten getan haben.Doch, doch du machst dich mitschuldig, wenn es wieder passiert!Du machst dich mitschuldig, wenn du zulässt, dass es verharmlost wird!Du machst dich mitschuldig, wenn du zulässt, dass es vergessen wird!Du machst dich mitschuldig, wenn du zulässt, dass wiederum Menschen wegen ihrem Glauben, ihrer Herkunftt, ihrer sexuellen Ausrichtung, ihrer körperlichen, gesundheitlichen, geistigen Einschränkungen verunglimpft, ausgegrenzt, verfolgt oder gar getötet werden!Du machst dich schuldig, wenn du den neuen Nazis nachläufst, sie verharmlost, unterstützt oder gar ein Teil von ihnen bist!Niemals mehr soll jemand sagen: ich habe es nicht gewusst!Niemals mehr soll jemand sagen: ich hatte keine Wahl!Niemals mehr soll jemand sagen: was hätte ich denn dagegen tun können.Niemand braucht und niemand will ein zweites 1933-1945!Die Wahl hast du!Gegen das Vergessen! Gegen das Augen verschließen! Gegen das Nichtstun! - Karl Retzler #amyisraelchai#liberationofauschwitz#neverforgive#neverforget#neveragain#weremember
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2017/01/27 20:45:07

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2017/01/27 19:41:45

Today it's International Holocaust Memorial Day in honor of the liberation of Auschwitz exactly 72 years ago. In times like this where so much hate is out there we can only pray 🙏that something horrible like this never happens again. #internationalholocaustmemorialday #liberationofauschwitz #1945 #neveragain
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2017/01/27 18:15:56

January 27, 2017International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Anniversary ofThe liberation of Auschwitz.On July 26, 2016 two Jews metAt Radegast station, Lodz, PolandThe place where my parents Entered the train for their Last journey.(photo: Ryan Thurman)Yesterday Rabina Khan tweeted#WeRememberThe Holocaust didn't startIn the gas chambers, it beganWith the rhetoric of hate.#holocaustmemorialday #jewishhistory #lodz #restoredbylove #poland #radegast #shoah #remember #cheminneuf #liberationofauschwitz #agarlandforashes #meinekroneinderasche
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2016/10/06 14:38:45

one of my old sculptures for the liberation of auschwitz. #art #sculpture #liberationofauschwitz #liberation #auschwitz #aushwitzmemorial #sad #freedom #neverforget #metal #
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2016/05/11 05:35:02