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2017/09/19 22:36:13

I'd rather be diving 💦
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2017/09/19 22:33:54

Finding the prettiest facades in Corning••••••••••Spent the evening strolling through the historical Gaffer District in Corning, NY. Only a couple hours away from my home and it feels like fall here in the Finger Lakes. While the temps are still in the 80s, the leaves are starting to change here. These locust trees lined the streets of the Gaffer District, sprinkling confetti-like leaves on the sidewalk 🍂 #corningflx
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2017/09/19 22:32:10

A fuzzy, friendly face for you on this #traveltuesday ! 📷@mimi_emig_photos #myalaskadream
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2017/09/19 22:28:50

Some extremely exciting travel plans are developing for the remainder of 2017. Can you guess where?
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2017/09/19 22:30:15

• SOUVENIR D'UN LUNDI AU SOLEIL •À la découverte des jolies côtes du golfe de Saint-Tropez à bord du @caseneuvemaxicatamaran ! Merci à @golfesttropez 💙 #blogtripgst #golfesttropez #myamusezvous #caseneuvemaxicatamaran
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2017/09/19 22:28:02

I am finally getting down to some of the last photos from Europe (can you believe it took me almost 3 weeks?! And counting...) here's another one from Manarola in Cinque Terre.
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2017/09/16 22:33:35

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2017/09/19 01:11:49

A #selfie because why not?!! 💁🏻
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2017/09/19 22:23:49

• choice •
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2017/09/19 22:22:07

This bridge wobbled more than I had prepared myself for so we ended up with a photo of me losing my balance which had to be straightened a lot because @puajohnston also lost her balance trying to take it 😂👯🏔•••So many of you know about and/or understand the pain of Instagram and it's nonsense recently. I have decided that I am a little over it and it's time to change things up a little by posting at the completely opposite time tomorrow so make sure you keep an eye out! It isn't a huge difference but it's a good place to start and hopefully this gives me more of a chance to have a good chat with you all because I am so used to posting and then passing out in bed straight away...like right now 😴😴😴•••What time of day are you on Instagram the most?