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2017/11/19 04:13:37

Hip! Hip! Hooray! Schools out and Knock Knock is OPEN! Knock Knock Children's Museum will be open MONDAY, November 20th!! Come play! We will only be closed Thanksgiving Day.
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2017/11/19 04:08:32

Yes!! Absolutely because what we focus on grows ⭐️
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2017/11/19 04:06:55

I'm pretty sure miniature objects are my favorite thing ever. As a side note: I dusted off my keyboard and am working on a new blog post sharing what is currently on our shelves. It should be up tomorrow! 🤗
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2017/11/19 04:07:21

Finally got our book 📚 hold from the library! Kicking off our week of Thanksgiving activity fun! Rowing Cranberry Thanksgiving and making cranberry towers. The end creation was a cranberry waterpark 💦 We learned about where/how cranberries grow too! #learningthroughplay #fiar #lovemykids #handsonmom #stem #createexplore #hybridhomeschool #themebasedlearning #thanksgivingplay #cranberries🍒 #cranberrybog #cranberrythanksgiving
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2017/11/19 04:05:33

How many rubber ducks do you own? Why not line them up and count them? Depending on your child's age, you can count in 2s, 5s or 10s. You sort according to colour or size. You can use them to practise positional language: Look at that cheeky duck hiding under the bubbles! Can you pop him on the side of the bath? Keep the dialogue going- bath time is a fantastic time to learn when you're little! #EarlyLearning #LearningThroughPlay #MakeBathTimeFun #BathTimeLearning
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2017/11/19 03:58:19

Enjoying this little girl’s company today. We spent the morning in a Mommy and Me cooking class that Alex booked for us and made turkey meatball soup, pumpkin and chocolate chips muffins, mini apple pies, and the most delicious “apple pie milkshake”. Then we made a Thanksgiving craft at the “teacher’s store” I am a happy mom right now ❤️😍 Did I mention? My hubby is the best 😊💕
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2017/11/19 03:43:18

If you have Lidl, RUN and get these sets before they’re gone! 5 sets at $7 each will furnish the whole doll house!!! @lidlus
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2017/11/19 03:39:45

Click through this slideshow to see all of the creativity that happened at the lab during yesterday’s PA Day. Spots Available for our next PA Day on Dec 1st, in just 2 weeks! Register Online Today!!
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2017/11/19 03:34:29

Today @destafricagrp had the pleasure of meeting @dwaynefields the 1st young black Briton (via #jamaica ) to walk the 370 miles to the #NorthPole in 2010. We were simply captivated by his words, interactive demonstrations and generous spirit. By his lead, he proved all things are possible with #selfbelief and #determination. We can't #THANKU enough for inspiring us #aimhigh #learningthroughplay #inspiringthenxtgen #futureleaders #Agame
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2017/11/19 03:22:31

Dress up during play is fun but thankfully hard hats aren’t required in this construction zone......#buildingblocks #learningthroughplay #playbasedlearning #kidsactivities #playwithyourkids
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2017/11/19 03:07:36

Network & taught a #kidsyoga class at the @bronxworks The Community health literacy Fair. I also met this beautiful soul @hula_roots_yogini go check her out!!
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2017/11/19 02:52:15

This is how we are spending our Saturday afternoon! How about you?! 😊😊😊😊😊—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�— #toy #tots #pretendplay #grosserygang #saturdayafternoon #playing #goodtimes #saturdayvibes
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2017/11/19 02:37:13

You can paint every day at Co-op! Here is a post from one of our NECOOP Moms: "We love that our girls go to a school where art is accessible and encouraged! Clearly they love it too!" #necoop #painting #preschoollife #kidsart #learningthroughplay #creativekids #art #preschoolart #weloveart #playbasedlearning #cooplife #cooppreschool #indianacoop #creativelifehappylife #paint
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2017/11/19 02:21:10

A little weekend reading. 📖 The vibrant colors and playful illustrations make this one of our faves. #storytime