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2018/03/18 01:34:12

#hoştakı #küpe #karma #5tl
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2018/03/18 01:34:07

Good #karma
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2018/03/18 01:33:55

In order for the monkey to move forward he has to let go of the vine in his hand and grab onto the next one. Because of the gap between vines, there is a moment- an abyss moment- when he is not holding onto anything. His moving forward in life depends on his capacity to linger here, to trust that he will not fall to his death while he negotiates the abyss. - Jeff Brown#mindfulness#fridakahlo #lettinggo #monkeymind #souljourney #meditation#universehasyourback #karma#faith#love#familyfirst❤️
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2018/03/18 01:33:23

~• To walk a mile in someone else’s shoes might not be as easy as you think •~ #Repost @proudtobejohanna with @get_repost・・・Några må tycka att det bara är en dålig ursäkt att skippa träningen idag, att bara gå en promenad och hälsa på mormor istället. Men för mig handlar det om prioriteringar. Min mormor är en av de viktigaste människorna i mitt liv, och att besöka henne en fredagskväll när hon sitter ensam känns viktigt, viktigare än en intervaller på gymmet 💜Nu vill jag inte höra ”du kunde gått till gymmet först sen till mormor”. Nej, du lever inte i min kropp och vet inte vad den orkar med just idag. Och du kanske inte har samma relation till din mormor som jag har med min, men hade du varit jag just i denna stund hade du valt samma sak. Det lovar jag dig.Kram eller vad ni nu vill ha, denna fredagskväll ☺️
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2018/03/18 01:33:21

Y el que cree sabe que todo pasará, todo estará bien, cuidemos lo hagamos porque existe el #karma todo lo que hagas tiene su revés, deja ir lo que ya no debe estar en nuestra vida.#vivesinlimites #vivesinculpas #enjoylife #lifestyleblogger #livingwithnotregrets #beingpositive #quotes
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2018/03/18 01:32:15

HAPPY BDAY @miso.ea HEHE HOPE U HAVE A GREAT ONE ;) GO WISH HER A HBD-dt: @miso.ea -ac: @/citric.kirisaki #happybirthday #naotomori #nao #tomori #charlotte #karmaakabane #karma #akabane #akabanekarma #assasinationclassroom #fairytail #amv #anime #edit #juvia #juvialockser #editanime #amvanime
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2018/03/18 01:28:51

the Buddha taught many beautiful lessons about compassion, empathy, forgiveness and love. but one of his most important teachings is about self love. he once said “you, yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection”. it’s funny because I think every one is on the same wavelength lately when it comes to this; myself included. we live in such a vain world where we don’t appreciate the most valuable thing we own, ourselves. self love goes beyond being content with your reflection in the mirror. it’s our self talk, it’s nurturing our needs before others, eating and living a healthy lifestyle, feeling at peace with our energy. it’s that spark inside you that makes you feel proud to be unapologetically you. self talk is important because that’s where our truth lives. are you constantly reprimanding yourself (👆guilty) or putting yourself down or not doing something because you think you’ll look stupid? on this new moon reflect on yourself and the thought patterns that are hovering in your mind. remember YOU are not your thoughts or emotions. make peace with your feelings and make changes if you don’t like them. you have complete and utter control over you 🌼 happy new moon 🌚 n a m a s t e ૐ
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2018/03/18 01:29:41

is karma more bitch than me?...#me#karma#outfit#bad#girl#yes#picoftheday#pic#school#🌹
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2018/03/18 01:26:16

We will never understand the damage we did to someone until the same thing is done to us. This is one of my late night conversation with my loud mind.#writing #nightthinker #karma #sharethelove #latenightthoughts #overthinking #insomnia #thoughtcatalog