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2018/03/23 12:50:51

$7.98?? Time to load up at @barnesandnoble !! Can't wait to read (and reread) these books. I've been reading books on my phone the last few years and listening on Audible, but I miss holding a real book in my hands. These books should 100% definitely be required reading in high school. Brian Tracy is one of my all-time favorite authors. Can't wait to dig in tonight. These books are like steak for the soul.#jfdi
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2018/03/23 11:58:05

This is what I need.... but noooo can't drink my calories plus that'll be a great food diary entry BEER LUNCH - BEER DINNER - BEER BEER BEER but..... looks inviting now doesn't it
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2018/03/23 11:06:52

Gearing up for 5 days off the bike I did a double tonight! Both rides were awesome but the leader board made them killer. Felt so good to ride live with these friends again! @jlondonkight143 you certainly were missed but we know you were there in spirit! Oh and I made it into Wyoming! #jfdi #jsstriberaa #tstm #graybird @pelotonjenn @smilingathena @heidicollet @andreabell23 @pitts6423
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2018/03/23 10:17:58

Think about it....🤔 #nothingchangesifnothingchanges
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2018/03/23 10:09:18

As always the support & generosity that I receive from friends when I put a call out for a charity is heart warming. I am so proud & fortunate to have such giving people in my life. This little stash is off to @rizeupaustralia today to distribute to the children who are victims of domestic violence. Spare a thought this Easter as you spend time with your family enjoying good food & good company for those families torn apart & in refuge from situations more horrific than you could even imagine. People who genuinely fear for their lives & the safety of their children, let alone how they’ll afford to buy them an Easter Egg. In my mind it’s simply not good enough, nor humane to just turn a blind eye & say - not my problem. If you CAN help make a difference, wouldn’t you? 🤔Thank you Lauren, Kylie, Carrie, Belinda, Jenny, Nicole, Kimberely & Loretta, together we make a difference 💕#bethechange
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2018/03/23 09:57:34

#queen of #tigerbalm as Jake calls me out while organizing our humble abode in the clouds. I somehow still have 3 of these after getting rid of most things and moving into a van. 🤣☁️🐅 #roar #asiavibes #getoutside #backpack #explore #jfdi
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2018/03/23 09:15:36

Waiting on 8:30 for the 2nd live ride! This was THE BOMB!!! Celebrating a fellow tribe member who is cancer free 1 year today! How amazing is that?! What an amazing group of people! #peloton #pelotoncycle #onepeloton #lovemytribe #jss #jsstribe #jsstriberaa #jfdi #committed #cancersucks
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2018/03/23 08:25:21

Core & Stretch day is tough, 😲😲!! Ooh Tumtum you're lucky I still look cute in black 😆 #theadventuresoftumtum #12wbt #fluffy #mishbridges #fitfam #jfdi #workout #coreworkout #motivation #getupgetout #fitnessjourney #12wbtmarchround
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2018/03/23 08:05:17

Joined mb and the gals in One Wave Is All It Takes this morning #JFDI #bloodyloveher @mishbridges
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2018/03/23 07:50:11

Anyone else??? #tgif
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2018/03/23 07:27:05

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2018/03/23 05:08:08

Neve’s Bees on holiday again 😎 we’re camping near this beach with the coolest pebbles ever 😎💜❤️no chapped lips here 👍🐝
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2018/03/23 05:12:57

Doubling up tonight. Join me? 6:30pm Pop•8:30pm 90’s Rock #jsstribe #jfdi #tstm #ncaabasketball #gocuse #ridepeloton
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2018/03/23 04:53:03

Chipotle today. I guess I’ll add a loss for this week. Or does it not count because it’s healthy???? #JFDI
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2018/03/23 03:14:17

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2018/03/23 01:06:35

Another workout smashed. Even had sweat dripping behind my knees. Now off to #Yellowknife for some RnR with my cousin Shona. Time for some mental wellness with snow, music, and the northern lights.....#keepmovin #totalbodyworkout #sledworkout #sweatit #jfdi #goals @stevenashfitnessclubs @mindscore.yvr @sarahh_pt