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2018/01/22 07:15:20

Getting back in the weight room after break has felt so so good! I really missed it since I couldn’t do my normal lifts. I enjoyed the time away but being back at school I really like being on the grind and learning how to balance everything along the way. I was ultra sore from my leg workout, check it out below! I really like to use squats and deadlifts as a strength exercise as opposed to a hypertrophic exercise so I keep the sets and reps low and when I move on to accessory movements that target 1 specific muscle, I increase the reps and sometimes do supersets to really burn out that muscle! Warm up squats 3x10Dynamic stretching Sumo deadlifts 2x7Sumo deadlifts 2x5(increase weight)Leg extension 4x10 Ss w/single leg hamstring curl 4x10(each leg)Glute focused rdl 3x10Ss w/good mornings 3x10Reverse barbell lunges 3x10(each leg)Cable pull through 4x12Over break I honestly just ate whatever and lost some weight because if I don’t track my food I simply won’t eat enough. So it feels good to see the scale go back up to what it was before break🙌🏽 if y’all want me to talk more about what I do nutrition wise let me know! #gymshark #legday #sundayfunday
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2018/01/22 07:15:15

Need some friends. Dm is good. 💯
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2018/01/22 07:14:10

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2018/01/22 07:14:53

THAI SQUIRREL 🐿🐾Забавные в Тайланде белочки. Они совсем не похожи на наших. Вместо орешков грызут кокосы. Даже в Банкоке я продолжал фотоохоту 😊..#squirrel #animallovers #theglobewanderer #thailand #travellingthroughtheworld #photographyeveryday #ig_photooftheday #ig_worldclub #travelasia #bangkok #animals #animalsofinstagram #capture #instagramers #letsgosomewhere #globetrotter #nikon #palms #instagood #instalikes